The Buddy Project 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 30th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 30th December 2013 Written Update

Both RV and KD get into a fight with their respective gangs and instead both gets beaten up by the gangs
At the party Panchi worries if something isn’t going wrong with KD and RV, Kiya wishes nothing happens in this new year, Piddhi tells them he will go check as he is anyways good at spying, Panchi stops him saying that JJ strictly told them to stay here, Piddhi says he isn’t going to do lungi dance there he will just go check and he will come back right away, Kiya tells him to go but be careful
Piddhi sneaks out as JJ is busy talking to Sophia and Dean
The Chillar gang picks up their hockey sticks and starts beating up KD, Piddhi comes there and tries to stop them but instead gets hit and faints, RV and KD both start fighting off their gangs,

RV and Dhakkan gang move to the room where KD and Chillar gang are
At the party a girl comes announcing that there’s a fight going on between Dhakkan and Chillar gangs, Kiya and Panchi were about to leave when JJ stops them and tells them to stay here, Dean worries how they will stop this, JJ tells him to calm down, the girl tells JJ to hurry as they are going mad hitting each other with bottles and rods, JJ tells everyone to stay where they are and asks Sophia to gather all teachers and asks the Dean to see that no one leaves the venue
JJ turns to the crowd to see Kiya Panchi missing and runs out
Kiya and Panchi head to the room the gangs are fighting, both get shocked seeing KD and RV getting beaten up, Panchi runs towards RV and tries to move away the guys and Kiya runs to KD and tries to stop the guys hitting KD but instead both get thrown away, Panchi sees a rod beside her and picks it up, Kiya sees a tubelight and takes it and both the ladies hit one of the guys(2 James bond ki 2 heriones), the guy Panchi hits turns and instead walks towards her with the rod in his hand and is about to hit her when JJ stops him and hits him
JJ tells Panchi he told her not to come here, Panchi tries to say something but JJ shouts her to leave right now, Panchi looks at RV and leaves off
On the other hand the guy Kiya hits advances towards her but JJ saves her hitting the guy with a hanging tire, JJ tells her to leave but she asks him to let her stay, JJ shouts to leave and she looks at KD and leaves (JJ pakka in dono ki dhulayi karega baad mei)
Kiya wakes Piddhi up and takes him out of the room
JJ tells everyone to stop fighting but no one hears, some guys in suit come up and tries to stop them, Dean comes in and is shocked, JJ takes out a gun and shoots upwards to stop them fighting(serisusly for one sec i thot JJ became some spy or sumthing the way he took the gun out), everyone looks shocked towards JJ
JJ tells them enough of this nonsense, while Dean tells them to go for first aid, KD and RV still look at JJ shocked and then starts walking out with others
Dean shouts at JJ that everytime he comes he creates chaos and he had a wrong opinion about his students who are no different than those hooligans, Dean tells him he is very disappointed in the buddies and even JJ
Panchi and Kiya tend RV and KD, while Piddhi tells them he tried to save KD but someone hit him and he fainted
JJ comes there and says luckily he had the gun and was able to stop this fight otherwise their condition would have been worse and asks them what were they thinking, Kiya says to JJ to see how much they hit them, JJ tells her to shut up and says he asked these two the questions so they should be answering
KD tells him they started the fight first what could they do, they just tried to protect themselves and plus they were even giving personnel comments, RV also says they said terrible things about Panchi, JJ asks them what did he send them there for
KD says to resolve the fight calmly by talking, JJ exclaims he remembers but what did they do instead, KD tells him they were misbehaving with them and they had to respond, RV tells him that it was their fault they didn’t want to fight, JJ says they even have excuses for all of their msitakes and tells them he sent the two thinking they were sensible ad mature enough but they couldn’t even control their anger so how are they different from those guys
He turns to Piddhi and asks him what was he trying to do there, Piddhi starts saying he was trying to save KD but JJ tells him off how long is he going to run behind KD bhai and RV bhai and asks him to take a stand of his own, even though he loves his buddies and respects them but to think about himself too
He then turns to Kiya saying how could she hit someone with a tubelight, and the guy didn’t get hurt but he could have been also killed, and if he wasn’t there in time then she would be knowing what danger was she in, he then turns to Panchi and says he thought she was the most matured and understanding off all of them but she failed, he asks her why did she have to go fight in between those drunk guys, he tells her if that rod did fall on her which he stopped he wouldn’t have been here but in the ICU scolding her
Kiya says but they just did what they thought at that time, JJ says that means they will start fighting as its an easy path and there’s no need to use the brains also(hahaha love ke liye kuch bhi karega), JJ sighs and says he is surprised and ashamed, he thought his buddies have matured and become understanding and taking their own decisions, and maybe they could even help him a little but he is wrong again
He tells them they made him realize first project isn’t over yet, he hopes they really grow up soon which he doesn’t feel so will happen and leaves off disappointed at them
JJ outside is thinking about Princi’s words again and again, while the buddies think everything is messed up again, Panchi tells them they should go apologise to JJ, Piddhi agrees with her
The buddies head to JJ who wishes them a Happy New Year, Panchi wishes him back and says Sorry, JJ says no he should be apologizing as he disappointed all of you, Kiya tells him not to say like that and says they know they were wrong and they will do anything to make it up to him, Piddhi says he should have listened to him and apologizes, KD says he doesn’t know how to control his anger and apologizes about it, RV apologizes and tells him not to be angry with them
KD says its was all his fault if he would have controlled his anger it wouldn’t have reached this point, RV tells him no he is the one at fault as he organized the party and even he got angry, all of them ask JJ for forgiveness
JJ places matchboxes one above another and throws a small stone over it, the top two matchboxes fall off he pick it up and puts them back again and hits the stone again but the two matchboxes shift a little but doesn’t fall (Uh-Oh something coming to shake the buddies up again!!)
JJ to the camera: Wish you a happy new year, this time it will be interesting to watch the game he will play what will be the results of it, now the buddies look weak and with the new character he is going to introduce its going to be interesting to watch them together(WOOAAAHHH Bring it onOld feeling wapis aaying)

Precap: A car arrives at Imperial, a guy gets out with a ponytail and it’s the guy who looks like Samar but with a new look

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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