Saraswatichandra 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud seeing the hotel card and thinking what is this, what did he want. Saras checks on net in his phone. Kumud says check it whose logo is this. Saras says of a hotel. Kumud says maybe Kabir is kept there. Saras says but why will Ghuman make us reach Kabir. She says then who will help us and why. He says we have to go there first. Kalika comes to Ghuman and asks why did you call me. Ghuman says did anyone see you coming here. Kalika says no, tell me what I have to do. Ghuman says I want my Danny back, this time make Danny and Kumud separate forever.

Kalika says your last plans failed so much that they came really close, I don’t think Danny will leave Danny. Ghuman says but if Kusum leaves Danny then. Ghuman calls his goons and he says I will shift him. Kabir hears them and struggles to free. He says maybe Saras and Kumud came here finding me. I have to leave a clue for them. Saras and Kumud reach the hotel.

A man says may I help you. Saras shows him Kabir’s pic. The man says he is in room 404 and he is not well. Saras and Kumud run to see Kabir. Kabir is shifted somewhere else. Kabir says let me go. The men take him in the car. Saras asks cleaner where did the man staying here go. She says I don’t know. Saras thinks where did they take him. Kumud shows Saras something written on the wall. Saras reads it and asks the woman about it. She says I don’t know and they leave.

Kabir tries to free himself but fails. Everyone wait for Saras’s call and are worried. Guniyal says he will call us, he might be finding Kabir now. Badimaa says we have to take care of Danny now, he is very upset today. Vidyachatur sees Danny and says I will send him to factory for work and make him busy. He asks Danny to go for the factory orders. Danny says I will go to factory and make the plan. Danny says tell Kusum I m going, I will come and meet her later. Menka is kept somewhere.

Ghuman brings tea for her. Menka is shocked to see her. Menka says whats all this, your men brought me here, why did you keep me locked here. Ghuman confronts her. Menka acts innocent and says I have to leave for Dubai. Ghuman tells her she knows everything. Menka says what do you want from me. Ghuman says did you not understand, I want you to be as my guest till Kabir’s game ends, then I will think I have to send you to Dubai or final yatra. Saras and Kumud find Kabir everywhere.

They ask few people about Kabir. A woman sees Saras and talks to him. Saras asks for her help. She holds his hand and starts flirting. Kumud looks on. She says I know that guy, come with me. Saras goes with her. Kumud says Saras I don’t think we should go with her. Saras says we don’t have any option. Danny thinks in which problem is Saras and Kumud.

He is on the way to factory and says in Kabir and Saras’s absence, I have to take care. He sees Kalika running on the road and towards his car. He stops the car. Danny says Kalika. Dinesh bhai is after Kalika and asks her to give money. Danny asks Kalika to run and fights with them. Saras and Kumud come with the girl. The woman asks Saras to leave Kumud and come with her alone. Saras asks Kumud to wait and goes with her. Danny and Kalika run. The goons follow them.

The woman gets closer to Saras. Saras says you are taking me wrong, I don’t need your help. Kumud comes and sees them together. He sees Kumud and says sorry, do you think I can do this. She leaves. Kalika acts tensed. Danny says I will call police. The goons beat on his head and he faints. Saras tells Kumud that she is overreacting. She says I told you she is not good. He says I was taking my help, ok fine, lets not fight. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Kumud sits on the bench and Saras looks on.

Saras brings flowers for Kumud and sees her missing. He looks for her and thinks where did you go Kumud..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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