Dil Dosti Dance 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rey gets on the stairs to terrace. His phone rings, Swayam was there. He asks where you are and tells he is in the old building, told Kriya about it. Swayam notices the tension in his voice and asks him but he says to concentrate on musical, he will be here. He thinks he will have to handle Ruhi alone. Kriya was standing behind Swayam and asks if he is okay. She tells him she thinks he is hiding something from her, she is getting nervous. Swayam tells her to relax and prepare for that make up. Rey comes on the terrace, Ruhi calls I am here Swayam. She was sitting on table with her laptop. She looks up and shouts at Rey to stop there saying Swayam is such a coward to come here, Sharon must not have allowed him to come. She says she needs one button to press and their hacking proof will straight be in VP’s laptop. She says Swayam betrayed her but Rey says he always loved Sharon. Rey says they can talk about it by sitting down. She tells him to call Swayam. He says he won’t come here. She says she will make sure he comes here, Rey gets his call. She tells him to call him here, but Rey repeats his words. She snatches his phone from her, he resists. In this quest, Swayam hears Rey saying Ruhi Ruhi. She hits him while he holds her hands. She asks for apology saying she doesn’t understand what happens to her. He leaves her. She attacks him and he falls off the terrace building. She looks down, he was holding a robe. She says he can’t always win; she will make him learn the pain of losing. She brings a rod and hits him. She goes back and open the robe from the container it was tied from, she throws it away, Swayam holds the robe and helps Rey, Ruhi gets there and hit him with the rod, he fights her back. Swayam has almost held Rey up when Ruhi brings an ax from the back. Rey shouts and he is holding the wall now and struggles up while Swayam holds Ruhi. He loses his grip but Simmi comes there and holds him. Sharon also comes there. Swayam ties Ruhi’s hands with robe. Kriya hugs Rey tightly as soon as he comes up. Sharon sees Ruhi and recalls what she did to her. Rey tells Swayam to call VP.

Kriya asks Rey if the bruise is hurting and tries to soothe it. Ruhi runs to VP sir before them and says Swayam called her here and is doing her ragging. He slaps her and calls the police inspector. They take her; she shouts at them that she will bring all her reality in front of all. VP asks what she is talking about. Rey tells him the truth about hacking and their arrival, and that fake VP performance. VP sir asks that you people are telling me so late now. He asks they are all here and I am unaware. He says why are u people telling me the truth. Kriya says they want to get rid of the false now, he can punish them now. VP says he should have protect them but he didn’t, he will do it now. Ruhi shouts that VP- you have gone mad. He tells the inspector to take her. Kriya says they want to take the affiliation truthfully now, Vp appreciates them but he says that the English are a bit practical, they shouldn’t tell them the truth as they may back up. But Rey says he will now tell the truth anyway. VP apologizes them on Ruhi’s part, Rey says there is someone in the hospital involved with them.

PRECAP: They tell the foreign delegation truth, they call them cheater and about to leave but Kriya stops them.

Update Credit to: Niki

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