Saraswatichandra 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ghuman saying he cheated me big time, I got what I wanted. She says Menka did his upbringing to use him against me, and take my property. She says Kabir is waiting for me in London, but his death will reach there, suppose I got a second chance to rectify my mistake. Saras says if anything happens to him, I will kill you. She says I told this to Saraswati too, not I m telling you, Kabir will be taking his last breath after 5 days on his birthday, save him if you can, but if you inform police, you won’t be able to see him for the last time.

She says you did not come out of your mum’s death till now, now you have to bear your brother’s death, from where will you bring such strength, only 5 days and the time starts now. She leaves. Saras and Kumud are tensed. Badimaa says don’t know they met Menka or not. Guniyal says how could Ghuman cheat Saraswati like this and we also did not know, how can Lord do such injustice with her. Vidyachatur says how will Nandu react when he knows this, that the woman whom he gave name, he lost his child because of her. What will happen when he gets consciousness, he regrets Saraswati’s death and now when he knows this, he can’t bear this. Guniyal says now Ghuman can’t do anything. But we feel bad for Danny.

Guniyal says Danny will find hard to see Ghuman like this. Badimaa says Danny should not know this, never. Guniyal says how will we hide this truth from him. Badimaa prays the Lord to give them strength. Saras and Kumud discuss what to do. Kumud says lets go home and talk. Menka stands to take taxi/auto but someone stops her. She is shocked. Saras and Kumud come home. Badimaa sahys I told them everything. Vidyachatur asks did you talk to Menka. Saras says yes, she told us what Badimaa said, my brother is alive.

He says Maa gave birth to him and Ghuman gave him to Daima but Menka saved him. Badimaa asks who is he. Saras says Kabir. Everyone are shocked. Everyone think about Kabir. Vidyachatur says he helped us without any help. Badimaa says he loved us without any condition. He asks why did he come here after so many years and why did he not tell you. Saras tells them everything. He says I can’t stop him as his flight left. Vidyachatur says we have to inform him about Ghuman’s plan. Saras says I will not let anything happen to him. Vidyachatur says maybe Kabir will do anything wrong with Ghuman. Saras says no, I won’t let that happen.

Saras says I will go to UK. Kumud says we will go UK. Vidyachatur says I will book your tickets. Badimaa says we should inform police. Saras says no, she threatened us, she can do anything. Vidyachatur says yes, we have seen what she can do, where is she. Kumud says we met her some time ago, she might be planning something. Kalika tries to hear them. Yash’s mum asks her what is she doing. Kalika says there is something happening inside. Badimaa says we can’t tell this to Yash and his mum and we can’t trust Kalika. Kalika fills Yash mum’s ears. Yash’s mum asks her not to hear anyone’s talk.

Danny comes to them and Kalika hides. He asks Saras did you talk to Menka. Danny is upset that Saras is not telling him anything. Kalika thinks it means there is something about Ghuman. Kalika calls Ghuman and says everyone were talking about you. She says I will find everything and call you. Ghuman ends the call and says everyone might be shocked there, now I have to see what can Saras do to save his brother.

Kalika hears Vidyachatur telling Saras and Kumud that they will get their visa and tickets. Saras says I will not leave Ghuman. Vidyachatur asks him to think about Kabir. Badimaa sees Kalika hearing them and asks what were you doing. Kalika says I came to talk to you so I thought to see from window first. Badimaa asks her to go. Kalika leaves. Badimaa comes to Saras and Kumud. Saras says I want to see Kabir fine once. He says the brother’s pic will be complete when we get Kabir. Vidyachatur says sure, I will make you three’s pic.

He asks Saras to take rest as they have to leave tomorrow. He asks him to trust Lord as nothing will happen to Kabir. Saras hugs a pic and says Maa my little brother is alive. He says what did you go through when you found your baby was dead. He says now I promise I will not let anything happen to him. Kumud sees Saras upset and says you did not have food, atleast have tea, please. Saras is tensed thinking about Kabir.

Kumud holds him and says nothing will happen to Kabir. He says you take rest for some time. Kalika calls Ghuman and says Saras and Kumud are going abroad but I don’t know where. Ghuman smiles and says I know where they are going, the game started now.

Kabir lands in UK. Saras calls him and tells him your life is in danger, go to any safe place fast. Kabir is injected and kidnapped by Ghuman’s goons.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  2. good turning point, but why director send them to london, instead he chose indian site to promote local tourism through it.
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