Sasural Simar Ka 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 25th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Janvi says to Simar that all she did was right. She has suffered a lot with this man. In treatment, medication and physiotherapy he had made me do a lot of things.

Scene 2
Attul says to Shaurya that she will pay for this. It will be her biggest mistake ever. Just dont be angry. Shaurya goes inside the house and goes running upstairs. the cook asks attul if he is okay? He says yeah nothing special just make him his favorite food. Attual says thank God madam is coming she can only handle him.

Scene 3
Sid says that list is completed for the naming ceremony. Mausi says that you should ask his dad. Prem asks Roli where is simar. Why is she taking so much time for a little thing. Simar and Janvi come in. Janvi goes in resentment upstairs. Everyone stops her but she doesn’t.
simar tells the whole story that happened at the hospital. My baby met an accident, says anchana. There is a difference between calling and considering someone’s baby your own. no he is same as anjali to me
. Shalu jumps in and says don’t change the color. Pari can be irresponsible about the child but not Simar. Mausi jumps in and says that says we all understand this there is only one person who don’t. Arcahan leaves. Simar says that she is her grand mom its alright that she cares about him. All we have to do right now is to think about Janvi.

Scene 4
Janvi is crying in her bed looking at the dismissal papers. Sid, Simar, Roli and Prem come in. Sid and prem wipe her tears away. What you says prem what must have happened to our sister? Says sid. I think she is busy thinking, says prem. Sis says that maybe she is thinking who is her favorite bro? Simar writes on the mirror that we are proud of you. Sid says that if she smiles then i am her favorite if not then you. Please smile janvi. They both hug her saying that you don’t have to be worried till your brothers are alive. We will stand by with you no matter what happens.

Scene 5
Archana is still provoking Pari that you have to be careful now she tried to harm your son. You should have a place in this house you have given them a prize. you should have a high rank here not simar. maybe you are right Pari consents.

Scene 6
Sid is teasing Roli. She says i wont forgive you. Yes you should not, you husband is always busy with work and doesn’t give you time. He can spend moments with you and can talk to you but he to do this and that. I should have listened to you but i left. Roli is leaving he holds her hand and says that i know how to make you happy. He gets her closer. She says that its naming ceremony tomorrow i have a lot of work . He says all of the work will be done. don’t car about future just this moment. He says that when roli is in arms of sid then time dilates. He kisses her forehead. I love you says he. I love you too, says she. I am so lucky that i have a friend like husband, you. She syas that i ahev a tension. what ? says he? I want a life partner like you for her caring and loving. We will find someone who will love him alot like you love me. Who always wants to see her happy, says sid. Like you do, says she.

Scene 7
Janvi is shutting the windows down and finds Shauray standing outside her house.

Precap: Shaurya? what is he doing here he make me angry. He calls her and says i wanna talk to you for 5 minutes, sasy he. I don’t, says she. I am telling you not asking. Are you coming down or should i come up, says he.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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