Saraswatichandra 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur saying Kumud and Saras are going different ways now. Badimaa says yes, we all were together since many days. Saras tells Kumud you will be able to do it, give your hand. He makes a smiley on her palm. She smiles seeing it. They hold hands. He says I will always be with you now. Kumud nods yes and asks him to take care. She says eat and sleep on time. He says yes teacher ji. Danny brings the car. Saras says come. Danny looks on. Kumud cries and…. Saras takes her to the car. Music plays…………….

They have an eyelock and a hug. Danny smiles seeing them. Saras says I will miss you. Kumud leaves. Saras comes inside the house and to his room. Saras misses Kumud and sits to work. Kabir comes to him. Saras says I m not going Mumbai. Kabir asks why. Saras says till the school incident happened, I m feeling strange, I m thinking am I doing right going Mumbai, now I thought I should not go to Mumbai, I did not to go with Kumud, as I have to take care of the school. Till principal and Kumud come back, I have to be here, this is more important.

He says I mailed my client that I will come after one week, I will go with Kumud. Kabir asks does she know this. He says if she knows this, she will come back. Kabir says you are doing right. Laxminandan comes and says there is love behind husband wife fight. He says a husband has to support his wife in tough times. Saras says I have to go school now. Laxminandan says I m going Dubai. Saras asks why suddenly. He says I have to go. Saras says you are not well, don’t go. Laxminandan says I m fine, take care that Kumud’s school should not be shut. Saras says it won’t and smiles.

The parents beat the cook. Saras comes and cools them. He says the innocent should not be punished. They get angry on the cook. Saras says the sample report came and he can’t be blamed. The police comes. Saras says I came here for the school matter. The parents complaint against the cook. The inspector says we can’t arrest him without any proof. The cook says I did not do anything and asks Saras to save him. Saras says they are taking you for questioning, nothing will happen, go. The teachers tell that the cook has done this.

They say no one has the benefit except him, we are facing the problem because of his. Saras says when the truth comes out, you will know all of it. He says we will check the items at the godown, call me if you need anything. Saras leaves. Laxminandan meets everyone and is leaving. He says I came from Dubai to win my one son’s heart and now I m taking my three son’s love. Kabir hugs him and says take care. Danny looks upset. Laxminandan comes to him and asks whats this, you did not say bye to me before. Danny hugs him and cries. Laxminandan says the bad has ended, keep the good in memories.

Saras comes and Laxminandan asks what happened in school. Saras says investigation is going on. Everything will be fine. Laxminandan says take care of yourself and your brothers. Laxminandan hugs Saras and leaves. Kusum gets Anushka’s call and says I will identify now seeing you, I will come to take you, I have taken everyone’s permission, you just come. Kusum tells everyone that Anushka is feeling will anyone have a problem. Vidyachatur says we get happy having guests. Badimaa says lets make tea, come Kusum.

Kumud calls Vidyachatur and gives the updates. He gives her strength. She asks about Kumud, did he reach Mumbai. Saras signs him not to say anything. She asks what are you saying. Saras says I m not here. Vidyachatur says the same. Saras asks him to end the call and calls Kumud. Saras talks to Kumud and says I m at home. She asks home, new one, how is it. He says very nice, I m missing you. They have a talk. Vidyachatur smiles. She is worried about the school. He says everything will be fine, you worked really hard for the school. She ends the call.

She looks at the smiley and touches it. Vidyachatur says you did not say her that you are keeping your seven promises. Saras smiles and thinks sorry Kumud, I lied, but I will make everything fine till you come back. He gets ready and Kabir comes to him. Kabir says I will help you in school matter. Saras says no need, go to factory, there is no order there. Kabir says Danny is there, I will help you. Saras says do one thing, I will call you if I need help. Kabir says fine, don’t think you are alone. Saras says I know, go factory now. Kabir leaves. Saras smiles.

Kumud and the principal come to meet Shukla. They come to know he is going away for two days. Kumud thinks she has to stay here for more three days.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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