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see guys i had to end this ff one day or the other. i can continue this ff bringing few twists and turn but i don’t want to spoil it. this is my first ff which i am going to complete and i am very happy about it that so many of you supported me. aiims forms are out and now i am tensed about my studies. if i continue i will be irregular in updating and i don’t want to disappoint you all. so it’s better that i end it. i will surely come with a new ff. infact i have many stories running in my mind but the fact is time. i don’t have time to write and post. i will post all my stories and entertain you but after i guess march or april when i will be quite well with my studies and preparations will be over. i will try to give os and ts and ss in between but i am not sure about it. yaa i am going to give you a ts that is SWASAN RAGLAK TS: A TRIBUTE TO SOLDIER AND THEIR FAMILIES in february. i hope you like it. it is a romantic love story and life of soldier based story.
now back to the story.

swasan were sleeping cuddling each other. they were disturbed by the continuous knock on the door.
swara- [moving more into his embrace] [sleepy] sanskar someone is knocking.
sanskar- [embracing her] hmmm.
knock knock……….knock knock
sanskar- who is this disturbing so early…[knock] let me sleep yaar.
swara- sanskar go and see naa once.
sanskar- aahhh no.
again knock.
swara got up and covered herself with blanket.
swara- [loudly yet calmly] who is there.

form outside- mumma open the door.
swara- [to herself] swayyam he woke up. so early. [then she saaw time and shocked to see it’s 7:40 a.m.] [to swayyam] baby two minutes coming.
swara shaking sanskar.– sanskar get up. swayyam is outside door. get up and wear your dress.
sanskar- [lazily and sleepy] is it necessary.
swara- sanskar please behave as a father. swayyam is outside and you are asking is it necessary. of course it is.
sanskar- yaa i understand ok. [he pulled swara and her hairs fell on his face. he tucked her hairs behind her ears]
swara- sanskar what are you doing. sway…
sanskar- shhhh let me see you atleast.
again a knock.
swara- baby just opening. have patience.
swara- [to sanskar] sanskar get up now and leave me. swayyam is at door please.
sanskar- ok go. huh! he is really a bodyguard. [swara chuckled]
both dressed themselves and arranged the room quickly. swara opened the door to find out swayyam and ayush with angry faces and furrowing eyebrows.
swayyam- mumma i woke up before you. you did not come to wake me up.
ayush- and why you took so much time to open the door.
swara- baby chotu i was sleeping. sorry.
swayyam- where is papa.
sanskar- [sitting on bed] i am here.

swayyam and ayush came in.
ayush- jiju you were also sleeping.
sanskar- yes ayush.
swayyam- papa this is not fair i woke up and you were sleeping.
sanskar- champ if you want to sleep then we can sleep for some more time. i am still sleepy. come on the bed.
swayyam and ayush jumped on the bed.
swayyam- but papa now i woke up and i don’t feel sleepy more. come let’s play.
sanskar- champ school.
swayyam- [hitting is forehead] papa today no school. you forgot.
sanskar- sorry. accha come we will sleep.

swara- sanskar see the time.
sanskar- swara i know the time and i also know that you are also sleepy as you got tired last night a lot. [winked]
swara- [hiding her blush and glaring sanskar] sanskar i am not tired . now get up and get ready.
sanskar- ohh so you aren’t tired. that’s amazing. i mean i am so tired but must admire you that you aren’t tired and sleepy. it’s a good sign for me. [said with naughty smirk]
swara- [wide eyes] sanskar think before you speak. you are so sham…. [saw swayyam and ayush]……i think we will talk about it later.
sanskar- swara we…
swayyam- offo mumma papa what are you talking. i am not able to understand. bhaiyaa did you understand.
ayush- no.
sanskar- nothing. vo i did fast naa so i was feeling tired and mumma also did fast but she is not so tired naa so i was complementing her. accha i am going to sleep. if you both want then join me.
swara- sanskar really. please naa don’t sleep.
sanskar- swara wish me a good morning sleep.
sanskar slept and covered himself with blanket and swayyam and ayush too went inside the blanket giggling. swara saw them with hawww expression.
swara- [in mind] accha bacchu. trying to tease me and then slept also. see what i do to you all.
exactly after 5 minutes we heard a shout actually not one but three shouts sanskar, swayyam and ayush.
sanskar/swayyam/ayush- aahhhh.

