Saraswatichandra 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny witnessing Badimaa’s taunts on Ghuman. He is shocked seeing Ghuman getting insulted by her. Badimaa says I will show you your real face, you have taken away Saraswati’s husband, you cheated Laxminandan, separated Danny and Saras, Kumud and Saras. Danny says enough, she is my mum, you can’t talk to her like this. Ghuman cries infront of him. Kumud runs on the road and Saras is nearby but could not see her. Kumud sees Saras and says Saras, I knew you will come. She shouts Saras and comes running towards him. She gets caught by Sunanda’s goons again. She shouts Saras and shows her hand out of the car. Saras sees her and runs after the car.

She cries looking at Saras. He misses her as the car speeds away. Saras tells Majnu that some goons have caught Kumud, I saw her. Majnu says we will talk to my friend, he knows some people. Vidyachatur tells Danny to ask Ghuman what did she say. Danny confronts Badimaa and says what did you tell about my mum, how dare you talk like this.. Badimaa says what I said is all true. She says I m sad that you are her son, you have seen only your mum, we have seen her when she have done the business of relations. Danny says enough, now I won’t hear anything about her. Guniyal says first listen what Ghuman said to us. Danny says I understood everything and its enough, I know my mum, she has accepted Kusum only for my happiness and gave her love. Kusum says no Danny, its a lie, what she did today is………

Danny says enough Kusum, I don’t want to hear anything. He says I did not expect this from all of you, I will not bear my mum’s insult. Ghuman says no Danny, you should not talk to them like this. Danny reacts. Kabir smiles. Danny asks Kusum why did she not stop her family. He says fine, don’t stop me also. He says I felt I m your son Badimaa, if I give you respect, you will give respect to my mum, but I was wrong, I will not keep any links with this family now. He says we will not stay here, they hate you, i will break my relations with them. He takes Ghuman and leaves. Ghuman smiles seeing Kabir.

Kusum tries to stop Danny. Danny says you stood against my mum. He says I have broken my relation with you too. Everyone are shocked. Kusum cries. Vidyachatur says I can’t explain Danny, don’t know what is happening with my children. Kumud is brought to the Kotha again. Sunanda asks Kusum to dance well and gives her tips. Samru throws Kumud on the floor. Sunanda is shocked to know that Kumud ran again. She warns Kumud that she will hurt her if she tries to escape again. She asks Samru to take Kumud inside. Kumud says leave me.

Saras and Majnu come to his friend and asks about Kumud. The man says I have not seen her, but don’t get into this matter. Saras says she is my wife, she is missing since many days, please help. The man says don’t take my name anywhere. He says I heard Sunanda brought a new girl, and presenting her dance today. He says many men are invited today at her Kotha. Saras is shocked. The man says the girl was taken to the tailor today for fitting of her clothes, he can tell you more about her. Saras and Majnu leave. Sunanda tells Kumud that her husband can never reach her. She ties Kumud and leaves.

Kusum is crying thinking about Danny’s words. She says you never think how much hurt I m. Danny gets a call from Kusum, and he is still angry. He does not answer her calls. Kusum messages him. Ghuman looks at him and is happy. Majnu and Saras come to the tailor shop. Majnu tells the tailor that Sunanda has sent him, but he does not know the address and he needs a red dupatta for the new girl. The tailor says fine, I will make a map and give you. Saras looks on. Majnu and Saras come to Sunanda’s Kotha. Saras prays to Maa to help him reach Kumud. He sees the same car in which Kumud was taken away. He sees Maa’s pic on it and says Kumud is here, he took her in this car.

Majnu says now no one can stop you both to meet. Majnu says I think we should take police with us. Majnu calls police station. Saras comes there with the police. Sunanda is shocked. The inspector says we have a complaint, you have kept a girl against her wish. Saras says I did her complaint, I m Saraswatichandra. Sunanda denies everything and says you can go. Saras identifies Samru.

Saras beats Samru and asks where is Kumud, he was the one who took Kumud. Sunanda says he looks mad, as he lost his wife. Sunanda says I will call DCP. The inspector says let us do our work and they check the Kotha. Kumud hears Saras calling her name and Sunanda tries to stop them. Kumud is taken away outside from the other door. Saras comes in that room and looks around. Saras says Kumud you were here. Sunanda says I told you this guy is mad, we don’t have any girl. Saras finds a small earring and smiles.

Saras tells the inspector that this is Kumud’s earring, she is here. He looks at Sunanda with anger.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Danny is so stupied

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