Paanch 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epis starts with rosh on phone talks to nikhil gauti asks wat happnd nikhil asks rosh to track were is transmittor and keep quiet infront of gauti rosh says if gauti doublecrosses her she would never leave him

..gauti leaves rosh says that today is the date when neha di left the house for reagen”s college …she says its 7:30 and she is goin out of hostel but nikhil says no…. rosh says she is alright and cuts the call..Gauti says he wil cme along wid her he dont want to leave her alone but rosh denies gauti recieves the text msg of roy askin if rosh is alone or not gauti calls and hears disturbance in voice call and disconnects…..roy sends txt msg to gauri sayin today he wil kill her..

Gauti comes and informs roy that rosh will be alone at park…roy thanks and says not to inform gauri and zaara about abt dis…gauti gives pepper spray to rosh for safety and says not to stay longer…Rosh leaves for park…Gauti says to himself that he is impressed by roshini and trusts that she is the one who can kill gauri…rosh comes to park and sits on bench..Roy comes from back wid knife and attacks rosh but she defends and safe herself from her hand stick roy falls on ground.. roy gets up and beat roshini on her injured leg he tells that dis time he wont leave her at any cost picks the knife and tries to attack rosh but she sprays..roy again falls on ground and is unable to see anything rosh makes noises roy follows her and falls in manhole…rosh says it was a part of her plan and closes the man hole….Nikhil comes tells all is properly arranged..gauri sees the txt of roy and tells she has already warned him..calls him but its switched off

Roy is exhausted in dark shouts roshini….Zara tracks roy phone and reaches the park where she observes rosh and nikhil eating corn and sitting on bench..On another side roy is fainted and rats attacked him..Zara and gauri comes out of car..zaara asks what they did with roy…gauri says they dont have guts to kill anyone..rosh says if u took some.mre time roy would be killed by some oder reason…zaara says she wil complain to police abt them… nikhil says gauri she is standing on her grave she looks down on manhole and opened it..gauri and zaara calls roy nd takes him out…til that police comes and tells roy that he is under arrest gauri and zaara are shocked..Dean says roy that he is ashamed of suspended of college will.make sure that he wont get admission on any oder kolh…roy says he didnt did anythng and it was rosh who did all this..Police says he find drugs in his room but roy thinks how is that possible stock was over nikhil thinks how he arranged all the drugs in roy”s room and tht was part of her plan..Police arrest roy and take along wid them rosh tells bye…bye….and tells that she had fooled roy by sayin neha di got admission 2years before on dis date as to distract him as on 4th june dere was no admissions..

she gives a chit to gauri..gauri leaves rosh holds zaara”s hand and says to stop and gives a chit sayin now its ur turn gives 2nail sayin only 2ppl are left in your gang and you are the next target..rosh says how she tortured her neha di she wil do the same wid hr nobody is there to safe her as nihal is injured and roy is arrested.. zaara is afraid gauri calls her again and again zaara leaves…..gauri slaps zaara nd tells u come running like dog they would be laughing on us..and goes..zaraa gives the nails to gauri and says she is the nxt target gauri tells nt to be worried til.mornin she wil find out the plan..gauri thinks abt gauti and makes guess that it was gauti who double crossed her and gives the whole information to roshni..

Precap:: Gauri hangs gauti on car and starts and asks he was the one who said rosh abt microphone and gave all the information abt the plans of gang to her…..

Update Credit to: Aiman

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