Title Missing for Story?! Chapter 1

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,By H.He lost his Treasure by Her..
In a Drawing note,He draw a Girl..

Pre- in Story:A Boy told a story to a Girl.. In Story,A numismatic Romeo lost his precious 1947HalfAnnaIndianCoin by his Angel..
Now..(Actually they r in bus)
A Little Girl near them:”Who is the Thief?”..The Eyes of other childrens didn’t move n see him with a question..
The Boy see his Girl n see the little Girl..with a smile..

The little Girl (Her fingers like a qstn n her Eyes r big)…
In his Eyes,
The Story of him again Starts…..
(Story Scenes)…

A swing bridge…
Pair of Shoes only seen (Assume Seeing on on TV screen)..
His left Shoe didn’t fit in his leg..With that shoe,He is trying to walk..
(Strting Music of “My mind is a Stranger Without U” on bg)
The Sun slowly sets..
Finally he Take the shoe n hold the Lace n Trying to throw..

His Eyes searching the empty place..
In his search,a little far…
A Veiled girl spin her shepherd wooden stick in her walking..Many Sheeps r with her..
His Eyes r going magical like seeing The First Sec of World’s Creation..
His hand withdraw the shoe on ground n fastly n he clicks her by his fingers n he Take his drawing note..
He (In his mind):”U should draw tiz magical moment..”
While taking the note,his Color Box falls on ground,…
Crayons rotate slowly on The ground..
The sound make the Shepherd Angel turn…
(StoryTeller Boy with a Humming Tune “Swasahi Juliey”..His girl see him with a smile “It’s Saans Bhi Jo liye”..
He:”I know”(without sound-on air))
He continues the Story.. .
The Shepherd Angel turn..
The Crayons n the Pencils moves in rotate mode..
He take the crayons n the Pencils from the ground by seeing her..
“Saajnaa…Hey…(Humming)” on bg…

-To be Continued..

Tanqq frndzz for Readingg..Hope U like tiz n Any Guesses about Who is He n She??Kindly write ur thoughts after reading…
Frndzz..I tried to present Luvly Puzzle is a Mixture of My Incomplete stories..It failed..Bt Surely tiz will..
2nd Epi’ll be Who is He n She???


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  1. Hey harshan it’s too confusing ??

    1. HarSHaN

      Mm..A couple is travelling in Bus..He told a story to his girl..The childrens too hear the Story..

      Actually In the Story,
      What he Said,
      (The Story is about a couple)
      An intro of Another Couple..
      He describes what the couple doing in story..
      He is an Artist..She is actually Shepherd .
      While seeing her with sheep,He felt Something soulful for him..So he is trying to draw her pic..
      Though his left Shoe didn’t fit for his leg..(Here I took Shiva give his left to His Luv..Tatsy the Artist is not Om,It’s Shivaay..(Going to be 2nd Epi,still didn’t think)
      The Shepherd is Anika..
      The StoryTeller is ?
      Is He Om or Dev?
      In 1st Epi The Story was taken as precap one..
      Actually it was completed..as One Shot..
      In 1st Epi it goes in story telling..
      In tat,About a coin collector is taken..
      So Subway is a coin collector too..
      So Anika is Stoler..bt She stole for a reason..
      So now the Boy’s Story telling is going as a FlashBack now..Its about How Shivaay met Anika before losing the coin..Itz track 2..
      The Story teller part is track 1..
      Another track too come Soon..
      Hope U get tiz!!
      I m Sure that U ll got the Story story in the next ones..

      1. HarSHaN

        Sorry it’s Shivaay,the coin collector..

  2. Niki645

    Awesome bro!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Sissy..

  3. Hey bro,
    I am really sorry, but it seems as though I couldn’t understand this today, unfortunately. I’d really appreciate it if you could make it a bit more simpler and easy to understand.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tata k Sissy..

  4. HarSHaN

    Hi Sissy..Tats K..Ya..Sure..Hope U read my Story’s precise to our Frnd..I m Sure I ‘ll modify the Story in the next..

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