Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2014 Written Update

At the hospital, ahem will be sitting outside the koki’s room and will be upset. Gopi tries to console him but ahem asks her to leave him alone. Mira comes there and apologizes ahem-gopi as koki is in this state because of saving her. Ahem-gopi says there is no mistake of hers and they would take care of her from now on. Mira hugs ahem and he remembers his child before 8 years and feels bad. Radha finds this and gets angry as mira has come back. Hetal comes there and ahem says her that they would take gouri to their home. Hetal feels happy.

Bha and kids will be waiting for everyone. Doc says modis that koki shouldnt face any mental tension and should be taken care well. Gopi assures doc that she will take care of koki. Gopi walks towards koki’s room, but ahem stops her and asks gopi to leave from there leaving behind vidya with him. But gopi says firmly that she would never leave vidya and koki. Rashi hears there conversation and thinks of doing something.

Dhaval comes home and finds no one at home. Two goons come inside and slaps dhaval for sending his friend to jail. The goons asks dhaval to compensate their friend’s work with him if not they will harm pappu. Dhaval agrees. Goons give their address and leave. Here at hospital, rashi comes into koki’s room and complaints her that ahem is yelling at gopi. Rashi says them that ahem is sending gopi away from his home. Rashi says ahem’s name as Bharath. Koki leaves from there and goes to ahem-gopi. Koki scolds ahem for yelling at gopi. Koki says gopi that if bharath is sending her away from his home then she would take her to her home. Koki looks at gouri and slightly remembers her accident. Again koki grabs gopi’s hand and takes her. Rashi – hetal feels happy.

Radha will be worried that now gopi-mira both are going to modi bhawan again. Jigar will be paying the hospital bills, rashi calls him and asks him to explain about koki’s condition to bha and kids. Jigar agrees and leaves. Kinjal comes to ahem and says she would leave now as koki isnt recognizing her. Ahem consoles her and kinjal-madhu leaves. Hetal says madhu that koki is thinking urmi as her friend premlatha so she should be with koki now. At modi bhawan, jigar explains koki’s condition to bha and thinks of taking off their family pictures from home. Radha calls tripti and tells about koki’s condition. Koki thinks radha as meeti and scolds her for not working. Koki asks gopi to come with her. Rashi says koki that they should keep the couple to stay together to solve their differences. Koki asks ahem to come and stay in modi bhawan. Ahem remains speechless.

Precap: Koki asks Gopi to come in. When she’s coming in with Ahem, something happens in Koki’s brain and she asks her to stop right there.

Update Credit to: Rahi

  1. Am soooo annoyed wid this show koki thinks radah as meethi

  2. day by day becoming boring. how long will it take for kokila to remember what happened. as usual one issue will continue for months and months. please make some changes to make it more interesting to watch

    1. True cba with drama anyone

  3. It was boring till now but from now it would be mare interesting and humorous as Kiki have misunderstood characters specially Radha as meethi

  4. koki misunderstood radha to be mani , the earlier servant girl whom she used to keep on scolding. now some fun if koki is in her true form radha will have to really work hard, koki wont spare her. but even for this dragging the serial is too much.

    Is kokila acting that she lost her memory becoz her choice of misunderstanding characters is a bit confusing. the people she want to teach a lesson are the only ones she misunderstood.

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