Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Nettu and Sahil along with Prem arrive at the chowl. Kamla says you have made the right decision finally. Nett7u says this is the problem with you poor people. Like the way you proved us all fake now I will prove you. You are liar. I will tell them all that you are a liar. Pakiya says she doesn’t need to lie. This is our place. Go from here. Kamla says we have proofs that they are not the sign of Singhaniya. Prem says then I will say that the signs you have are fake. Kalpi says what will still be the proof that the deal signs are right. Prem says that is your head ache to prove. Prem calls some guy. Sahil says he is that magistrate in front of whom Singhaniya signed the chowl. Nettu says they will send the written statement to the court. You have deceived them all too. You will finally be out of our lives too. You all have only 30 hours. Before that save you left respect it would be better for you. This property will be ours after that. Everyone is in tears. Manda says look our chowl has gone from our hands. Why did she stop us why did she make us all watch dreams. Where will we live now. She is crying hard. Mangesh says to Vitthal don’t lose the courage. Kamla says the fight hasn’t ended. Kalpi asks what can we do ? Kamla says by being united. We are the wall in front of our walls. Kalpi says court wants proofs Ai.

Paki comes there and says I am here Kamla maa. I am your daughter then I will be with you in this fight. Kalpi thinks wow you have smile on your face now Ai. but I will fight with you so you could understand that I am you actual daughter.

Scene 2
Kamla asks paki why is she here so late. She says I got that Nettu lied to me but you never called me either. I tried to call you a million times. You were going through so much but never told me. Is a mother like that ? Kamla says yes no parents want to see their children in trouble. Kamla says I don’t you to choose one of us that’s why i didn’t call you. Paki says but I will be on your way maa. I am with you. Kalpi is listening to all of this. kamla says you are my real daughter. Tell me how you got to know about all of this. She says I confirmed that dharminder uncle has left the job. Massi heard that nettu has offer registrar 1 crore for lying. He told me and left the job. Kamla says you have won my heart. Your presence here is a blessing for all of us. We won’t lose now.
Kalpi says to Vitthal i want Ai to win this. Vitthal says truth always win daughter. She hugs him.

Scene 3
Paki is sleeping with Kamla maa. She says tell me some story. Kamla says you are not a kid anymore. She says but i will always be your daughter. Kamla says i don’t remember any story. She says let me sing something. She sings ‘guriya raani, pariyo ki nagri’, Kamla sings along her. Kalpi is looking at her. She remembers how kamla used to neglect her in the childhood in same way. She is in tears. Kamla falls asleep too. Kalpi is in tears. She can’t sleep.

Precap-Kamla asks Pakiya to bring kalpi upstairs. Pakiyta comes back and tells her that she is not there. Kamla wonders where is she then.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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