Meri Bhabhi 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 6th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Kittu that she will go and drop Dhruv. Ashish comes and says I m ready. Shraddha says no even I m ready. Shraddha says tell Papa that I want to drop him alone. She says don’t make me feel dependent. I handled everything on my own in Mumbai, and I can do that here too. Kittu looks on. Shraddha leaves with Dhruv. Kunal is talking on phone and Kamini thinks he is talking about a girl. Kunal says chill, I m looking for a designer. Kamini shows him a photo. She says maybe we finally found her, shall we go to meet her. Kunal says no, it won’t look nice. Kamini says this will happen till you get engaged. She leaves. Shraddha drops Dhruv to school and takes an auto to go back home. Bobby sits in the auto popping up from somewhere. He laughs. Shraddha

is shocked and says you..
Bobby asks the auto driver that we are together. Shraddha says do you want to get beaten again. He says it was my plan. Shraddha asks the auto driver to stop the auto. Bobby says I will pay the fees. The auto driver looks at them. Bobby says she is my wife.

Bobby says you get angry on my love and I love your anger. Shraddha steps out of the auto and runs. Bobby runs after her. Mummy sees Kittu thinking. She asks what are you thinking. Kittu says Shraddha went alone to drop Dhruv. Mummy says Ashish said he will go. Kittu says yes, he said but Shraddha said no. Papa comes and asks for tea. He says keep talking. Mummy says I will bring tea. Papa asks whats the matter, you both are looking tensed. jaya says Shraddha went alone. Papa asks about Ashish. jaya says Shraddha said no to Kittu and Ashish. jaya tells them what Shraddha said. Kittu takes Shraddha’s side. She felt we are getting troubled by her so she went. Papa says we worry for her even now. Mummy says I will talk to her when she comes. Shraddha is hiding from Bobby and calls Anand. She says Bobby is after me, Anand says I will be coming soon. Shraddhs is tensed.

She sees Bobby infront of her. Bobby comes to her. She looks at him. Bobby says till when will you run away from my love. Shraddha pushes him and runs. Bobby tries to catch her. Shradhha bumps into Kunal while running. She cries. Kunal asks whats the problem, are you ok. Shraddha shows Bobby. Bobby looks at Kunal.
Bobby comes to Kunal and Shraddha. Shraddha is crying. Kunal asks what problem do you have. Bobby says leave and gets closer to Shraddha. Kunal beats Bobby. They have a fight. Shraddha looks on. Kunal beats Bobby a lot. Bobby looks at Shraddha and says I will settle the scores. Kunal beats him further. He beats him saying who does not respect women, they should be in jail. Bobby runs in an auto. Kunal comes to Shraddha and asks who was he, are you fine. Shraddha cries. He tries to joke and asks her to relax. Kunal thinks Bobby was a thief. He asks her to stop crying. He says you always get into a problem. Shraddha leaves. Anand gets Shraddha and she cries. Anand asks where is Bobby. Shradhha says he ran away. Anand takes her home. Kunal does not see Shraddha and Anand
Anand brings Shraddha home. Papa asks them what happened. Anand says Shraddha met Bobby and he was teasing her. But someone saved Shraddha. Papa asks Shraddha why is she taking decisions. Kittu takes Shraddha’s side. Everyone are tensed. Kittu thanks Lord that Shraddha is safe. Papa says we worry about her. He says Shraddha will not go alone anywhere till the case is solved. Shraddha cries. Papa says I will drop and pick Dhruv from school. Anand asks Shraddha to listen to them. Mummy pacifies Shraddha. Shraddha says now its proved that I m dependent. Kamini is talking on phone. Kunal comes. Kamini says what happened to you, you fought with whom. Kunal says I met the same girl again. I saved her from a goon. Kunal gets Shraddha’s earrings stuck to his shirt. He takes it out and thinks about Shraddha. He smiles. Kittu asks Shraddha where is your earring. Shraddha says maybe it tell on the road.

Kunal talks to Shraddha on phone. Bobby speaks against Shraddha in the court and says she is having an affair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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