Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Fab 5 is sitting on the stairs and Cabir is mocking Harshad and Muktii supports him. Dhruv says that very little time is left and that they have to practice. Manik agrees with him and tells Cabir that when it comes to music there is no joking around. Cabir says that he has some work to do and that he’ll be back in ten minutes and Aliya tells Manik to come with him before they start practicing. Muktii sees Cabir phones and tells Dhruv to go and she’ll come in a while.
Nandini says that she doesn’t want to join the band and turns around and sees that it’s Harshad. Harshad asks him that why don’t you wan’t to participate. Navya says that this was their dream to make music and sing it with a band. Nandini says that this was not her dream and that she is tired of fighting the Fab5. Harshad says that you ran because you are afraid of them then how will you fight them. Nandini says that she doesn’t likes fighting and is always interested in science. Navya says that two people can’t have a band and that they will not be able to participate. Harshad leaves angrily and Navya says to Nandini that she broke their hearts.
Aliya says to Manik that there was a lot of Drama in the past several days so she decided to give him a surprise. She shows Manik the tattoo she has made on her back but Manik says what the need of all of this was. She says that she loves him and asks him if he loves her back. Manik hesitates to answer and says that he needs to think. Aliya gets angry and says that she made a tattoo on his name and he need to thinks. Manik holds her and says that look at you I was just kidding.
Nandini is talking on the phone with someone when Dhruv comes from behind and tells her that she should always smile. Nandini says that since she came to this college she forget how to smile especially because of this Fab5. She look at Dhruv and says that you are different you make me smile. She says that a smile suits on you as well. She says that she has to leave as her friend is wating at the gate for her. Dhruv holds her hand and says to wait one minute when Manik and Aliya come out and see it.
Manik comes and say to Dhruv and says that you became friends with the competing band. He then mocks the NH3, and asks Dhruv if she has told him some secrets. Nandini murmurs something and Manik says that what that was. He says that there is a reason to which why you are a great ex-spot. Nandini in returns says that she knows that he is trickster as he tricked her uncle and aunt to go to Goa so that she can follow him. Aliya calms the situation down and warns Nandini and then they leave.
Harshad and Navya are talking that why Nandini doesn’t want to participate when she got the best chance to take revenge. Navya tells Harshad to calm and that Nandini would come around when she is given some time to think. She says that she will play a song that will calm him down. Navya holds the guitar and starts playing it without setting the tone. Harshad tells Navya to stop but she can’t hear him. He goes to her and teaches her how to play it. Navya is however is just happy to be with Harshad. He then sits down and tells her to play. Navya says to him that he is the best teacher in the world.
Muktii goes after Cabir and asks him that where he was. He says that he got a call from his mother but then Muktii show that she has his phone. Cabir gets stunned and Muktii asks that why has his behavior changed. Cabir tells Muktii to keep it a secret and that she must promise about it. He says that he has a girlfriend but that she doesn’t want anybody to know as she has a boyfriend, so she should not tell anyone. Muktii says that after he must bring her forward and Cabir agrees.
Nandini says that she has brought a new and perfect member to the band. She introduces Shahid to Harshad. Harshad says that he is happy to meet him. Shahid congrats Harshad about the victory in the solo singing competition and says that is very eager to work with him. Harshad says that now finally their band is balanced with four people but Nandini says that she brought him so that he can take his place. Harshad says that forget it then and Navya tells her to come with her.
Navya tells Nandini that she is her best friend and that she knows all about her. She says that a time in life comes when they have to decide with their heart and brain. Nandini says that she understands but Nandini tells her to think through her mind and defeat the FAB5 at their own game. Navya tells her that it was because of her that she got the courage to face her fears and now she is running from the battle ground. Navya leaves the place saying that you have to decide but use your brain and heart to do so.
Navya is going to when two guys come and say that you are here and say that you invited us to a date and didn’t come yourself. The hold Nandini’ hand and she tells them to let her go. ALiya is watching all of this from behind and this is her doing in taking revenge. The boys are dragging her when Dhruv comes and Aliya says that what is he doing here. Dhruv starts to fight them but they over power him. Nandini tries to stop the fight and just as he is about to hit him in the face Manik comes and grabs his fist.

Precap: Manik asks Dhruv that what the hell is he doing here? Nandini say that you sent gangsters after me and Manik gets angry and says that yes it was me and no one will save you, and then Dhruv punches Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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