Saraswatichandra 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras saying we are eager to see our new house, welcome to Mumbai Mrs. Kumud Saraswaticchandra Vyas. Kumud smiles. The man brings them home and Saras looks at the flat. He shows him the house. Kumud says Kitchen and bathroom so close? Saras says its Mumbai. Kumud asks where is the free space. Saras says we don’t have here. She asks where will we keep plants. The man says its not allowed in building, else people will complain. The man asks do you like the flat. Kumud says no, we can’t live here. The man asks what is the problem. Kumud says there is no fresh air, and no plants, where to make puja room, see this grill, it looks we are prisoners.

Saras says its for our safety. Kumud says its not cool, like a godown. Saras says once we get living here, you will feel this is home. She says I know we won’t get a home like Ratnagiri, but lets try more to get a new place. Saras says sorry, we can’t stay here, can you show us other houses. The man says fine, lets go. Anushka asks a man to pose for some pics for her project. The man asks her to wait as he is busy. She says don’t know when will he come back. She sees Kabir and thinks shall I ask him, no, he will show attitude.

She thinks what to do. She takes his pics and hits a paint buckets. It falls on Kabir and he gets angry as colors fall on him. He scolds her and says why did you take my pic. She says I want worker’s pics, so I took your pic. He says stay away from me. She says I also realized, my mood becomes bad meeting you, so be away. They have an argument. He asks her to leave. He says I know what are your motives, but understand I won’t fall in your trap. She leaves.

Kabir says impossible……… Saras and Kumud come to a hotel. She says its such a big city and all small rooms, even in hotel. He says tomorrow we will take the house as you like. She says as I like? He says as we like. He says go and freshen up, I will order food. She goes. Saras gets a call from Badimaa. She asks how is the new house. He says Kumud did not like the house. She says then where are you now. He says hotel, we will find house tomorrow as she likes. Kumud comes and hears him.

Saras says I know she stayed in big house since childhood, and she will find it hard to stay in small house, I will find a palace for her tomorrow. She says you were complaining about me and leaves annoyed. He says I ordered food, come out soon please………

The driver talks to Kumud and Saras and tell them about Mumbai city. The agent says I will take you to best locality, Lokhandwala, it has best facilties. Its again a flat. Kumud says no way. The agent asks whats the problem, you have garden too. She says only two plants can come here, is this a garden. She says we won’t pay this much for this small box. Kumud rejects many flats. Kumud says I m very tired and feeling hungry. Saras says me too. He says I think that company flat was best, lets take that, Kumud says how to explain you, something was wrong there, I did not feel like home.

She says we will find a good home. Saras asks the agent to take them to a good restaurant. The agent says we can take you to have gujrati food. Kumud says take us to Mumbai food hotel. Saras says the same. The driver says Mumba’s special dish is Vada Pau. Saras and Kumud smile. Anushka shows Kabir’s pics to everyone and they laugh. Kabir comes and gets annoyed. She shows the pic to him and laughs. Everyone laughs. Danny asks Kabir not to be angry and sit with them. Vidyachatur asks Kumud to make tea. Badimaa says she is gone. He says he is missing Kumud and Saras.

Danny says Kusum went to her friend. Anushka says no problem, I won’t let you all miss anyone, I will make tea. Vidyachatur praises Anushka. Kabir reacts and Danny jokes. The agent brings them to a chat stall. They eat Vada Pau. Kumud likes it a lot and misses Kusum. She says I wish everyone was here with us. Saras asks the agent to show them a good house. Anushka dires her hair while Kabir is working. The water drops fall on him. He gets angry and asks what are you doing, I know you do this intentionally. She asks what. He says irritate me. He says I won’t be quiet always.

She asks what did I do. He says you follow me everywhere. She says even I can say this. Her hair stuck in his shirt and she frees it. She takes a scissor and cuts his shirt button. She says take this button and leaves. He says idiot. The agent brings them to a big house with garden. Kumud says we will take house here. The agent says no, not here, there is no flat vacant in this society. He says I have one flat but the house owner does not want to give anyone, its closed since five years, then why to talk to him. She says maybe we can talk to him. Saras says we will take some other flat.

Kumud says we will take flat here. The house owner Prashant coms and greets them asking them to see the flat. The agent asks but Sir are you giving the flat on rent. Prashant says yes, I will give them, see the flat. Kumud smiles.

Kumud cries missing the family and being worried. She asks him to be with her always.

Update Credit to: Amena

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