all three were wet and looked at swara shocked who was laughing standing beside the bed with empty bucket in her hand.
sanskar- swara you did not do good. now see what i will do.
sanskar hurriedly stepped down and seeing this swara ran across the room chased by sanskar and then went out of the room and descended the stairs with swayyam and ayush following them.
sanskar- swara stop there. swara …
swara- no way i won’t. see i gave all you three half bath…… now go and freshen up and stop chasing me.

sanskar- no first you will get your reward for wetting us. i am not going to leave you so easily.
swara- you can’t catch me.
sanskar- let’s see.
they both were running around the house forgetting everything. the scene was swara running around the dining table then to hall from one side to another. and swayyam and ayush behind them cheering for sanskar.
swayyam- yes papa. you can catch mumma.
ayush- yes jiju.
sumi who was in kitchen came out hearing the sounds and was shocked to see swasan chasing and kids cheering for them.
sumi- shona……sanskar…..arre why are you running.
swara seeing sumi went back of her while sanskar too came chasing her.
swara- maa save mefrom sanskar.
sumi- but why what happened.
sanskar- maa move. swara come out.
swara- no way.
sanskar- in all ways. come out don’t hide behind maa. maa please move aside.
sumi- arre stop both of you. are you kids.
sanskar- maa you don’t know what she did.
sumi- what she did.

swara- nothing maa.
sanskar- nothing. maa she poured water on me when i was sleeping.
swara- so it’s so late and you still want to sleep and not ready to listen what can i do.
sanskar- that doesn’t mean you will pour water.
swara- i will and you can’t do anything.
sanskar- i will show you what can i do.

sanskar tried to hold her but she escaped and ran outside in the garden. sanskar was still chasing her. then he got an idea and he smirked naughtily. he immediately opened the tap which was connected with a water hose and called swara’s name.
sanskar- swaraa.
swara looked back while running and the next moment she was wet from head to toe. she stopped running being shocked. while sanskar smiled winningly.
swara- sanskarrrr what you did. you made me wet.
sanskar- tit for tat princess.
swara – i will not leave you.

sanskar- princess first come to me. then we will see.
swara tried to move but what ever direction she goes sanskar is splashing water on her and she is unable to do something. tanmay who came in his room balcony saw swasan and kids and sanskar with hose pipe got excited and called rashika and told what is happening and also asked to come here and that they are also joining.
tanmay immediately went to uttara and dragged her to swasan mansion.
meanwhile here swara was trying to escape but nothing was coming to her mind. then she got an idea and moved forward while sanskar was still splashing water through pipe on her. after moving a few steps swara stopped and few seconds later water flow stopped.
sanskar became confused and swara grinned.

sanskar then looked at pipe and leaving it he went towards the tap. swara was standing on the pipe, as pipe was too long it was spreaded over the garden and swara saw pipe nearby her so she moved forward and stepped on it blocking the water way and hence water flow stopped. as soon as sanskar left pipe and moved towards tap swara grabbed the opportunity and moving forward took the pipe in her hands and before sanskar closed the tap pointed the pipe towards him and since she has moved from above the pipe water started flowing. sanskar was about to check with the tap but then got startled as water flow hit his back and he turned to see swara holding the pipe and water flowing. now he was drenched.
sanskar- swara stop. how did water came back in the tap.

swara- sanskar you shouldn’t have left the pipe. now it’s my turn. bear the result for making me drenched. i just stood over the pipe there to stop water flow in pipe.
sanskar- accha now see what i will do.
since sanskar was standing near the tap he closed it and smiled winningly and swara widened her eyes. sanskar took steps towards swara and she again ran seeing this.
meanwhile we can see three people at the gate of swasan mansion who are asking guards to let them enter. guard is making them do entry in register. at that time rashika came running and shouting from few steps far only

rashika- jayesh uncle open the gates fast.
jayesh [guard there] opened the gate for rashika and she entered inside and did not see the three people standing there as she was excited and was in a hurry.
uttmay too reached swasan mansion through internal gate. [swasan and uttmay’s mansion have a gate in the adjoining boundary which connects both their houses]
they came and saw swasan chasing each other completely drenched. uttmay and rashika joined the kids and came to know the matter why both swasan are chasing each other.
rashika- wow now let’s add more fun then. jiju-di comeon. chalo buddy chote let’s rock.
tanmay opened the tap and rashika pointed it towards swasan and they who were busy in their chasing game did not notice the trio’s arrival got startled. they both looked back to see rashika holding the hose pipe grinning widely.
rashika- bhai cutie how was this.

