Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Kartikaye taking permission from mahadev. Mahadev says, dont again do same mistake that you have done previously. Kartikaye promised that he will not do mistake again. Kartikaye takes blessings from mahadev and mata. Kartikaye gives responsibility of kailash to ganesh ji. Dev kampan introduces bhandasur. Bhanda sur gets angry then rohitang says, we will give you opportunity to attack on kailash. Rohitang says, mahadev has given opportunity us to attack on kailash because he has promised to dev to protect them. This is the time to show, how much powerful you are. Bhanda sur says, i will prepare for battle.
Indra says to dev guru, i am tensed about rohitang win. I know how much we was insulted previously and that time, shivansh is ruling asur and tund is also with them. I am really worried to think about it. I was little worried until you have promised to mahadev that we will not used these weapons. Dev guru says, you think that mahadev cannot give us protection. Or if you think that you can stop this battle by telling rohitang of bad results of this war. Indra thinks bad about mahadev and says, how could i trust mahadev. Mata says, how could ganesh generate from bhandasur. Mahadev says, my son has done good all the time. Mata says, how could bhanda sur death will show goodness. Mahadev says, this is ganesh’s exam. Mata ask, will our son done it. Mahadev says, right now, something good is again happening and world will see ganesh in new face and world will get blessing from his new face.
Here rohitang comes for battle with asur and dev is waiting for them and dev guru says, first of all we have to try to understand rohitang. Surya dev says, but if we will fail then what will happen. Dev guru says, trust to mahadev, mahadev will not let happen bad with us. Kartikaye comes to save dev. Roihtang says, come my brother!!! see tund, this is my brother. Kartikaye says, right now i am here to lead dev. Rohitang says, ok thats you think. Indra tries to call his weapons. Dev guru stops him and says, first of all, we will talk with him. Dev guru says, go to your place. Rohitang says, give me heaven then i will return back. Dev guru says, heaven is not belong to you and we will not give it to you. Battle starts between dev and asur.
Brahma dev says, rohitang is thinking that he will take win against kailash but he will feel shame about thinking. dev guru says, just think that we will not used that weapon. Indra says, i am worried about rohitang, if he will win then world will be in danger. Brahma dev says, indra is not trusting to mahadev and he will use these weapons then world will harm and mahadev will not support dev. I have to go. Here rohitang plans with tund for battle. Brahma dev arise in front of mahadev and says, everything is clear about indra thinking, we have to stop him. Mahadev says, indra will decide for it. brahma dev tries to understand mahadev. Then mahadev says, world willl get better result for indra good work then they have get bad result for his bad work.
Mata says, in some situation, some people cannot decide and for this, it is not fair to get result of it to whole world. Mahadev says, i have already said that if people will good result in good work then bad result in bad work. Mata says, i am feeling bad about our child. brahma dev says, everything depends on shivansh. Rohitang goes to fight with kartikaye.

Precap:- bhanda sur attack on kailash and then ganesh ji comes into big face.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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