Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla telling Akash that she is ashamed to be called his mum. Kanno says see all the relatives will laugh on us. Jai says your one decision have ruined us. Everyone scold and taunt Akash for his silly decision. Akash leaves annoyed. Poonam gets worried for him. Abhi pays the doctor for scaring everyone about Ramesh’s health and leaves. Ramesh gets up and laughs. Abhi tells him how Deepak got angry on Akash. Ramesh says there will be a war now in this house. Sarita comes to Kanno to fill her ears.

Deepak comes home and tells Kiran about Akash’s event failure and the huge loss. Kiran is shocked and says you should be found out before investing in his project. Kanno comes to Jai and asks what will we do now. Jai says don’t know, Akash has put everyone in big problem. Kanno speaks against Akash and says he has broken our trust, he has ruined us. She says never take Akash back in the business, he is not capable.

Akash is in his office thinking about everyone’s words. He is asked to sign a cheque but Jai stops him and says you won’t take any decision of our business. Akash is shocked. Jai says you will ask me for every work, then decide. Akash says but….. Jai says no Akash. Akash leaves in anger. Poonam is worried for Akash as he did not call her, its late. Kamal comes to her and holds her from back. She thinks its Akash. Poonam tells him that she is much worried for Akash. He says don’t worry, I m for all of you. He says I m sad seeing you broken like this.

Poonam tries calling Akash and tells Kamal that Akash is not at office, and he is not taking her call. She says where did he go like this and cries. Kamal is happy and stares at her with a bad eye. He says nothing will happen to Akash, don’t worry. Poonam thanks him. Akash comes to the police station to file the Fir. The inspector says we can’t help you, till we get the man, we can’t do anything. Akash is heart broken.

Ramesh talks to Dolly and Sarita says don’t fear when I m here, Akash will never know our plan and our plan will not fail. He says Akash will not get any loan and he will have to send this house, then we will get our money, then we will leave from here. He makes a plan and tells them. Poonam comes to everyone and says Akash is missing, he is not in office. Everyone are shocked. Poonam cries. Sarita taunts Poonam and Mangla.

Poonam says I m worried, I will go and look for him. Dolly comes crying telling about Ramesh’s ill condition. Sarita and Dolly laugh seeing Poonam’s worry. Akash is driving and thinking if he gets Kothari, he will teach him a lesson for his cheat. Akash stops at a tea stall and finds Kothari there. He is shocked to see him and confronts him with anger.

Akash tells Kothari he will take him to police station. Kothari pushes him and runs away.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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