Dil Dosti Dance 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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VP sir says to Rey ‘You are suspended from this college indefinitely’. A photographer is showing some pics to a suspected person in a dark room. Amar is upset, Bharat tries to talk to him but he says he has some urgent work and will meet him soon, but Bharat stops him anyway and asks why is he so worried. He says because of affiliation, he doesn’t understand why everything in life comes close to you and the gets far. Bharat asks him he likes Rinni for a long time, and is worried for her. Bharat says you should tell her about your liking and Rinni also seems to like him.
Swayam scolds Rey that he should have talked to him politely. Rey asks what he should do now. Swayam tells him to just relax and he himself will talk to VP sir for this. He goes away.
Rinni was sitting in near basket ball court. Amar comes and sits there. Rinni says she wasn’t crying, just something went into her eyes. Amar says he wants to tell her that from the beginning of their college he likes her, her intelligence, talented, simplicity and everything. Rinni says that you are a very good guy supporting his family at a younger age and any girl he will like is going to be very lucky but she might not be that girl. He said it too late. She asks him not to mind, she likes him as a friend and had he said it earlier it would have been different; honestly. He says Simmi told me about Jignesh still I came to say I like you because I thought you would like it. They hug each other.
Rey is frustrated and thinks Swayam is right; he will have to calm down. He calls Kriya but she is ill. Kriya thinks she is feeling weakness and gets up to prepare something to eat. The bell rings and a man come and introduce himself as an advertiser. He asks her to come in and tells her that he want her to do a commercial for their international beauty products. Kriya asks how you gotta know about me. He says he has seen her amazing dance. Kriya apologizes him that she is not interested. He asks her if she could come to a picture test. She asks him for his card. Kriya thinks Rey will be excited to hear and begins to dial his number that she thinks better to tell him after photoshoot.
Rinni thinks she should call and tell papa. He asks did she meet him and liked him and thanks him for keeping his respect. She takes a minutes from him and apologizes him for what she did. Her dad tells her he talked to him a while ago but said nothing to him so she should talk and apologize him.
Swayam comes to apologize VP, he is angry and says Rey doesn’t have the realization of his wrong doing. VP says he likes Rey but for some mistakes there must be punishments. He says he will only take his suspension only if he apologizes in front of board of director and will accept the conditions of New York dance academy.
Rey comes to Kriya. He is angry and tells her about the New York academy’s conditions and VP suspended him. She says it happens only because you get angry so easily. He hugs her in frustration. She assures him she will talk to her dean and everything will be sorted. He lies on her lap, she tells him not to worry, he falls asleep. She places a pillow under his head.
Swayam finds a letter in his locker room, it said we haven’t met for many days and come to meet me in the store room in half and hour. Swayam thinks is it Ruhi; he must go.
Rinni thinks he isn’t even picking up her call; she is too bad for him. Someone places a hand on her shoulder, it was Jignesh. She gets up and apologizes her. he keeps hand on her mouth and says if someone says sorry so sweetly he is ready to get hurt daily. He kneels down and says he came here to ask her for another chance to propose her. He sits with her and tells her that her friends are great, one came to save her from him and then Amar came to make him realize that you should be given another chance. She hugs him but thanks Amar.
Swayam comes into the store-room, and asks is anyone there.

PRECAP: Swayam gets a box with a compass and a letter telling him to follow its north. He comes to terrace. Someone with a rod in hand comes from his behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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