Ek Hasina Thi 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sakshi telling Shaurya about Babjee and Divya. She says we could not but them with money. Divya says Payal’s friend and rape case witness. She says Babjee said he will present Divya in court to give statement against Shaurya. Raj thinks about him. Sakshi says Mathur did his work perfect. Divya did not reach court and Shaurya was saved. Raj says but Mathur said he disappeared Divya. Sakshi says Mathur fooled us, the old man was in old age home, but Shaurya found him to give him eyesight. She asks did you not get anyone else. She asks was this Durga’s idea.

He says no mum. She asks why did you do this, does Durga not have money that you gave her Rs. 2 lakhs, Dr. Thakur is himself a doctor. Raj says enough Sakshi, you are overreacting, whats Durga’s connection with Babjee, its just a coincidence. Raj gets Dayal’s call and talks to him well. He says we will meet soon, thanks. Raj ends the call and says we got some benefit by this charity. Dayal wants to make the papers soon. Sakshi says no, I feel we should leave this project, don’t ask me why, my every instinct is saying it won’t be good for us.

Raj says Sakshi, I value your instinct, many times you were right, but not now, empires does not build on instincts, I won’t leave this deal. Akash comes and greets them. He says I have a good news. He says many tv channels called to take Shaurya’s interview. Raj says good job. Sakshi says you must be joking, you want to do this after what all happened. She says you think if you link Shaurya with this, it can be dangerous for us.

Shaurya says you took care of the situation. Sakshi says yes, I did, Babjee will not open his mouth now, but you will not meet him again. She asks Shaurya not to meet Durga. Shaurya is shocked and thinks don’t know why mum overreacts. Durga calls on phone and Dayal comes to her. She says I thought we will know about Divya, but now I came to know even Sakshi does not know, I promised Babjee to get back his daughter. Dayal says we will succeed, the fight is tough.

Durga says I will have to win, I have to wait to get Divya till media questions Shaurya. Sakshi tells Raj that Durga makes her restless, she does not feel her right. Raj laughs. Sakshi asks whats so funny. He says it was a mad thing you said. He says don’t feel bad, but is it your son is respecting some other woman and you are jealous. Sakshi says she is coming infront of him and such things are occurring, there is someone who is doing this, but who. Raj says you think and leaves.

Durga checks the newspapers and is angry seeing nothing. Dayal comes to her and asks what happened. She says how can this happen, no one wrote about Shaurya, we could have found Divya but Sakshi saved Shaurya. She says I wanted this. He says yes, but. She says I wanted to unite father and daughter. She says Divya thinks her dad died, we have to find her. Dayal says we will find her but not so soon. Sakshi will do anything to save Shaurya, we need to be careful. Durga says I will use her this weakness, we have to think some other way to find Divya.

Shaurya talks to his friends about Durga and how he impressed her by helping the old man. He says the story will end in my bedroom. Once she falls in my love, she will reach my bedroom soon. Karan reminds him of losing bet, then respect and now…. Shaurya says even my mum taunted me, she always talk about rape, its two years, move on. They think of that bad phase and Payal’s sister Nitya. Shaurya says I can’t forget her, I have her photo saved, so that I think not to lose any bet again. She was the bad dream, Payal cased on us depending on her.

Shaurya says Durga reminds me of Nitya, both rude and stubborn. He says this time I will win, Nitya was good, but Durga is best. He looks at Nitya’s pic. Durga burns Nitya’s pic. She thinks how Nitya ran in the jungle to get saved from Goenka’s goons. Dayal comes to her and sees her crying. He says whats the use of burning this pic. She thinks how Nitya got injured being hit by Dayal’s car and falling in the jungle. Her face has hit the stone and got smashed. The goons felt she died and left. She asked Dayal to save her. She thinks how Dayal brought her to the hospital and her face was fully damaged. Durga says I want to tell myself that Nitya is dead.

Suchitra tells Sakshi that Shaurya is in love. Durga tells Dayal that Nitya had failed, but Durga is born only to win..

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