Madhubala 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhu coming to Dolly. She talks to the Lord and says someone is saying RK will not come back and there will be mourning in evening. She says I trust you, I did not go to hospital as I m sure you will send RK to hospital, I wore this red dress as I trust that this white saree is not for me, either I will break today or you. Dolly says the moon will be coming out now, pray for RK’s life praying to Lord. Madhu leaves. Sweety tries to see the moon. Leela asks her not to do over drama.

Gopi tries finding about RK. Madhu comes there and lights the diya. Abhay comes and taunts her. He says your moon will not come, but sink. He says it will be good if you don’t waste time here and see RK for the last time in the hospital. Madhu says you think about yourself, don’t worry about me, if RK comes, he will not leave you. Sweety sees the moon and is glad. She asks Abhay to come and stand infront of her. Sweety, Dolly and Madhu does the rituals of Karwachauth. Abhay gifts Sweety a costly necklace and she is very happy.

Madhu looks at the moon and she is upset. She then sees RK coming to her. She is shocked. She smiles. RK walks like a hero. Everyone are shocked to see RK. RK says Madhubala, have water. Leela says how did this happen. RK makes Madhu drink water. Madhu is shocked to see him talk like a normal man. RK taunts Abhay. Madhu smiles and thinks RK came, I got everything. RK asks her not to cry as he loves making people cry.

RK says lets tell Abhay Kapoor how to cry. Madhu smiles and drinks water by his hands. RK stops Madhu and says I came walking from hospital and I m sweating, all this later. She asks what happened to you. He says you are my queen and I m your king. He says we will talk later, first lets deal with Abhay. He asks Madhu to deal with Abhay first. Madhu taunts Abhay for giving her white saree and says Lord has answered you, don’t challenge any woman from next time.

RK whistles hearing her lines. RK shows a knife to Abhay.RK says heroic lines. Madhu asks what is all this. Abhay says it looks like medicines affected you a lot, you are mad. RK says shall I show you madness, I can lift you and throw you down, you won’t know. He says I did not come to kill you but to thank you for hitting me with that tempo. Everyone are shocked. RK says see my brain got hurt and I became fine, I became Raja from Raju. RK hugs Abhay and thanks him.

He asks Sweety does she have any white saree, go and bring it. Sweety is tensed. RK says you will need it in some time. Abhay says if you remember so much, I m sure you will remember how you were jumping like a joker in my birthday, what do you think, your knife will scare me, this is my house, I have security guards, lets see your guts, wait here. RK says he might have gone to bring a gun.

RK cuts the apple and asks Madhu to eat it. He says you don’t know him. He says you don’t know me, Raja does not get killed by gun, but by Rani’s love and I m killed by your love. Abhay brings a gun and aims at RK. Everyone are shocked. The gun does not work. Abhay is puzzled. RK takes the gun from Abhay’s hand and takes out the bullets. He loads it again and shoots in the air. Madhu thinks RK knows to use gun. RK says I want to see fear on your face.

He says as you have made me walk on the railing. He aims at Abhay’s head and asks him to sit. RK makes Abhay fall. Everyone look on. RK says this is when I was hurt as I fell from stairs. RK makes Abhay fall in Madhu’s feet. Everyone are shocked.

RK makes Abhay stand on the stool to hang him. He says you will be killed by someone who opens the door.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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