Ghar Ek Mandir 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update Genda sees Varun and Sandy together

Ghar Ek Mandir 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sandy gets dressed and thinks about Varun, she remembers wearing such dress once for Varun, Varun compliments her and calls her beautiful.

Varun hears a noice in house and goes check and sees Sandy dressed, Varun says I thought its Nisha bhabhi, Sandy says I was thinking about you, Varun asks why, Sandy says why can’t I, Varun says I should leave, Sandy asks how am I looking, Varun looks at her and says beautiful and walks to her, says I’m happy to have you back, why did you leave me, I missed you so much, I still love you a lot, Sandy says I love you too, Varun and Sandy get close, Sandy realises it was just her imagination. Varun says to Sandy no one wears such clothes on our house and leaves.

Varun finds the door is locked from outside, Sandy asks whats wrong, Varun asks you know who locked, Sandy says how would I know, Varun calls Nisha and asks did you lock the door, Nisha says I’m sorry, I didn’t know you are there, I’m sorry, Varun asks when will you return, Nisha says it will take 2 hrs, I have to go bye. Anuradha sees Nisha and walks to her says, what are you doing here, lets go inside. Nisha thinks good Sandy and Varun alone, something will definitely cook.

Genda says I’m late, let me call Varun, Genda’s phone battery dies, she gets worried for Varun and quickly leaves. Varun trying to reach Genda. Sandy says I’m hungry should I cook for you too, Varun says I’m not hungry, Sandy says Varun you can have food with me, Varun thinks Genda isn’t here and I’m so hungry and says to Sandy I will take my own food.

Sandy tries to force Varun to help, and trips, Varun says I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, Sandy says you did, why didn’t you ask me how am I and didn’t you miss me all these years, Varun says all this doesn’t matter anymore, Sandy says what if it matters to me, I agree I made a mistake and said no to marriage but I really loved you, you knew that, still you didn’t try to check on me once, and today you meet me like this and married. Varun says I told you, my father wants me to marry and you said no, Sandy says I was right there, Varun says I had decided to move on and now we have different lives, I have my partner and so its better even you move on and think about your future. Sandy thinks this is what I am exactly looking at.
Varun says come I will drop you inside. Sandy trips again, Varun holds her.

Genda reaches home and sees door is locked and Varun’s scooter is outside. Varun drops Sandy to her room, gives her food, Sandy unable to eat, Varun sees that and sits beside her and says I will feed you, I know you can’t handle hunger.
Genda unlocks the door and walks in, she hears some sound and walks to Sandy’s room, Genda sees Varun feeding Sandy and is shocked. Genda walks away hurt to kitchen, she sees the mess and starts cleaning, Sandy coughs, Varun says I will go get water.

Varun walks in kitchen and says I was waiting for you, and why is your phone not reachable, and door was locked how did you come inside, Genda says I had keys, do you have any work, Varun says good you are here, give Sandy this water and then we will have food together I’m so hungry, Genda says I’m not hungry, Varun says I’m waiting for you, you go give this to Sandy and then we will have food together, I will serve the plate go. Genda leaves

Genda gives Sandy water, Sandy says when did you come, lets have food together, Genda says I’m not hungry and leaves. Varun arranges food for him and Genda. Genda walks to him, Varun says come sit, and we have to do something about Sandy, she keeps forcing me and in that she got hurt and then I had to give her food, it was so awkward, and Nisha bhabhi locked door too, Genda thinks I was so wrong, Varun asks did you feel form, Genda says I did but I don’t think they will allow me, but how about we start online, Varun says yes but how will we sell online, its so difficult and we don’t have knowledge too. Genda says Sandy can help us, she is software engineer and can help us with website design, Varun says are you sure, Genda says I will talk to her, right away, Varun says have food atleast, Genda says later.

Varun says how long will this Sandy stay here, I have to do something.
Genda walks to Sandy and asks her for favour, Sandy says yes tell me, Genda says me and Varun want to expand business and want to go online, will you help us design website, Sandy says sure, I will need time and need to stay here too, Genda says sure.
Varun walks in and nods no to Sandy, Sandy says Genda I will help you, Genda thanks her and leaves with Varun.
Sandy says thanks Genda, for giving me place in your house and now I will see if Varun has place for me in his heart, if no its fine and if yes, I want my Varun back.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Sansanee Narula

    I just want to slap Nisha’s face for controlling sandy with Varun & I wish Maharaji helps genda to work outside, so unfair for ladies, especially in this serial but please so give precaps & updates of every episodes which make us eager to watch

    1. I want to slap Genda why she easily forgive varun this tips not in out 🌎 what shameless women are Genda and the stupid writer gave more space for this cheating girl which easily now want to take this useless varun 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 we need more place for varda not for this 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮S

  2. If Genda didn’t saw them and varun afraid that she saw them is he going to told her the truths is he able to told her that this the secound time he hold his ex and cooked with and feed her 🤮and want Genda to be servant for her as she from the beging servant on his house and we didn’t saw gim hold Genda any time and the producer make him so colsed to this S find gave us our full and vitality Genda and let stupid varun with his ex which throws him as a rubbish and now she want him back 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 and why the producer make Genda feeling sorry because she got bad ideas about her cheating varun no matter if this S stay or leave he must told Genda the truth and make her decide if she will stay with this cowardly and treacherous husband and it’s time to change this boring shitan nisha we want SS back instead this women foxy family

  3. Hhhhh i think the writer and producer must make this stupid Genda say sorry for varun and his ex because she saw them in this way she must gave their time even to share bed also because this akshay track 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 really illness guys we don’t have tjis tips of girl which bunch herself only to feel joules is it normal or we aren’t human 👎👎👎👎👎

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