Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem goes to the electricity office. The peon says sir is busy. The peon goes in and the officer says don’t let the member of bharadwaj family let it. Keep him waiting. Prem is waiting. The peon says he is busy today thats why its taking so long. Simar calls him. He tells her that he is still waiting.

Scene 2
Anurag says good morning to Jhanvi. He gets a call from hospital. He says I have to. Just rest I will call you later. Bhagti over hears them and says Anurag is going to be mine. Till this competition she won’t be close to him. Bhagti asks jahnvi why is she so worried ? Jhanvi says I am in hospital for whole day and anurag is in hospital whole night. We don’t get to spend much time together. Bhagti says how about you taking lunch for him. jhanvi says yeah thats a good idea. Bhagti later says to shanti that how about asking anurag here to have lunch. Shanti says yeah thats better. Bhagti says so he will be here and jhanvi will be alone with lunch in the office.

Scene 3
Simar and roli come to the office. Simar says we were so worried about you. Prem asks peon where is he ? Peon says he is still busy. Prem gets angry and goes in to the office without permission. He sees him enjoying his tea. Pre, say this is how busy you are. Simar stops him and says let me talk. Siamr asks the office what happened to their compalin? he says I we are considering it. Go back to home we will send the worker there.
The officer calls birju and says they have left don’t worry no bulb will ever glow in bharadwaj house. So I just now need the butter.
Prem and Simar over hear him. Prem goes in anger. he says I have juwala’s support no one can do me any harm. Prem is so bugged. Simar asks him to leave there is no benefit of it.
They go out in disappointment. Juwala comes there. She says wow I saw you guys. Wha are you doing here at the electricity office ? Do you need some help ? How is the answer ? They run as I direct. You still have time. Leave bharadwaj house. I will arrange a new house for you. Simar we don’t bow down to injustice. Roli says we will use generators but will never give up. Simar says you will nevr win from us.

Scene 4
Everyone is sick of the hotness. Khushi thinks what will happen now. She says Juwala must have done this. Mausi ji asks what are you thinking ? Mata ji asks how are aarav and anjali ? Suajta says they are so worried. uma says the milk has spolied and so do the vegetabels. Mata ji says they have gone to talk electricity will be back soon. Simar comes in and says no. Roli says juwala has done this to us. Sid says I went to arrange the generators he must be coming. Sid gets a call from the generator man. He says al the generators are booked for the rally of juwala. Everyone is so worried. Khushi says let me do something. Mata ji says no you won’t go anywhere. She says please let me go I wanna do something. Prem says we have to do something. Mata ji allows her but says that simar will go with you.

Scene 5
Bhagti is so happy that anurag must be coming. Anurag comes in and looks for jhanvi. He asks where is she ? Bhagti says I don’t know. I went to the market. She was sleeping at that time. Why don’t you call jhanvi. He calls jhanvi and asks where is she ? He says I came to home to surprise you. Jahnvi says i came to hospital to surprise you. He says you should not have gone. I am so sorry. She says I will come to home. Anurag says but I have to go to the hospital in one hour but don’t worry I won’t go without meeting you.

Scene 6
Simar and khushi go to the office. khushi asks simar to stay out. khushi says please do something our hous es out of electricity. I live in bharadwaj house. Khushi says just do it. I will give you double money. He says okay I will handle the matter personally. Go home electricity will reach there before you. Khushi comes out and says he has agreed. Simar is so happy. Simar calls khushi and tells her that the officer has agreed. Simar and khushi come home. Mausi ji asks what magic did you do ? Khushi says I just.. Suddenly police comes in and the officer s with them. He says she is the one who tried to give me bribe. Inspector says Khushi bhradadwaj we arrest you because you tried to bribe a government office.

Precap- Uma tells pari that the organizers of bahu no 1 called and saod that the next round’s shooting will be at our place. The are so worried. Simar says there is one way to get the electricity back. She shows on laptop the way how to produce electricity from solar energy. She says the battery is low lets note down the method. Suddenly tha laptop switches off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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