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Tia: Aabey chup ho ja saala phir aapni baizaati ka malida banvayega itni bakwaas sun na ka baad toh gaadha ko bhi aakal aajati hai. Par nahi yeh toh gaadhon ka bhi baagad billa hai.(Hye shut up you idiot, you are so keen to spoil your insult again. After hearing so much even a donkey understands, but you are even worse than them. You are Mr. Cat of Donkey’s.)
Shivay: Tia you have also started speaking that language is it a sense of classy people
Tia: Oh I am sorry baby it was just influence nothing else that’s why I was saying that o must stay away from this kind of cheap people
Anika: what you want to say by using the word cheap are we looking like second hand material you

Om: excuse me !!! Second hand material what to you want to say by that
Anika: its high level matter Om you can leave it
Anika: Aare yeh third class tak padi hui chepdi mujha second hand Bata rahi hai waah bhai sadka jawaan Mai tera
Rudra: but I got it bhabhi you compared us with those clothes right which are available in market just at the cost of rupees 50 or 100 and the same thing which you sold to TIA in about 5000 but actually it was of rupees 50 only remember that stole
Anika: hey bhagwaan kya paap kiye they Maine Jo is ghar me tapkaya mujhe ek ko tadi marne se fursat nahi ek ko sher marne se aur teesre ko sabki mat Marne se
Shivay: did you just cursed us
Anika: now do you want stamp paper to be written on that Mrs Anika Singh Oberoy is cursing you and in return you must feel shame this Is the deal then only you will feel that I am cursing you ???

Shivay: no no need of official agreement its okay I felt shame
Rudra: bhabhi insult can also be done officially !!!
Anika: of course it is when people like you shivay Bhaiya are habitual of deals then such kind of people use to feel their insult officially that is when their lawyer insult Them
Shivaay: Okay I felt official shame happy now.
Om: but I never heard it before
Anika: get you haircut dude possible then you can hear everything
Om: never
Anika: then stay deaf
Jhanvi: you insulted my son!!

Anika: first check the size of your bindi and ear rings then talk to to me please because they are ready to run off from your face
Pinki: you just made my jethani ji embarrassed !!
Anika: first go and join one better English school every time doing oh my mata of grammar and tenses
Tej: Thik hai bhen ji aap shuru kar lo baizaati classes hum har din aa jayenga attend karna ka liya.
Shakti: you just insulted my wife!!
Anika: that wife who insults you every time you must say that father in law
Tej: you just…

Anika: better you keep you mouths shut because you have to decide on which side you have to live either step mother In law who is approximately half of your age or on mother in law side who is approximately half of step mother in laws figure
Dadi: Anika what happened why are you talking like this
Anika: wait dadi let me solve this all now as enough of their kich kich
Anika called someone and after sometime some men enter into the mansion
Person: mam what we have to do
Anika: go and down the stairs there is an empty place kindly convert it into what I have asked you

Person : okay
Dadi: what are you doing
Shivay: why are they spoiling my interior
Anika: Mr shivay Singh oberoi if you spoke one more word the. I swear I will loose all your connections and destroy your interior
Shivay gulped words
Anika : Dadi this all problem was because of bathroom right !! So I have called some maison they will make a bathroom down the stairs on the empty place then OM won’t have any problem and dont worry it will be luxurious one
Om: Oh Bhabhi thank you so much you thought about me now I will not leave this house even after my death
All are shocked ????

Tej: Haan marna ka baad tera tomb bhi usi bathroom Mai bana denge( okay then we will build your tomb there too)
Dadi; ye kambakhat ka Mara phir shuru ho gaya(this idiot started again)
Om: ab to Chahey mera mahal bhi waha banwa do koi problem nahi(I don’t have any problem)
Anika: now everyone just shut otherwise I will convert this mansion into a tomb itself
Everyone : okay

Khorafati team: Signing off.????(Shivika and Surbhi)
okay here was the last shot thanks a lot all.of you for bearing this torture

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  1. Shivika

    ????????????????????????????????….can’t stop laughing………?????????????…i even fell from my chair…laughing……..fab…dear….u nailed it….loved itttt….a lottttttttt

  2. Yashu

    O God ???it was too gud man…enjoyed it completely….loved it

  3. Vincy

    Awesome… It’s ur 5 shots… I only saw 2 shot where r the rest
    N kiddnapping one of ishqbaaz was awesome… Only one ff of it or there will be continuation

  4. It made me laugh like the hell

  5. I’m laughing very much

  6. Bearing??? Seriously?? It was so fun reading your ff. I am sad you end it so soon.

  7. ???????????????????? Damn! Seriously awesome yr, amazing in every way, ????????????? haha, you nailed it fully! Hatss off for such an amazing SS, hope to see more from your side ? hatss off

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