Saraswatichandra 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras saying Maa, she is Kumud. Saraswati says no, she is our enemy and will hurt us, let her go, she wants to kill us. Everyone looks on. Saraswati shouts asking Kumud to leave from here. Kumud cries and leaves. Guniyal cries hugging Badimaa. Saras goes after Kumud. Badimaa says it hopes she got stressed seeing everyone suddenly, she needs rest. Kumud comes in her room and cries. Saras comes to her and she hugs him crying. She says why is Maa saying I m her enemy and I want to kill her, why is she saying I took her everything, why Saras.

Saras says Kumud…………. She says she did not eat my given food in hospital, I don’t understand why is she saying this. Saras says listen to me, see you saw her state, she does not identify anyone, she gets worried seeing new faces, she is between us, not completely, she identifies only me, no one else. He says we have to help her, so that she gets well completely, then you see, she will love you as she loves me, are you with me. Kumud says always Saras and hugs him.

Saras consoles her and kisses her forehead. Guniyal talks to Saraswati asking her to get well soon. Saraswati sleeps. Kusum comes and says milk for Kaki. Guniyal says not now, she is sleeping. Kusum says I can’t believe this what happened, Kaki came after so many years. Guniyal says yes, so we don’t want to be annoyed with Lord, he always thinks good for us. She says there will be reason of her comeback. Saraswati gets up and cries seeing the baby toy missing. Guniyal and Kusum ask her not to worry, as they will find it.

Kusum gets it and gives it to her. Saraswati hugs the toy and says where did you go, why did you hide to make me worried. She sings the lullaby for the toy. Guniyal and Kusum feel bad seeing her state and leave. Kabir is in his room thinking about Saraswati and her unstable mental state. He cries. Someone knocks the door and he wipes his tears. Anushka comes and says maybe you won’t like that I came here, but I could not stop myself, I know you might be feeling bad. Your Maa came after many years and did not identify you, see the other side, you got what you wanted, trust Lord.

She says Lord has sent your Maa to unite you with her, you are not alone, we all are with you, you will get what all you want, her love, I promise this will happen. Kabir hugs her. Anushka smiles. He then moves far and says I will just come. Guniyal is upset. She tells Kusum, after Saraswati went, Saras was badly affected as he saw her drowning, he has shut his heart doors for everyone, when he came here, he don’t used to talk and smile, then he met Kumud. Kumud taught him smiling, saying his heart talk, now we feel he is not that Saras, she made him meet himself. I feel Kumud and Saras met by Saraswati’s blessings.

She says is Saraswati knew Kumud is her bahu, she would have been happy, but what does she think, how was she saying, she wants to keep Kumud away from Saras, she does not know Saras and Kumud are life links, unbreakable. She says Lord tangles all relations. Kusum says Saras was happy, don’t know what is happening. She asks did they tell Nandu Kaka. Guniyal says Saras said he will ccall him and say.

Badimaa comes to Saraswati and sees her talking to the toy. She says she has to talk to her. She talks about their old times, how they shared everything, and she was other mum of her Saras, you can trust me even today. She tells about Kumud. She says Kumud is not your enemy, she is pure like flowers given to Lord, she knows making people’s life prosperous. Kumud cries thinking about Badimaa’s words that Saraswati did suicide. She thinks about Danny’s words and how Saras broke up. She thinks of Saras’s depressed feelings that he can’t make new relations.

She thinks about Saras and their moments are shown in FB. She thinks Saras’ identity is by his mum, no one will separate them. Badimaa says you are lucky Saraswati, as Kumud is your bahu, she is your Chandra’s wife, give her once chance, see how much she loves you and takes care. She sees Saraswati sleeping. She smiles and leaves.

Kumud comes to Saraswati’s room and sees her sleeping. She smiles with tears in her eyes. She comes to her and thinks I love Saras a lot, I always found you with us, get well soon, your Chandra is waiting for you. She leaves.

Saraswati asks Saras will he do as she says. He says yes. He asks him to marry Aarti. Everyone is shocked. Aarti smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i luv dis drama…t’s nt bad..

  2. Geetha Mohanraj

    Please show anushka and kabir more and thank you telly for ur very speed updates

  3. Can someone pls stop this bakwas idiot rubbish drama :@ we are tired of watching this bullshit. Please someone kill the writer and director,

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