Saraswatichandra 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad saying Kumud that he will ruin your courage one day. Seh asks him what if anyone does like this with your sister. Pramad leaves. Saras sees him and hears Kumud’s voice. He sees Kumud wounded and is shocked. He runs to Kumud and says enough Kumud, now you have given your test but Pramad does not deserve you, I won’t leave him alive today. Kumud says no, now I will do what I have to. She says please…. and walks without his support. She says he did not want to do this marriage. She thinks about Badimaa’s words. Saras follows Kumud. Kumud says he thinks of me as a burden and thinks about Vidyachatur’s and Saras’s words.

Pramad’s mum sees Kumud and hugs her. Everyone come in the hall. Kumud cries and says Maa…. She says I have lost, I could not win, forgive me, before I lose everything, let me go from here. Budhidhan gets angry. Kumud says let me go, next time maybe I won’t be able to save my respect. Budhidhan says enough, and tells his wife that we have given enough chances to Pramad, but now there is no hope. He says till when Kumud will bear all this, we don’t have a right to stop her. He permits Kumud to leave. Kumud cries and hugs him. Saras leaves. Kusum looks at him. Pramad is on the terrace, drinking wine. He laughs and says she wanted to keep Kalika out of the house, and see I have made her leave this house before the day ended. He says she wanted to become my wife, but now she is leaving. Saras comes to Pramad and says you have beaten her like an animal, and it would be less if I beat you, but I don’t want to, as you won’t change, laugh as much as you want, because after Kumud leaves, you are going to regret.

Kusum hugs Kumud and the sisters cry. Alak says its good that you finally spoke up, I m with you in your decision. She says you will regret if you don’t go today. Pramad tells Saras that I did not learn to regret, are you angry on me. Saras says no, I pity you. He gives him a paper and asks him to read. Pramad thinks about Kumud’s words against Kalika. Saras says you are a unlucky man, the one you trusted has ran away and you have made your wife leave. Pramad is shocked seeing the papers. Kusum has packed Kumud’s luggage. Kumud leaves with the bags while Alak looks on. Kumud thinks of her confident words and how she entered Pramad’s house being his bride. Alak reminds him about her Grah Pravesh and she says I brought Naveen here the same day, and its strange Naveen is going to take you back from here. Kumud looks at her room and is upset.

Saras is ready waiting for Kumud near the car. Kumud meets everyone for the last time. She hugs her in laws. Kumud cries. Kusum, Kumud and Saras leave from the Budhidhan’s house. (Finally!!) They are on the way and Kumud is still crying. Kumud is thinking about Pramad’s misbehavior with her. She thinks this is my mistake, I would have stopped Pramad when he misbehaved with me for the first time.

Saras sees her crying. Kusum asks him to stop the car. She says I will bring water. Saras says I will bring it. Kusum says I will go and leaves. Saras gives tissues to Kumud. Kumud takes it and feels pain in her wound. Saras feels her pain and asks is it paining a lot. He says take this medicines. She says no, I m fine. He says don’t be so much upset that you break up, he says it would have been better if I lost and you won changing Pramad. She says I would have changed him but not losing my self respect. Kumud is disheartened. The mandir’s bell rings and Saras and Kumud visit the mandir. Kumud prays while Saras looks at her.

He too prays. The pandit wishes the Lord fulfills their every wish. The pandit ties a thread on Kumud’s and Saras’s hand. He thinks they are a couple. He gives them the prasad. Kumud and Saras leave from the mandir. Kusum tells the Pandit that they are not husband and wife. The pandit says I can tell that their hearts are linked, their fate is also linked so they came here together. Kusum thinks of her words which she told to Kumud and Kumud’s belief in Lord.

Danny packs his belongings and leave from Vidyachatur’s house. Saras and Danny do not see each other. Saras brings Kumud to her house. He says I am support you only till here, can’t go ahead. Kumud says my dad said that this house is always open for me, but whatever happens now, I have to face it alone. Kumud walks towards the house as Saras looks on.

Saras and Kumud are parting again. The song Tadap Tadap ke… plays. They run towards each other and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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