Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi makes Pari drink water while Kokila opens her hands. She asks Gopi to bring food for Pari. Gopi brings food. Kokila makes her eat. Hetal comes and is surprised. Kokila asks Gopi to get glucose water. Gopi says ok. Pari smiles and says she is feeling good. She asks, if this tasty food is made daily. She tells her that she did acting. She tells Kokila that you lost the challenge and drinks glucose water. Kokila are surprised. Paridhi asks her to accept her as Jigar’s wife and says it seems you don’t care for his happiness. She tells Hetal that Jigar has become widower now and asks her to accept her.

Kokila shouts at her and says you should feel ashamed. We won’t accept you as Jigar’s wife. You should have some qualities to become Jigar’s wife but you don’t have anything. Paridhi says, you are saying this because you lost from me. Kokila says, it is not over yet. Paridhi says, she has to win Kokila’s heart to stay at home. She thinks she can do anything.

Gopi speaks to Hetal and says she came to see the kids. Hetal says, my son is still awake. I can feel his pain. Gopi says, how can Paridhi be so arrogant. Kokila says we have to search for proofs against Pari. We have to be alert. We will be relieved from that mad Paridhi and she have to leave for forever. Paridhi thinks to do something to win Kokila for lifetime and says from today my mission starts- to win Kokila aunty and her gang. She looks at Jigar’s photo and says she can do anything for his love.

She brings tea for Jigar in the morning. Jigar is shocked to see her and asks her to leave his room. Paridhi asks him to drink tea. Jigar holds her hand and asks her to leave. He asks her to stop her drama. He closes the door. Pari shouts saying her finger got stuck in the door. Jigar opens the door and gets worried. Paridhi smiles. Everyone come there. Kokila tells her to stop her drama. Paridhi asks her to tell what to do? Kokila says, no need to do anything for me. Paridhi asks her to say. Kokila asks her to handle house work today which Gopi does daily.

Paridhi says, Gopi works like a servant and says she is ready to work. She asks her to promise that she will accept her as a bahu. Kokila tells her that Gopi is not a servant, she works realizing her responsibility of a bahu. She asks her to handle home for a day then they may let her stay at home but won’t accept her as Jigar’s wife. Gopi says, but. Kokila asks Paridhi to make breakfast for everyone within 2 hours and gets tiffin ready for kids. Paridhi agrees.

Some tantrik comes to Urmila’s home and tells Kinjal that he came to meet Urmila. Urmila is shocked. He tells her that he knows past, present and future and tells her that he came to relieve her from worries. Dhaval asks him to leave.He tells her that God has sent a special message for her and asks don’t you want to know about your daughter. Urmila is shocked and teary eyed. He tells her that he can get her intouch with Rashi. Urmila is surprised.

Hetal tells Kokila that it seems they have to keep a fast today. Everyone come for have breakfast. Kids asks for tiffins. Paridhi comes and says everything is ready. Everyone are shocked to see the servants coming from the kitchen with food plates in hand. Paridhi smiles. Kokila asks, what is this drama. Paridhi says, this is her first step towards becoming dutiful bahu. She reminds her of her words. Kokila reminds her that she asked her to do the work and not get the work done by the servants. Paridhi says, servants can do the work.

Kokila gets angry as she compares Gopi with servants. Paridhi puts an apple in her mouth. Everyone are shocked. Paridhi says, she got an idea and she called them. Gopi asks Meethi to drop kids till the bus. Gopi says, this is not our house rules. Paridhi says, she has spent much and asks them to have breakfast. Kokila asks them to send servants from their house. Paridhi refuses. Hetal says, we have Meethi for work. Paridhi says, she will give them salary. Parag says, it is not about salary.

Paridhi asks why you are interfering in ladies talk. Kokila shouts at her. Paridhi says, she didn’t think that her sasural will be like this. She wanted her sasural to be perfect. She imagines her sasural. Gopi tells her that their family is good and she increased her troubles. Paridhi refuses to go anywhere.

Paridhi asks Jigar to have breakfast with her. Jigar refuses and is leaving. Paridhi goes to him and hugs him forcibly. Then kisses on his cheek shocking him. Everyone is surprised and shocked.

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  1. Please….please please stop updating about dis flop show…..

    1. Please…. please please stop reading the updates then 😀

  2. I wish this website would offer the option for ZERO stars (like we click on a special zero star and it would show how many people voted this crap as ZERO).

  3. Yackkkk…….stop it ….I can’t bear this paridhi’s over actions….in this serial first of all sister in laws run around their jijus n then jijus n their families around police stations this story is going in a circle where it has neither a end nor a beginning…….it will keep on going like this only until year…..Rashmi sharma productions serials r always like this only running away from the theme….in Saathiya there is no saathiya….n sasural simar ka there is no simar in here sasural……if so why r they keeping the titles so……….n after all I am fed up with this paridhis over actions did they gave any over remuneration are wat that now she was doing over action…… N the thing is I hated the promo of SNS in which kokila was scolding gopi for paridhi…..

  4. This kokila always shouts like a crow gives silly punishments but her manarism shows only build up.why this jigar is calling that stupid paridhi as pari pari.

  5. Really…she isn’t a pari but …a chudail…

  6. Jigar track also should have ended with rashi…..

  7. paridhi is a desperate slag.b*t*h.attention seeker.luv da drama jus h8 dat girl .

  8. what the hell .this serial is out of track .koki always shouting.. and paridhi is a mindless girl…

  9. F**k of dis story

  10. can anyone comment on the seriel – Baawre and let me know your thoughts ??

  11. paridi is not good………..rasi is the best with her kalakaries………pls send out paridi frm sathiya …

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