swasan- rashika/kiddo i will not leave you.
both swasan looked at each other.
swasan- actually we will not leave you.
swasan both went in different directions and rashika became confused as on to whom should she target and in the swift of movement sanskar grabbed from rashika and both swasan started wetting kids, uttmay and rashika.
rashika- woahhh bhai. it’s amazing.
sanskar- i know dear. enjoy.

swayyam- papa it is like we are under the rain. hahaha. very good.
swayyam said while jumping with ayush both holding each other’s hand.
rashika and uttara too was enjoying with her open arms and while tanmay was moving his hands through his wet hairs smilingly looking at everyone and specifically uttara.
this scene was watched by the three people who came inside just a while ago with guilt, and happiness to see them happy.
oblivious of there presence everyone was enjoying. sanskar while handling the pipe with one hand pulled swara to himself and held her by waist.
swara- sanskar what are you doing. leave me. [she hits on his hand on her waist]
sanskar- princess you naa complete mood spoiler.
swara- you do things in wrong timing and wrong place.
rashika- [loudly fake coughing] ahem ahem we kids are here.
sanskar left swara and both were embarrassed.

sanskar- kiddo you never leave a chance right.
rashika- any doubt.
sanskar nodded his head in disbelief and while rashika chuckled.
sanskar held swara’s hand and brought her near them and held the pipe pointing it’s opening in air and kept his thump on the opening so that water falls on them just like sprinkles.
all were enjoying it laughing and dancing without tunes. after two minutes or so water stopped flowing.
rashika- ooo what happened bhai. did you forget to fill the tank or what. [she said so and rashika swauttmay laughed]

sanskar- kiddo seriously.
swara- [controlling her laugh] it’s good that it stopped.
rashika- cutie don’t e a bore.
swara- [hitting on her head playfully] we are all drenched. we may catch cold.
rashika- [dramatically] why did you hit me for saying this. [rubbing her head] bhai see naa your princess is behaving like granny.
swara mouth hung down hearing it and other’s chuckled

sanskar- [to tease swara more] [hugged rashika consoling] kiddo are you hurt. you are right. swara why behaving like this.
swara- [widened her eyes] like this means.
sanskar- like granny.
listening this all started laughing while swara’s jaw touched ground.
swara- you all are so bad.
tanmay- sorry bhabhi but this is all due to this devil[rashika]
uttara held tanmay’s ears

uttara- what you said.
rashika- di he said me devil [making cry face to uttara and showed tongue to tanmay]
tanmay- uttara leave my ears. arre show some respect for your husband. and for this devil you are…..aahhh
uttara twisted his ears. others seeing this giggled.
uttara- why do you call her devil.
tanmay- because she is one devil dramebaaz. [uttara glared him] accha sorry sorry. leave my ears. it’s paining.
uttara left his ear.
rashika- ouchhh [rubbed her hands]
rashika- buddy why you pinched me.
swayyam- don’t call my mumma granny. she is beautiful and princess. papa too calls her princess.
ayush- yes my didi is not granny
rashika- bhai see cutie’s little chamchas.
ayush- chamcha means chamach that is spoon in english.
ayush- rashika di i am ayush and he is swayyam. we are not spoon.
all supressed their laugh seeing swara’s glare.

swara- [kneeled down] aww don’t listen to them. you both are the best.
sumi- [from behind] shona sanskar vohh sh…shekhar is here.
hearing it all were shocked while after understanding ayush became happy.
ayush- baba is here.
sumi nodded hesitantly.
ayush became extremely happy and looked for him and on finding him he ran towards him.
[author- shocked naa you should be. well i thought to extend the ff a little more but i will be a little irregular. i will post alternate days. i hope it will be fine with you all]

so one of the three persons was shekhar and other two are raglak.
ayush went and hugged shekhar and swayyam too remembered them and went to them. ayush and swayyam met with all of them.
ragini- how are you both.
ayush- didi i am very good.
swayyam- i am also good. have you brought chocolates.
ragini- yes we have.

