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Adrij is holding Dhara’s hand and says that your fingers are so beautiful and that I can’t wait for the day that when I will put the engagement ring in those fingers. Dhara asks him if he loves her that much and he says that he does and can’t wait for the engagement day. Vivan and Preet Madam look from different corners of the room. Rohan comes and asks Vivan of whom he is looking and he being frustrated says that he is looking at Miss Fareeda.
Rohan tells him that you take all the frustrations out on me and says that both of the girls are not coming our control. Vivan asks him of what two girls and he replies that yours is Dhara and mine Isha. Vivan says that I don’t know about you but I’m getting my girl. Preet Madam says that how could she understand Dhara and Vivan so incorrectly and if Dhara no longer loves Vivan than what purpose does she have of him. Miss Fareeda says that why don’t you expel Vivan from the mansion he has lived long in the mansion. Preet Madam says that she has spent four years after Vivan and how could she just throw him away.
Miss Fareeda asks Preet Madam if Vivan has made home in her heart as well and that’s why you are not expelling him. Preet Madam says that don’t even start with the debts of my heart as you will never understand them. She says that’s why she has the mirror that was given to her and once someone enters no one comes out. Miss Fareeda says that the mirror belongs with you and I thought that this was just rumors. Preet Madam stands up and says that and you think you know all my secrets.
Vivan is setting the lights for decoration and Dhara comes walking in thanking God as Preet Madam could not her mind in the hotel and that is why try to read her mind here. She says that she has tricked Preet Madam but what if she found out. Vivan sees Dhara walking in and falls down and Dhara comes running to his aid. Dhara asks him if he is Okay, Vivan says that now it’s confirmed you literally find excuses to like me and why do you put up such an act. Dhara says that I don’t know what you are talking about.
Vivan says that she can totally understand him and her inside says something else but she puts up an act to avoid it. Dhara says that she is not acting and actually loves Adrij and if he can’t see it then it’s not her fault. Vivan says that no one can see it as you yourself are lying and that truth potion that Preet Madam applied was just for show as Preet Madam doesn’t know any magic. Dhara says that she has chose Adrij and soon Preet Madam will understand her.
Vivan says to her to stop keeping him away from her but Dhara remembers what the old lady said and so storms off without saying anything else. Miss Fareeda comes and tells Anhymanu to keep Vidhyut away from them. She tells him that Preet has found out that Dhara and Adrij actually love each other and that there won’t be a problem in the marriage and they get the powers of moonstone but just have to be careful about Preet. Adwik says that finally the time has come for Dhara to die.
Dhara comes and says that she is very happy and Preet Madam says that they all are, after all there is going to be a wedding in the mansion after 16 years. Dhara says that she was thinking that she wants everyone to come here and decides to get married after 4 days. Preet Madam agrees with Dhara but Vivan says that she is lying and loves him not Adrij. Vivan goes forward but Adrij stops him and holds Vivan but all of them stop them from fighting.
Abhymanu takes Adrij out for a moment and Preet Madam asks Dhara of whom she loves and she replies that she loves Adrij. Vivan takes Dhara out and says that why you are doing this but Dhara replies that you can’t stop me. Vivan says that if you are afraid of Preet Madam than you don’t as together no one will hurt us. Dhara says that he has to understand as she loves Adrij. Dhara says that she will only marry him. She tells Vivan to stay away from her and that they are no longer kids and that life has changed.
Vivan turns to leave but then looks at the tree and says that love doesn’t change and shows her the love birds. Vivan says to Dhara that they are like these love birds and if they are separated then he would die. He asks Dhara if she would live without him and tells her not to do this. Dhara sits down crying and Vivan says to her that I know better of you than you yourself. Vivan says that I know you are stuck between right and wrong and there no such thing like that in love. He says to her to not to fall in anyone’s words and to do what she wants. He tells her what his Jeju used to say and remembers her of their place. Dhara holds Vivan’s hand and they go to their special place.
They arrive at their place and Vivan remembers what he said and both of them swim to the tree. Vivan says to Dhara that no one will come here, neither Preet Madam nor Miss Fareeda. Adrij and Abhymanu are talking and Abhymanu says that there is no need to waste energy on that boy as Dhara wants to marry you. He says that only in a matter of time this mansion will be ours and all the secrets attached to it and magical powers will be ours. Miss Fareeda tells them of the mirror and Abhymanu explains the boys of its powers. Abhymanu says that all of this will be theirs because of Adrij. Adwik says that he will himself clap for his brother but after the marriage.
Dhara and Vivan are lying on the ground and Vivan says to Dhara to look in his eyes and says that you don’t love me. Vivan says that after his sister and Jeju she is her only life and has been waiting for her since she left. He says that he loved her every day and can’t live without it. Dhara kisses him without saying anything.

Precap: The woman tells Dhara of the book of sorcery and how she used it to escape. Dhara finds the book and performs the steps and Preet senses it and runs around to find who is doing this.

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