Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th September 2013 Written Update

scene 1
My son has made the mistake and i will apologize on his behalf. They left without Parshad wait until i am not back. I am going to give them parshad. Its not God they were not here for you they were here to pray.

Scene 2
Manda is dancing very cheaply outside the the house.
Vitthal is thingking about all what Kamla has said to him.
Manda is busy dancing with a number of men and Pakiya is dancing as well.

Scene 3
Nettu says what you get by going there ? Time waste and my insult. She asks prem is he okay. You son has been beaten up by a maid’s boy. This is the difference between class. This is uobringing. My so didn’t say a word. Look at my innocent child and her gangster. I won’t leave Kamla. She will have to pay for this. Prem is still crying. Look what has they rebel people have done to my son. Kamla comes in and Sahil sees her.

Scene 4
Vitthal along with other workers is protesting outside the house of Singahnya. He comes out and says i have no money left. We don’t know anything we want our pay, says a worker. They start throwing stones at him. Vitthal stops them saying we are not here to do this. He wsa our boss. We have to respect him we will not get our money this way.
Watchman says that he has called Vitthal inside to negotiate with. Vitthal says until i don’t come back you to stay cal he says to workers.

Scene 5
Kamla says i am sorry madam my son is innocent he did this unconsciously. Sahil says its okay kamla. This is not done says Nettu to Sahil. She asks kamla to take care of Paki. Sahil is talking to someone on phone he says that Singhanya is dead and Vitthal has killed him. Kamla can’t believe this.

Scene 6
Police is beating up Vitthal he says that i didn’t throw stones at him believe me. They say don’t lie. We have proofs. You can go nowhere from here. You have done enough of you this.
Singahnya’s son is in front of police and are asking him different questions, he is quiet and leaves then. You should corporate with us son. Sahil comes in and says that he has no mom he can’t answer you anything yet. He says that i am like a brother of Singhanya. I will take care of him. I will nurture this child. he doesn’t know what pressure will come to him.

Scene 7
Kamla comes to the police station. Pakiya says why police has thrown hin in detention and why were they beating him? He is crying. Everybody says that we have complete faith in Vitthal he has not done anything. Manda jumps in and says thats alright but its a murder case. What will you do now with these two kids. Kamla says i will do anything to save him.
She goes in the station and Vitthal calls her name out. Kamla goes running to him. The policeman stops her. She says that i am his wife. Please leave my husband he has not committed this crime. Please give me two minutes to talk. He gives them afew moments.
How did all this happened? Pakiya says that i have asked them to leave you. Kamla says your papa will coem home soon. Why are you crying vitthal tell me what happened ?
He says everyone was so angry their, we wen t to protest out of his house. Everybody started throwing stones i stopped them. Then he called me in. He was leaning on his chair. I first apologized but i said that we have not earned sine a year. But he wasn’t saying anythig. When i came forward he was dead. I tried to wake him up but he was gone. A servant came and said you have killed my boss. You have not done anything everything will be alright. I have not done anything.
The policeman asks her to go out. She says to the specter that i swear he has not done anything. He says judiciary will decide everything you should hire a lawyer. Kalpana starts crying Vitthal asks her to go to her. She says my daughter is crying because her dad has been detente.

Precap: Sahil says that i have arranged bail money for vitthal. Kamla sits in his feet and she says i will always be your servant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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