Sadda Haq 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir runs and snatches the letter. He tells her that he doesn’t need her sympathy, she better save it for her best friend. Sanyu remembers Parth telling her about the letters. Randhir is leaving. Sanyu stops him and asks to show letter. She asks it’s the same letter which he has been sending to Parth, right. Randhir goes in flashbacks and we see him placing all the letters for Parth. Sanyu asks him how he can go that low. Parth is so angry because of those letters. Randhir asks so what he will do if he gets angry? He got angry today too and I saved him from getting suspended. Sanyu asks him how he can take anyone’s personal life as a joke. What if someone writers letters about his mum. Randhir asks her to stop talking about his personal life. She says exactly, and how disgusting it is. He knows Arpita is no more and he’s still doing stuff like this. He doesn’t think how other personal would feel from what he’s doing. He asks why? You also wanted him to forget his past and move on, right? That is why I am doing all this. She says, if you really wanted to help me, then this was not the right way. And why would it even matter to you whether he moves on in his life or no? He says, exactly, you and him.. always in front of eyes. You both just need a reason to be together. Sanyu is shocked. Randhir continues, If she wants to spend so much time with him, then just come to his room. She asks him who he is to talk about like this for her? Her fiance? boyfriend? brother? She tells Randhir that he has no right to question her and Parth’s friendship. And about Parth, yes, she wants him to move on because he’s a really good friend of hers.

Parth comes there. Sanyukta continues, yes, she wants him to forget Arpita and for that whether she sends him letters or do anything, who is Randhir to interfere ? Parth comes there and tells Sanyukta, he took her as his best friend, and what she did ? He asks, how could you, Sanyukta? Sanyukta says, you’re misunderstanding me. He says, I had asked you if you wrote the letter, right? and you still lied. Why? She asks him to listen to her, but he pushes her. Randhir gives a support to Sanyukta. Randhir tells Parth, letters were written by him, not Sanyukta. Both fight, and Sanyukta comes in between. Parth misunderstands Sanyukta, he thinks Sanyukta was too part of Randhir’s letter plan. He warns her not to talk to or interfere in his life anymore. Sanyukta sad thinking about Parth’s state of mind. Parth does all thod-fod in store room to remove his frustration 😐

Prof. Vardhaan shown flying white pigeon. He thinks about Mr. Rao / Pappa (I haven’t seen episode for a quite while. So i hope he was Mr. Rao. Sorry if he isn’t). Parth comes there; and share his grievances with Prof. Vardhaan. Prof. Vardhaan tries to cheer him. Prof. Vardhaan comes to know Parth followed him. Prof. Vardhaan warned him to never repeat it again.

Sanyukta ask for Parth to Jignesh. She says to Jignesh everything is happening cause of Randhir. Meanwhile, Randhir comes there. Randhir ask Jignesh to leave, as he needs to talk to Sanyukta alone. Sanyukta tries leaving, when Randhir stops her. Sanyukta says she needs to find Parth, he will be upset. Randhir ask Sanyukta why are you so concerned about Parth; when Parth doesn’t even care. Sanyukta questions why Randhir is so concerned “Tume kya farak padta hai?. Randhir replies “It’s only my right to torture and bother you. So stop thinking and getting worried about Parth. Samaji?” And leaves from there. Sanyukta is confused with Randhir’s behavior.

Randhir in his Hostel room thinking about Sanyukta. He gets call from his drunk Dad. He tries to tell him about his parents divorce. But before that Randhir disconnects the call. Sanyukta tries calling Parth; but he disconnects and switch off his mobile. Vidhushi ask for Sanyukta’s calculator. Sanyukta ask her to get it from her table. Vidhushi takes Randhir’s letter from Sanyukta’s cupboard. Sanyukta comes to know about the same.

Precap :: Randhir comes to know about his parents divorce. SanDhir hug

Update Credit to: Anysia

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  1. Plz fast!!

    — abt the letters – i am at a loss to u/stand… why r the cv’s showing Randhir as a jerk in turn making us also ******????
    — kahin, parth aur sanyu dhoor – alag hokar, baadh me……???
    — canteen scene — poor Randhir, he is not able to express himself outwardly to sanyu….. his weird feeling……
    — Engg. colleges – there r a couple of months vacation after yly exams, right??? how come our sandhir r not on hols???

    1. I dont think Randhir sent those letters with a bad intention. Maybe he genuinely you know cared for him a little like since Sanyu cared so much about him, he was a little influenced too. He is not a bad guy 🙂 And this is a serial, they are not sometimes very practical (with reference to your holidays in engineering colleges part)

      1. reg lttrs – may be….. he has n wl always b a gud guy to me… i hv never once thought him to be o/wise….. n tht vacation part – thnx….

      2. haha DS i know and just want to say that you listing your views is really cool and kind of gives perspective to the show so keep going on ok 🙂

  3. can anybody tell me y sanyu had installed spy cam in randheer’s room?

    1. that was when both were in 1st year…. she had done so to know Randhir’s plans/activities…… he was the class rep then……. randhir in turn plays a prank on her when he comes to know abt it thro vidushi – he tells sanyu he too has installed one in her room (he does not actually) n sanyu panics….

  4. waiting 4 2morrow

  5. thanx ds

    1. u r welcome…..

  6. Sme 1 read sandir facebook updates

    1. why??? any spl. news??

  7. Do u knw, randhir acted as yudi in parvarish, sony tv… he played a very diff character, a spoilt brat!!!!

  8. Werz dat promo dialogue…wher randhir accuses of parth…tum paiso ke liye arpitha ko pataya…aur ab sanyu ko bhi….

  9. cant wait fr tmrw
    hey any news fr wts gonna hppn?
    i am confused this parth at first was like a goody gudy and now he’s like maan!!!
    and sanyu is still going behind parth leave him alone and spend time wth RS!!!

  10. @ jacie – well i know my views r very lengthy…. i can’t help it at times….
    and as long as it isn’t irritating to others…… i am 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Oh my god! What a precape! Atlast we are going to see for what we were waiting since a long time. Thanx Mr director. Love you both me you Sandhir. I have you parth . Just get out of this couple’s life. Let them be happy. I cant wait anymore for tomorrows episode.

  12. I am waiting for tomorrow

  13. Omg randhir is so concerned about sanyu ..wen do they get to realise their luv for each other…

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