Sasural Simar Ka 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Gandhi is dead. simar takes the red thing from him. sid is pointing a gun at karthik. simar says lets go roli we have save sunnaina. Baa attacks sid and binds sid. baa says stop you two or I will make you a widow roli. roli says didi go and save sunnaina. she won’t do anything. baa’s thug is throttling sid. Simar says I am giving it to you. sid says no simar. roli says no didi. Simar is going towards baa.

The door knocks, vikran’s dead body is still there and baa has left two of her men with him. he opens the door. Its prem, he says my brother came here to see baa. The man says they are not here. prem syas there is something suspicious. I should look in somehow.
Sid says no simar. roli says please go didi. baa says come on hand it over to me. Simar throws It up in the air. everyone starts coughing. a smoke surrounds the whole alcove. baa says you’re so stupid there was only one way to save sunanina and you did this ? What do you need for your journey ? Baa points the gun at simar. Karthik says baa why have you stopped ? kill them. Baa can’t press the button. karthik says what’s wrong baa ? baa says I feel like someone has held my hand. Sid says is that sunnaina ? simar smiles and says yes sid. Baa says sunnaina. roli says sunnaina’s soul is free now.

Prem opens the back doors. he sees that vikran is dead on the floor. He comes to him. the thugs say how you came in ? they start hitting him. Prem beats them both. Prem hits them hard. Prem says vikran get up. He sees that his nerves are running. he calls for an ambulance.

There sunnaina has held baa’s hand and she is unable to do anything. karthik stands next to baa. Sunnaina points baa’s own hand towards herself. Baa says karthik what is happening ? save me karthik ? sid says stop sunnaina roli I am informing police. simar says sop sunniana. baa says listen to simar sunnaina please don’t kill us. karthik says please bhabhi let us go. We will accept our sins. sunnaina says please don’t stop me simar. they have crossed all limits of sins. Roli says you are right but please don’t kill them like this, sunnaina says I could have pardoned them for my death but for vikran’s death they have to die.

Scene 2
Prem takes vikran to hospital. Doctor says patient is losing his pulse. a lot of blood has wasted already. Prem calls roli and sid. their phones are sill not reachable.

Simar says to sunnaina will killing them bring vikran back ? roli says sunnaina we wont get anything by killing them. they must have killed a lot of people. their real face should be exposed in front of the world. simar says that will only happen when law punishes them. baa says please forgive us. Simar says sunnaina vikran has always been working for law now its time for justice you are choosing a wrong way. baa says I will accept my sins, Police comes in. simar says inspector kidnap them. The list of their sins is too long. Roli says for now they have killed vikran and Gandhi ji. Police arrest them. sunnaina falls on the floor and screams vikran. she is crying.

Precap-simar says there has been a long wait prem ji, I am coming to you after all these years.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh finally u guys r win.just jaldi go simar to ur perm.i hope anything wrong happen again.thank for update

  2. Such good episode…. at last sisters win…

  3. I’m sure vikran will die but begore that he’ll tell the truth to prem.. 🙂

  4. harshitha reddy

    at lassssssssst……….tmrw v’ll get 2 c a scene of simar nd prem………..sooooo xcitd………donno how d day will go tmrw…………i’m gng mad…..thnkng about der scene

  5. Prem Will throw simar out of the house…. vikrant wont die… viktant will expose the truth of simar later

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