Sadda Haq 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 9th April 2014 Written Update

YoYo thinks Rana is gone today. The match starts between Rana and Parth. Sanyukta receives a call from her, but she disconnects. Rana tells Parth he will do same as what he did with his father. Parth was saying he won’t come in the ring, but he did. He punches him. Sanyukta is taking photographs. Rana takes out something from his pocket and was about to punch Parth on his face, but Randhir gets in the ring and defends Parth. Rana throws away the thing. Randhir asks him if he’ll do cheating, a coward. Parth tells Randhir he shouldn’t be in the ring and asks him to leave. He can’t be disqualified, he needs money. He slightly pushes Randhir. Randhir leaves. The match continues. Sanyukta sees a wound on Randhir’s hand and tries to give a treatment to it, but Randhir says doesn’t need any help, she better save her concert for Parth. Sanyukta says if you are that brave enough, then why did you leave Parth alone? He says because your best friend will return only with the money after this match. Parth was on ground. He suddenly gets power and beats the hell out of Rana. He wins the match. He collects money and then goes to the students.

Sanyukta asks him why he’s doing all this. He was lying until now. Parth tries to avoid her question saying he didn’t want to bother for his personal matters. She asks since when things got personal between them. She shows concern and Randhir looks on. Sanyukta finally makes him say that he’s doing all this so he can pay college fees. He’s not from a rich family. Parth is bleeding. Everyone takes him and comes to the college. Sanyukta asks him if he needs anything. He says he is only worried about his fees. Randhir says deadline is tomorrow noon and he has sense of knowing time. He asks him to rest at least in their room, if he doesn’t want to sleep. Randhir again notices Sanyukta showing too much concern. Jiggy takes Parth and leaves. Sanyukta stops Randhir and tells him that Parth is saying he’s fine, but he’s very weak and gives him the instructions what to do. Randhir tells her, if she’s so concerned, then why can’t she take him to the room. He leaves. After all leave, Vardhan comes there and finds a paper (related to boxing perhaps).

In room, Jiggy is praising Parth’s strength. Randhir stops Jiggy and calls him. He tells him to look after Parth and he sleeps. Jiggy takes care of Parth’s wound. Parth thanks Randhir, but he doesn’t reply and pretends to sleep.

Sanyukta does something in her laptop and then says one work done, but she didn’t get time to work on factory problem in all this. She works on it in late night. In morning, a story about Rana playing boxing match comes in the newspaper (Sanyukta submitted story in the night). She says in her mind, people like Rana deserve to stay inside the lockup. She calls her home and her dad picks up. She’s afraid that he might find out that she knows about factory problem. She talks in her normal tone and asks for her mum. Her dad asks if he can’t talk to her. They have an emotional conversation. Her father lies that everything is fine, and on the other side, Sanyukta can’t tell him that she knows about his problems. She tells him to take care of everyone and hangs. Both are crying. Sanyukta makes a promise that she won’t let any problem stay in their lives.

She comes to the classroom and asks Randhir about Parth straight away. Randhir says he’s not his care taker. Sanyukta says she shouldn’t have asked him, he’s impossible. There is no difference between him and a robot. Randhir points at Jiggy and says there’s another roommate, ask him. Vardhan comes in and starts the lecture. In middle, he asks about Parth. Sanyukta says he fell down from the stairs. Randhir agrees and says he’s not in condition to come to the class. Both Sanyukta and Randhir continue making up story together. Vardhan says he’s really worried about him, and just then Parth enters the classroom.

Vardhan says he didn’t expect him after story that Sanyukta and Randhir told him. Parth says they were right and then he covers up. Vardhan says in his mind, everyone is covering up the story for each other, good team spirit. He asks Parth to take his seat. He sits besides Sanyukta and again she takes care of him which Randhir doesn’t like. Vidushi wonders what happened to Parth.

After class, Parth comes to pay his fees, but he’s told that his fee is already paid by Vardhan. Parth comes to Vardhan and asks why, he didn’t ask for any help. He asks him to withdraw his fees. He will pay by himself. Vardhan says, if you really have that much self-respect, then tell me from where did you get this money? Parth says him, you don’t pay other students’ fees and when they pay, you don’t ask them from where they got money. Vardhan says, because other students’ fees don’t come from fightclubs. Parth is shocked.

Precap: Randhir shows errors in Sanyukta’s designs. She says, you’re right. And honestly, I can’t believe you came to help me. He says, you’re right. You need help, and that too very badly because there are still many loop holes in this design that she won’t understand. Sanyukta asks him if he came to help her or insult her. Randhir says everything has a price, he will help her, but on one condition.

Update Credit to: Tina

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