Saraswatichandra 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud being shocked seeing how Kusum decorated the room. She steps out of the room and asks whats all this. Kusum smilingly goes inside the room and turns to see Kumud. Kusum says this is my Saraswatichandra. (Gone mad totally!!) Kumud says what are you saying. Kusum says can’t you see, see by my eyes, you will see him everywhere. She says you will see him in that peacock feather, in this kamarbandh, in this shirt, in everything, I feel him. She says if I burn all this, still that feeling will be in me, and if you can take him away from me, then take this things with you. She says there things are not useful for me, without Saras, I have only his feelings and he is only with you.

Kumud says don’t say this, stop it. Kusum says I won’t do anything,

I have hurt you a lot, right, and till I m alive, I will hurt you, only I m in between you and Saras, you were doing a big sacrifice right, but not anymore. Kusum locks the door from inside and Kumud says Kusum listen to me, open the door. Kusum throws the kerosene all over the room. Kumud sees the oil coming out of the room and shouts Kusum open the door. Kusum burns the room and says now you are free Didi. Kumud says don’t be mad, you can’t do this, you promised me.

Kusum says I can’t go away from Saras, but I can’t come in between you, I will prefer dying rather than accepting anyone else. She says if you were not there, Saras would have been only mine. She says when you see Saras, you will think of me, you would have saved me, but you chose Saras not me. Kumud says I did not choose Saras, I chose you, we have not accepted our happiness because of you, open the door. Kusum is worried seeing the fire and says Didi and tries to save herself. She shouts Didi and screams. Kumud is tensed and thinks what to do.

Kusum is unable to breath and faints. Kumud breaks the mirror of the door of the room and sees Kusum lying in the fire. She opens the door and sees fire everywhere. Kumud cries and tries to save Kusum. She runs to Kusum and stops the fire by her hands. (Poor Kumud!!) Kumud pulls Kusum out of the fire and asks her to open her eyes. She hugs Kusum and brings water and puts it on her face. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. He tries to put off the fire. Kusum coughs and wakes up. Kumud says nothing will happen to you Kusum. Kusum sees Saras in the fire and looks at him.

Saras comes to Kusum and asks how did this happen, are you fine. He sees Kumud crying and sees her hand burnt and asks tell me. Kumud is in a trauma. Saras hugs her. Kusm gets angry seeing them. Danny ends his work at Kumud’s house. Badimaa brings tea for him and asks him to leave after having it. Danny drinks it and his phone rings. He says its Saras. Saras gives him the update and Danny is shocked. Danny says what, fire. Badimaa is shocked to hear this.

Saras is caring for Kumud’s hand. He says are you much hurt. She cries. He says it might be, as you are so silent, I have not seen you like this before, speak up, fight with me, say something. He cries seeing her crying. She looks at him and says I made even you cry. He says what. She says what did I do, with you, with Kusum. Saras says with Kusum? You saved her life risking your life. She says if I was not there, this would have not happened. She cries and says Kusum is unable to live her life.

She says I have made Kusum stand at this phase of life. Saras says don’t say this, Kusum is with us today because of you. She says is Kusum alive or did I erase her, I have to go far from her, very far. She says this is the only way. If I m not here, everything will be fine. Saras says Kumud, take rest now, we will talk in the morning. He makes her rest and leaves.

Everyone come to Saras’s house shouting Kusum and Kumud. They ask where are they. Kusum says I m here, I m fine. Badimaa asks about Kumud. Saras says her hand burnt, the doctor saw her, he said she will be fine. Vidyachatur asks how did this happen. Saras says I don’t know, I came here and saw Kumud pulling Kusum out of the fire. Kusum tells everyone that the power went and Kumud made the fuse right. I saw fire in my room as a curtain caught fire, I fainted and I don’t know the rest. Saras asks how did Kumud’s hand burn. Kusum says my saree caught fire and maybe Kumud has put off the fire.

Everyone speak in Kumud’s favor praising her. Saras says we can’t meet her now as the doctor said she should not be in any stress and should rest. Badimaa says fine, we will go back now. Vidyachatur asks Saras to take care of Kumud. Everyone leaves. Kusum is relieved as everyone believed her fake story. Saras goes to Kumud and Kusum looks at him. (Kusum’s Shamelessness at the peak today!!)

Saras thinks. Kusum comes to her room and cries. She sees her hand burnt and hurts herself and shouts. Saras hears her scream. Danny comes to her and she thinks its Saras. She is shocked to see Danny. Danny says Saras has given this ointment and applies it to her hand. Kusum is still going mad. Danny asks Kusum to rest and call him if she needs anything. He leaves. Kusum takes the ointment and throws it. Kalika comes to her and asks how are you. Kusum says did you not go. Kalika says I had to come back with food, Badimaa has sent this.

Kalika says only I understand whats in your heart, tell me the truth about the fire. Kusum says I told about the candle. Kalika says how can it be, I got this kamarbandh when I was cleaning the room. Kusum takes it and says maybe it fell, I was wearing it and asks Kaika to leave. Kalika says fine and leaves. Kusum closes the door. Kalika smiles and says I will find out now about the fire.

Saras asks Danny did you see Kumud as she is not in the room. Everyone are trying to find Kumud showing her photo in the village.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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