Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is with Kalpana and she worries about Vitthal’s behavior. She is teaching Pakiya at the same time. She scolds at Pakiya for writing his name Pakiya when his official name is Parkash. Kamla asks Vitthal to have the dinner. He asks if she has eaten? She says no how could i eat with you. With hands, he rudely says. Don’t late your meal its not good for a feeding mother. If i had two children together wouldn’t i feed them both? Vitthal ignores.

Scene 2
The baby is sleeping. Sahil asks Nettu if she is not going to have lunch? Sahil’s sister calls her and tells him that she would be bit late. Sahil asks Will Kamla come daily? I can manage a nurse. Nettu says no she will come regularly i have decided all money etc.

Scene 3
The baby starts crying. Nettu wakes up. Nettu says please stop crying and save me from embarrassment. I have not been through this much tension through out my life. Door bell rings. Nettu worries if the sound wakes someone up what would she answer.She goes down to see. It’s Sahil’s sister she asks why is she crying i guess she is hungry. Nettu says i have feed her a moment ago.She is sleepy. Late doesn’t mean you have to come at 2 Am. Sahil’s mom wakes up too and asks whats wrong. She makes the same excuse that baby is sleepy.

Scene 4
Vittal is gettin Pakiya ready. He says i don’t wanna go school. Kamla says play with Kalpana when you will come back. How would you know that whats in the lunch box if you don’t go.

Scene 5
Prem asks Nettu to make his hair he says put her away. She slaps him hard. She shouts now go the schools like this. She worries where is Kamla its 8 o’clock.

Scene 6
Vitthal is sitting in the door way not letting Kamla go. Kamla says please let me go. That baby must be crying. Is she you responsibility? I vowed them, says Kamla. What would you teach your children that withdraw from your promises for your purpose. If you have two rupees you give one to the beggar I am doing the same why are you stopping me? Vitthal moves away.

Scene 7
Nettu is out of her mind but the baby is not stopping. Sahil’s mom comes and asks whats wrong? Fed her. Nettu says you speak like i feel happy in making her cry. I have fed her. I am not feeling well and nobody even asked me. Why do you people behave like this is my first child. Everyone is trying to make the baby happy. Nettu falls on the bed pretending like she has fainted so that she doesn’t have to feed in front of Sahil. Nettu asks for water Sahil is standing there but Nettu talks to Dharminder under the blanket she asks him to pick Kamla if she doesn’t come in a few moments.

Scene 8
Kamla comes and Dharminder tells her that he about to pick her. Kamla goes running towards the building she sees Manta in the way. Manta says oh you go running Vitthal must have stopped you and you are late.

Scene 9
Sahil’s mom asks him to take Nettu to the doctor she says no i am fine. Kamla comes in and apologizes for late coming. Kamla touches her and the baby stops crying.

Precap-Who am i to you not a friend neither a sister, says nettu to Kamla. A family in neighborhood were throwing their cot yesterday but i saved it for Kalpana. Kamla says thanks, you thought about my daughter but Kalpana won’t use something that they were throwing away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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