RadhaKrishn 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Gets Yashoda’s Letter

RadhaKrishn 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vasudev informs Krishna that Balram is tired after continuous wars and needs rest. Krishna grins and thinks he will keep Balram more busy. =Radha asks Subhadra to wipe her tears and stop crying. Subhadra says she is sure now that nobody can understand Krishna than Radha. Radha asks why is she going. Subhadra says she needs to as there is a drought situation in Hastinapur and she cannot request Krishna to seek Varundev’s help to shower rain due to their sins. Radha agrees to see her off. Balram sees off Subhadra and hopes he can help her in any way. Krishna says he got a chance to help his sister by dropping her to Hastinapur and help her in drought situation. Balram tries his best to stay back, but Krishna continues and convinces him to accompany Subhadra to Hastinapur and carry along a pain balm and lots of his clothes. Balram angrily leaves thinking he wanted to serve his parents, but Krishna is devoiding him of that right. Saambh, Nishant, and Pradyumna request Krishna to permit them to visit an ashram to recuperate. Krishna permits.

Balram angrily packs his clothes. Radha walks in and asks if he still here as arrangements are already made for his travel. Balram fumes that Krishna should send an expert instead to find water in Hastinapur instead of forcing him to plough land until it bears crop. Radha says he is right and goes to confront Krishna. Krishna waits for Balram to return. Saambh, Nishant, Pradyumna return with their goods. Krishna jokes that he is still waiting for their special guest Balram. They all laugh on Balram.

Radha walks to Krishna and confronts him for purposefully putting Balram in hardship. Krishna says Balram discussed his issue with Vasudev instead of discussing it with him, so he will not help Balram until he apologizes him. Radha informs same to Balram. Balram fumes that his younger brother what him to apology. Radha then returns to Krishna to inform him about Balram’s decision. Krishna says if Balram doesn’t apologize, he will go to Hastinapur for sure where he will not get any proper food due to drought. Balram walks in and hearing that argues with him, apologizes and says if he sends him there, he will sacrifice food. Krishna agrees to help him and asks to wait for him outside. Balram walks out where Nishant and Saambh asks if he is ready to travel with them. Balram says he is waiting for Krishna. Krishna walks in playing drum happily. Balram asks reason. Krishna says Yashoda maiya sent a letter to tehm. Balram also gets emotional and asks him to read it. Krishna reads that her sons forgot her after becoming kings and she wants to meet her sons once. He says he cannot visit maiya though.

Precap: Radha reminds Krishna his promise to visit Vrindavan. Krishna says Dwarka is also beautiful and hence they should stay here. Radha thinks why Krishna is saying this and hopes Saambh, Pradyumna, or Nishat return soon to inform her about Yashoda. They all 3 face a monster.

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  1. Muje phir ek Baar dwaradish koo…… Yashoda Nandan ke Roop Mae dekhna chahathihu 🥺

    1. Main bhi. Vrindavan ka Kanha ka roop mein

    2. Shooting tho vridhavan aur barsana vala look mein hee ho rahahai jyadha scenes,lekin!
      Voo nautkat pan, Radhna Kae ladayiya, miyya kaa laad pyaar, ek doosre sae chip chip Kae milna

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