Saraswatichandra 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud seeing Ghuman’s pic and being shocked. She says where did MAa get this pic from, she is Maa’s friend. She thinks of Saraswati’s words. She says hospital friend, is she her friend, but she is in jail, I don’t think this is right, I have to find out. Its morning, Kumud meets the dictor asks about Ghuman showing her pic. The doctor says yes, she is here. Ghuman Vyas, do you know her. Kumud says no, Maa talks about her a lot, so I wanted to know. The doctor says she is your Maa’s friend, Ghuman lost her mental balance, so she is shifted here from jail, she was treating Saraswati well though it was hard for us to manage her. She asks her to see Ghuman’s state and taker her.

Kumud is shocked to see Ghuman being so mad. Aarti thinks Saras stopped the engagement, but marriage should not be stopped, it should be done soon, I will prepare Kaki for it. Saras comes and says I know what are you thinking. She is shocked seeing him. He says see, you don’t think we are not concerned for you, you came here for taking care of Maa, and this marriage talk started, you took good care of her, so I m very thankful. I know what you are going through, you don’t worry, this marriage will not happen, you take care. She smiles. He says thanks and leaves.

She thinks she will try her best that this marriage happens soon. Saraswati combs her hair thinking about her Chandra’s marriage. Aarti comes to her and asks what are you doing. Saraswati says combing. Aarti says she will do. She asks how is she feeling now. Saraswati says very nice. Aarti combs her hair. She says I showed my kundli to pandit ji and he said its good day to marry today. She says she is not hurrying for marriage, but Kumud can’t be trusted, she can do anything. She says pandit ji said once I come in Saras’ life, his all problems will be gone. Saraswati says yes, I know this.

Saraswati says so we will do Chandra’s marriage today, you go and call someone. Aarti gets happy and stops Badimaa seeing her outside. She says Kaki is calling you. Badimaa asks what happened Saraswati. She says its Chandra’s marriage today, start arrangements. Badimaa says today? And is shocked. Saraswati says yes, its good day today, pandit ji said. Badimaa says listen to me, how can marriage happen today. Saraswati reacts and says no, it will happen today, go and tell everyone. She shouts. Badimaa leaves worried. Aarti thinks Saras should not delay it, I have to do something. She asks Saraswati to take rest. Saraswati rests. Aarti gives her an injection. Saraswati sleeps.

Aarti shouts and says what happened to you Kaki. Saras comes with everyone and asks what happened. Aarti says one min and gives her another injection. She says she fainted, but she will come to senses now in some time as I gave this injection. This happened to her before too. Saras asks but why. She says when she is much happy or much sad, this happens. She says she wants her son’s marriage to happen today. Everyone is shocked. She was much happy thinking this. Saras says today? Badimaa says yes, I explained her a lot, but she was not ready to listen to me, she said marriage will happen today.

Saras says I will talk to her when she comes to senses. Aarti says no, this attack is serious and she can go in coma too if your words hurt her. Everyone get worried. Aarti asks them to go and she will call them when Saraswati comes to senses. Saras says I will stay here. Aarti says no, her breathing is normal, you go, I will take care of her. Aarti thinks work is over by one vitamin injection, I will talk to Ghuman now. Ghuman says what, marriage today? She says this is great, I have to see this, you do anything and free me. Aarti says fine, I will do but its not easy to free you, I will think and tell you. Danny hears this and thinks whats Aarti saying, to free whom.

Kumud is in shock and gets Saras’ call. He says Maa got attack again, don’t worry, Aarti gave her injection and she is better now, she is saying marriage has to happen today. Kumud is shocked. He says I don’t know what to do. He says how to talk to her in this state. She says don’t tell anything, everything will be fine. He asks did anything happen. She thinks how to tell him about Ghuman. She says you said you are only mine and will always be mine always, don’t be afraid, take care of Maa, I will come home in some time. Kumud thinks Aarti knows Maa talks to Ghuman, there is something fishy, but what. What should I do, whom to tell this.

Danny talks to Kabir and Yash that this is happening because of Aarti, but don’t know whom she was talking to. Kabir says we can know if we check her phone. Danny gets Kumud’s call. She says she is in asylum. He is about to say about marriage. She says I know, Saras told me everything. She says I saw Ghuman here. He says what. She tells him everything. Danny thinks about Aarti’s words. He says I can say Ghuman has sent Aarti here. She says how can you say this. He says he heard Aarti talking on phone to free someone. She says what to do. He says come back home, Kabir and I will see what to do. Danny says I thought, she will be away from family and will realize her mistake, but no, she wants to ruin us being in jail. He says he hates her.

Kabir says its important to stop Saras’ marriage and we have very less time, we have to do something. Danny says but till Aarti is here, we can’t stop Saraswati Maa.

Kumud asks Saras to do what Maa wants, trust me, if our love is true, Kanha ji will show some way. He says he knows her love will be always be with him. She hugs him.

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