Saraswatichandra 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 6th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras telling Pramad that Saraswatichandra is dead. Pramad is shocked. Pramad says he died? He says you brought a good news. He says I don’t know whether Kumud knows this or not. He says she has become a widow now. Pramad laughs and says I will give her this good news that he lover died. Saras says are you not ashamed making fun of other’s feelings. Pramad says you get hurt easily why? Saras says yes, because you don’t deserve her love. Pramad says why, I married a left over woman. He asks Saras where did Saraswatichandra go after leaving the marriage. Saras gets angry but controls himself. Pramad talks ill about Kumud’s character saying she might had many lovers. Saras beats Pramad and thinks of the promise he gave to Kumud. Pramad looks at Saras angrily. Both of them have a fight. (Saras looks so short infront of Pramad!!) Saras says I will tell you about Saraswatichandra. He loved Kumud by his heart and respected her love, and if anyone said against Kumud, he would think of killing them. Saraswatichandra made a mistake of hurting Kumud’d heart so he died.

Saras says Kumud if forgiving you even after seeing your mistakes, so you don’t deserve her love. They have an never ending fight. Saras thinks about Pramad’s words and says the same to Pramad. Pramad gets up and stops him and says tell me if she does not love me, then why does she act infront of me. Saras goes back to Pramad and says foolish, she is trying to love you, she is trying to change you, but you don’t deserve her. Pramad stops him again and……..

Budhidhan asks Kumud about Alak, is she fine. Kumud says Alak is sleeping, she is better now. Budhidhan says she is doing much work for the party. He says she is doing Pramad’s work. He asks Kumud are you able to forget whatever happened yesterday. He says I don’t cover Pramad’s mistakes. Kumud says how much I try, I m unable to understand him. Budhidhan says what to do, I being a father could not understand his problem. He says Pramad is going on becoming bad. Budhidhan says it looks like his blood won over my upbringing. Kumud asks what. Budhidhan makes an excuse and leaves.

Kalika comes to Kumud and returns the box. Kalika apologizes to her and says I won’t do such mistake again. Kusum says don’t speak against me or my sister. Kalika says calm down, I apologized to Kumud and she has forgiven me. Kumud is very nice, and I don’t want that you stay annoyed with Naveen because of me. Kusum says I know, keep the box and leave. Kusum warns Kalika and says my sister forgives only once, so don’t repeat your mistake. Kalika leaves.

Kumud comes to her room and thinks about Budhidhan’s words. Pramad comes to Kumud, and he is unable to stand. He says I came to know everything about your lover. Kumud is shocked. He says your lover got his punishment. He says your Saraswastichandra has died.
Pramad says you won’t believe me, are you unable to bear this, say. Kumud is shocked. She looks at Pramad. He says how are you feeling after hearing he is dead. Kalika comes there and tells Pramad that Budhidhan is calling you. Pramad leaves to meet him. Kumud cries and thinks about Pramad’s words. Badimaa and Guniyal see the heavy rain and think who is that who helped us. Guniyal says the person is sent from the Lord to help us. Someone comes at Vidyachatur’s house. Badimaa is at the gate and looks at him. He says you did not tell me about the problem. Its Danny. Badimaa and Guniyal are shocked to see him. Kumud runs to check on Saras.

She sees Saras is not in his room. Kusum asks her what happened. Kumud does not answer her and runs outside the house. She sees Saras taking out his anger on wood. She runs to him and falls. She says Pramad said Saraswatichandra died, why? Saras says for your happiness, what if I die for you. Kumud says don’t say this, when you broke our relation, I did not think like this. I want you to stay well and happy. Saras says I will leave from here if I feel you are safe and happy here, but not now. They have an eyelock, the song Kuch na Kahe…. plays in the background. (After a very long time, they came closer, really sweet!!) Kumud and Saras look at each other and share their pain. Kumud steps backward and goes back into the house.

Badimaa asks Danny why he came here. Danny says to make everything right. Badimaa says leave from here you family knows only to hurt. Danny stops Badimaa and says I know Saras made a mistake, but we need a chance to correct it. Guniyal asks him to leave. Danny says listen to me. They shut the door. Kusum comes to Saras and says you still love Kumud, right? Saras says I lost that right now. He says I broke Kumud’s promise but what could I do. I could not bear Pramad. Kusum says Kumud moved ahead, you also move on. Saras says till I m alive, I cannot forget Kumud. He says when I am sure that Pramad changed and they are happy together, I will never show my face to Kumud.

Pramad gets closer to Kumud and asks her to consummate the marriage. Saras thinks maybe Pramad will get angry on Kumud because of him. Kumud runs away from Pramad as he gets closer to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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