Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika saying Parul is not doing this right, its because of you, jai is goinng away from me, if I make you away from jai then. Ketki comes to her and asks her what are you thinking. Dipika cries and hugs her. Dhara thinks about Guru ji’s words. She thinks about Ketki and Dipika’s words and taunts. She thinks about jai’s final decision and Parul’s attempt to make jai agree. Dhara says jai’s happiness matters to me, I want to see him happy and safe. She says jai won’t be happy with me ever. She says Dipika was right, maybe jai loves Dipika. She says how did he agree to marry me. She talks to Kishan ji asking him to show her some way.

jai comes to Dhara. He asks do you want to marry me. She is shocked. He says Parul

wants this and even Guru ji told this, but I want to know your decision, do you want to marry me or not. Dhara does not answer. He says we can’t do anything now, I promised mum that I will marry you. He says I can understand, even you don’t want to marry me as I don’t want to marry you. He says there is one way to come out of this. He says Dhara, will you support me, you can say no to Parul as you have not promised her. He asks her to say no to everyone for this marriage.

He asks her to pack her bag and come outside of the house. She asks why. He says come out silently, no one should know about it. Ansubaa and Karsan are thinking to start the marriage preparations. Dhara is leaving with her clothes bag. Ansubaa asks Parul to bring jai’s kundli. Parul says ok and goes. Dhara thinks why is jai asking me to come outside the house. Parul sees Dhara leaving and stops her. Dhara looks stunned. Parul asks where are you going. Parul asks whats in this bag. Dhara says my clothes.

Parul asks where are you going. Dhara says I was going to wash my clothes. Parul says at this time, the water is very cold now, wash tomorrow. Parul says I m your mum in law now, don’t be afraid of me. Parul smiles and leaves. Its night, Dhara comes out of the house and sees jai. jai talks to someone on phone and says we are leaving from here now. jai sees Dhara and says don’t be afraid, nothing will happen, come. She sits in his car and they leave.

Everyone at home are talking about marriage preparations. Ansubaa asks Parul is Dhara ready for this marriage. Parul says yes. Ansubaa says talk to her again. Parul says Dhara does not have any problem with this decision. Ansubaa insists. Parul says I will go and ask her now. Ansubaa says its night now, talk to her in the morning but before the pandit comes. Parul says fine.

jai and Dhara are on the way. jai sees Dhara and she says where are we going. He says jamnagar and we are not going, only you, as I don’t want you to put your life at stake. She says but….. He says I don’t believe this, I don’t want you to ruin your life, you have to decide whether you want to marry me or not. Dhara says how should I tell you that I want to marry you to save your life. jai says I know you are marrying me to save me. Dhara says if Parul comes to know then. jai says don’t worry, I will take care. jai says you will reach jamnagar tomorrow, I made all the arrangements. He says this is my friend Vimal, he will drop you to jamnagar. He says don’t worry, I will call you back home after everyone forgets Guru ji’s words.

Dhara says is it important for me to go. He says yes, I know you are worried about Nanku, don’t worry I will tale care of him. Dhara cries. jai asks her to leave. Na kuch pucha…………… na kuch maanga, tune dil se diya jo diya…………………… tujh me rab dikhta hai…………………… plays…………..Dhara thinks about her and jai’s moments. jai looks at her. Vimal takes Dhara with her. jai wishes Kishan ji to keep jai safe. jai comes back home and thinks Dhara will reach jamnagar tomorrow but what will Dhara do staying alone, I hope she manages everything alone.

Vimal stops at a dhaba to get freshen up. Dhara sees Murli and hears his voice. She is happy to see Murli. Murli smiles seeing her. Dhara thinks of their last meeting. She comes out of the car and greets him. She talks to him and says you have helped us a lot. She asks how are you here. He says I came to help my friend, I will go after my work ends. He says how come you are alone, where is jai. He asks her about her problem. He gives her tea and she says I don’t want this. He insists and says have it, I made it by my hands.

Dhara tells him everything that happened with jai in past few days and what Guru ji said. He asks what do you want. She says I want to save his life. Murli says marry jai. Dhara says how can I marry him, I feel he is my Lord. He says its a good chance to serve him. Dhara says there is no match between us and this relation will be only for seven months. Murli says I think the one you preach, you should help him and save his life. Murli guides her and asks her to think by heart. He says Kishan ji has selected one way for you and you should follow it. He smiles. Dhara looks at him.

Parul and everyone are worried as Dhara is missing. jai is tensed. Dhara comes back and jai is shocked to her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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