here others were shocked. they all came out of shock when sumi spoke.
sumi- yesterday while talking to shekhar ayush asked shekhar to come and meet him. shekhar asked me and seeing ayush i agreed to him. he has come to meet ayush and will stay for two days and then go back.
sumi- shona sanskar i did not tell yesterday as you both were in fast and later i did not get chance.
sanskar- [composing himself] it’s ok maa.
sanskar moved towards shekhar and raglak. swara gave a faint smile to sumi and both moved towards them.

sanskar- [blank expression] ummm…please come in.
swara- [avoiding them] swayyam ayush you both are wet come with me. otherwise you will catch cold.
both kids oblige.
ayush- [to ragini] didi i will come in some time. don’t go
ragini nodded.
they all started moving inside.
uttara- bhai we will come in a while.
rashika was confused what to do.
sanskar- rashika why are you standing. get in and get changed or you will catch cold.
rashika- ji bhai.
rashika ran inside. [note:- rashika many a times live in swasan mansion or tanmay’s home so she has her own room in both the houses.]
shekhar raglak settled on the sofa.
sanskar- maa i will join in a while.
sumi nodded and sanskar went upstairs.

in swasan room.
sanskar entered and heard swara’s voice from washroom. door was just shut and not locked. he slightly opened the door to see swara struggling between ayush and swayyam.
sanskar- swara any help.
swara- haan woh…. [sighed and pointed towards the kids]
sanskar- hmmm.
swara- today you get swayyam freshen up. i will see to ayush.

swara went to other room with ayush and made him ready and he ran downwards to meet shekhar and raglak. swara then herself started getting ready. here sanskar was making swayyam ready with all his tantrums.

swara came ready in swasan room and knocked washroom door.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- two minutes swara.
swara waited and then came out swayyam wrapped in a towel. swara held him and started wiping him properly. then he made him wear pant and was about to make him wear shirt when he ran from there.
swara- swayyam now why are you running. wear the shirt.
swayyam- mumma not that shirt. i don’t like that shirt.
swara- swayyam please baby wear the shirt. this is not bad and my baby looks so good in this. please don’t run and wear the shirt.
meanwhile sanskar came out all ready and saw them.
swara- [saw him] sanskar hold him please. he is acting too stubborn and making me chase him all over.

sanskar- swara he has aquired most of your traits. running and making me to chase you is your hobby too.
swara- sanskar are you going to hold him or decide whose trait he has aquired.
sanskar- accha baba holding him.
sanskar too chased him and he ran out of the room.
sanskar- champ stop running.
swayyam- no papa i won’t wear the shirt.
sanskar- but what’s the problem
swayyam- i don’t like it.
sanskar- that’s silly. stop running.
swayyam- catch me mumma papa.
he was running in corridor and everybody was able to see this. finally sanskar caught hold of him.

sanskar- champ now i got hold of you. now silently wear the shirt.
swayyam- no not this one.
swara- then which one.
swayyam- red shirt. [my brother likes red clour a lot and when he was small then he did not like to wear rounded neck t-shirts, he doesn’t like now even and red clour has been his favorite always]
swara- ok i am bringing your red shirt. but wear it without any drama. sanskar don’t leave him.
sanskar- yaa bring it fast.
swara immediately went and brought red shirt and then made him wear it.
swara- done. huh! come let’s go downstairs.
they all came downstairs. swayyam got involved with ayush and shekhar raglak. he became happy receiving chocolates and started munching it. sanskar came and sat there with them and they all were feeling awkward. swara directly went to kitchen to avoid everything.
all were just replying to kids. rashika was descending the stairs humming and jumping. she slipped on the last stairs but holded the railing and was saved from falling.
all looked back at her. sanskar immediately went to her.
rashika- god ji thank you yousaved me.

sanskar- [scolding] are you alright. how were you walking.
rashika- bhai chill nothing happened to me. and even i would have fell my bones would have broken maximum and then i would have got royal treatment.
sanskar- [crossed his hands on his chest and raised his eyebrows in anger]
rashika- [a bit scared] sorry. [started doing sit-ups] sorry 1 sorry 2 sorry 3 sorry 4 sorry 5 [said with each sit up] will be careful from next time. sorry and i can’t do more. chill and i am hungry bye.
rashika ran towards kitchen to escape.
sanskar- kabhi nahi sudregi. [will never change]
shekhar raglak saw everything amused.
done with this part.

so readers will extend this ff for you but updates will be on alternate days.

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