Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam trying to talk to Vidya but Vidya does not respond to her. Poonam goes to sleep and hugs the shawl which Akash gifted her and says Akash…….. Akash wakes up and says yes Poonam. Deewanepan ki hadh dil samaj nai paaye…………… plays……………. Akash says I don’t know how you are. Poonam says you were right, this place is something fishy, I m feeling alone. He says yes, this loneliness is troubling me. Poonam says you are my strength, but you are not with me, I m missing you a lot. Akash hugs her photo and says I miss you a lot. Both of them cry. Tune banai meri duniya O saathi……………. plays……………….

She wears the shawl and Ye jiya na lage na……………… mere piya……………… plays……………

Poonam and Akash look at the sky and smile. Poonam hears someone’s phone ringing and goes to check. Its Sagar talking to the lawyer Prakash asking him to save him and admitting his sins. He asks Prakash to meet him outside the ashram. Saras leaves. Poonam goes to his room and checks some file and documents. She says I don’t understand anything, there is nothing here. Someone is coming and she thinks of hiding. Its Sagar, he is shocked to see that someone was in his room. He looks at the cupboard and goes near it. Poonam’s photo falls and Akash is worried saying Poonam are you fine, are you in some difficulty, what to do, how to find out.

He wished to the Lord that Poonam is safe. Saras opens the cupboard but Poonam is not there. Sagar says there is something wrong here. Poonam is hiding under the bed. He steps on her hand and she controls her scream. He leaves. Poonam comes out and is relieved. Sagar does not see her. She sees Saras again and is tensed. Saras is still trying to find out. Akash’s shawl saves her, she thanks Akash for saving her. She says you always protect me and be with me, thanks.

Its morning, the women are having a talk. Parulben is missing her bahu. Ambika says its final task tomorrow, then we will be at our homes. Everyone are called by the sage and they go to meet him. Poonam talks to Vidya and asks her what she is hiding. Vidya is silent. Poonam insists. Vidya acts rude and leaves. Poonam talks to the inspector and Sagar hears them and thinks what is Poonam upto. He comes to Poonam and says the sage is calling you, you should not be late. The inspector asks Poonam to leave. Poonam looks at Sagar and leaves.

Everyone are mourning over Tanya’s death. The sage it will our tribute to Tanya if we continue this competition. Poonam comes and says you are right, I m sorry for coming late. The sage tells them about today’s task and says you have to answer my questions and its a buzzer round. Everyone takes their positions. Poonam asks Vidya are you fine. Poonam sees Saras is applying an ointment on his wound.

Akash and everyone are watching the competition at home. Akash is relieved to see Poonam. The sage’s questions begin and the women answer him. Everyone are happy with Poonam’s answers. Even the sage agrees with her. Everyone clap for Poonam. Everyone are happy with Poonam. Sagar looks on. Poonam smiles. Everyone are smiling at home. Kanno is jealous. Akash taunts her and everyone laughs. Poonam sees that Vidya is tensed seeing Sagar. Poonam says I don’t agree with Parulben’s answer. Everyone look at Poonam.

Poonam gives her opinion. The sage says you mean my decision was wrong? Poonam says no and defends her opinion. The sage says enough, you answer me now. Poonam tells the importance of Havan. Mangla says I wish the sage finds Poonam’s answer right. The sage looks at Poonam.

The sage asks the inspector about the murderer. The inspector says we got an important proof. Sagar is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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