Saraswatichandra 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum getting a cal from her friend Anushka. She talks to her and says fine, call me when you come Ratnagiri. She ends the call. She tells Danny and everyone that her friend Anushka is coming Ratnagiri for some work and said she will stay here with us. Vidyachatur says its fine. Kusum says I said yes but. Danny asks what….. Kusum says Saras and Kumud are worried because of school, and then will be going Mumbai, if she comes in this situation……… Vidyachatur says its fine, let her come. Kusum says she was her best friend in school and shows them old pics. She says we used to call her battery as she used to wear specs, then her dad had work so they left the village. She used to come first in class.

Kumud is in her room tensed. Saras looks at her and comes to her. He blows on her face to make her get rid of the tension. He says trust me, everything will be fine, let the health officials find the peoblem first. He says you are tired, now go and sleep. She says you. He says I will sleep on couch. She stops him. He says I have some work, you sleep, I will sleep after some time. She hugs him. He asks what happened. She says I felt to hug you once.

Piya re………………plays………………. Saras and Kumud have a sweet hug. He says everything will be fine. He says now sleep. She nods yes and goes to sleep. Saras sits to work on his laptop. Kumud looks at him and smiles. He says if you keep looking at me, you won’t get sleep. She turns off the lights and sleeps. Saras smiles and continues his work. Its late, he halts the work and comes to Kumud to cover her with the blanket. He touches her hair and gives her an assuring touch. He closes the door of the room and sits to work again. Its morning, Saras sleeps on the chair. He wakes up and sees the blanket. He looks for Kumud.

He says where did she go. Kusum comes to him with tea. He asks did you see Kumud. She says Kumud went for an urgent meeting at school. She says you have to leave in evening. Saras says yes, we will decide to go or not, depending on the food sample report. He says I hope everything gets fine. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan have tea. Danny comes with Kabir after exercising. Danny says great, 200 pushups. Danny asks Kusum did Kumud call. Kusum says no. Kabir says Kumud said the kids are out of danger. Laxminandan says yes, its good they are well.

Laxminandan tells everyone that he has to go back to Dubai. Vidyachatur says no, you should take rest here. Laxminandan says I have a big business there and it’s a bigger responsibility to manage it. Danny says but you can go after some days. Laxminandan says I have to go He asks Kabir to book his ticket today. Danny says then I will come with you. Kusum says yes, Danny will come with you. Laxminandan says I m completely fine, and Danny, Saras is going Mumbai, Kabir is new in business, so you be here, I have many people there to help me, I will come after my work ends.

The cook tells the principal that he made good food, he did not do anything. The teacher balmes the cook. The cook says I m poor, but I don’t want to do wrong with anyone. The lady says lie, I know you take good quality items home and cook bad quality food. Kumud says we can’t doubt on him without any proof, lets see after the reports come. The principal says we should wait for the reports. The health department people with the reports. The officer says there is bad news for your school. The report shocks the principal. The officer says the food was of poor quality, that’s why the kids have food poisoning.

Kumud says our school name is very good. The officer says we have to send this reports to Delhi to shut this school. Kumud asks how can you do this. He says yes, as these are rules. He says your affiliation will end and after the enquiry, this school will be shut. Everyone is shocked. The officer leaves. Kumud says our school can’t shut, no. Kumud comes home and tells this to everyone. Kusum says how can they do with one incident. Badimaa says we heard this many times. Kumud says rules are rules and kid’s lives were in danger. Kumud comes in her room. Saras comes after her and finds her upset.

He says this won’t happen, its not easy. She cries. He hugs her and says don’t worry, don’t take much stress. Kumud gets a call from principal and says Delhi? But why. To meet Education officer, today, how can I? Saras hears her and says say yes. Kumud says fine Sir, I will come. She ends the call. Saras says principal took the right decision, we should explain them, we have already packed out luggage, we will go Delhi. She says no, you won’t come with me, you will go to Mumbai. They argue. Kumud says we have to support each other by being away, we can do that, we have always done this.

Saras says fine and wipes her tears. She says I will have to leave now. Take care. They look at each other and have a hug. Saras says you too. Kumud hugs everyone and takes their blessings. Vidyachatur asks her to complete the work and come. Danny says I will drop you to airport, as Saras can’t come. Kumud cries. Saras looks at Kumud and goes to leave her outside.

Vidyachatur says we did not think this would happen, Saras and Kumud have to go different ways now and Laxminandan is also going Dubai tomorrow. Badimaa says yes, we will miss them.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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