Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu says Avinash/Angad that he did big mistake by bearing a child like Samaira. He should be ashamed that his daughter tries to lure married men. Avinash asks what rubbish she is talking about. Madhu says Samaira is having an affair with Aditya. Avinash says Samaira cannot to that. Madhu says she saw Samaira in a hotel room bed with Aditya. Avinash asks Mohanto to control his daughter, he will do something. Madhu says she will screw him and Samaira now. Mohanto asks Madhu to keep her mouth shut. Madhu asks Mohanto to kick Avinash and his daughter out. Mohanto says he still takes decisions of his house and will not let Avinash go out of his house. He apologises Avinash on behalf of Madhu. Madhu asks again to kick them out. Mohanto says he saw the truth on news channel and he saw her misbehaving with Samaira. Madhu says he did not see the truth and says she will screw Samaira now. Mohanto says Jai was right that you are returning to your old arrogant behaviour. Aditya comes there and asks Madhu how can she do it to him and says she called Samaira and him in the hotel and then called media. Mohanto asks to reply. Madhu asks what proof Aditya has. Samaira says she has a proof and shows her flight tickets. She says she was about to go to Mumbai, but go a call from her office saying that Madhu wants to meet her in a hotel. Aditya also backs Samaira. Madu holds Aditya’s collar and asks him to say the truth that she saw him in bed with Samaira. Aditya asks her to stop rubbishing and says he tolerated all these days as he did not want to fight with her, he says how to prove her that he loves her. Madhu slaps Aditya. She says Aditya not to misbehave with him again.

Madhu angrily sits alone in a dark room. Madhu comes there and asks if she accepted her defeat and reminds her the incidents where she said Samaira that Aditya is only hers and will always be hers. She says that she lost Aditya and is just a namesake wife. Madhu says though she is a namesake wife, Aditya is know because of her, all his money and status is because of her and she will take Aditya’s name back by kicking him out of her life and divorcing him. She says Aditya will be just another Aditya like 1000s of Aditya’s in the world and will not have any status. Madhu thinks that is what she wanted.

Neeraj remembers Samaira’s words that she can do anything to meet her destiny. He angrily breaks the vase. Mahi comes there and asks him to behave as Sudha may see him and get tensed. Neeraj says how can Shikha stoop to that level. Mahi says he is angry and hurt as he loves Shikha and asks him to propose Shikha soon.

Aditya comes and sees his goods getting packed. He asks Madhu what is going on. Madhu says she does not want to see his face and asks him to get out from her room. Aditya asks her not to do that. Madhu says she saw his proof of love in that hotel life and cannot get fooled again. She says she wants to divorce him and has asked her lawyer to prepare divorce papers. Aditya shockingly asks what is she telling. Madu says he heard it right and does not want him in her life. Aditya says she cannot take such a big decision alone. Madhu says he betrayed him and cannot spend her life with him. Aditya thinks he wanted the same, to get away from her life. He asks her to think again. Madhu says her decision is final and asks him to reach lawyer’s office tomorrow at 10 a.m. Aditya smirks.

Aditya comes to Samaira’s room. Samaira asks him to go as someone may see them. Aditya says let them see. Samaira says he is the first man who is happy after getting slapped by his wife. He happily says that Madhu wants to divorce him. Madhu acts and says she is very happy and hugs him. Aditya says nobody can stop them from being together now. Samaira thinks nobody can stop her punishing him.

Precap: Madhu tears divorce papers. Aditya and Madhu surprisingly see her tearing the papers.

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