Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Koki said that from now on you both will never fight again. Gohem smile and look at each other. Koki asked them to promise that they will never fight. Koki said that misunderstanding ruin the relationship. Ahem said that he will keep this in mind. Radha witnessed all of this and got scared. She would have to do something.

Koki asked everyone to the hall and announced that Gohem had cleared their misunderstanding. Everyone is happy. Later Koki announced that Gohem can go back to live in their house tomorrow morning. Hetal is shocked and apposed the koki’s decision. Hetal said that she is the elder daughter in law. So, koki should consider her decision too. But koki said that Hetal opposed her decision on getting Hashmukh out of the house too. But Hetal tried to be strong and strongly disagree with this and also disagree with Mani and Hashmukh’s marriage. Rashi interfere and koki shout back. Koki left the hall to her room. Hetal cried that she should’nt have said those words to koki. Rashi pacified her that Hetal should be strong to handle all the situation. Hetal and the rest of the family agree. Radha is disappointed.

In the morning, Jigar and Rashi pacified Hetal. Gohem came to Hetal’s room. Hetal said sorry to Ahem for making Koki stress. Ahem hug Hetal and said that she is doing the right thing. Ahem announced that He and Gopi decided to leave the house. Hetal said firmly with Gohem that nobody will go out of the house.

Radha tried to brainwash Koki by saying that Hetal is wrong. But koki said that Mani should not cross her limit as servant. And she has no rights to say anything against Mota Bhabi. Koki shout to Radha to leave her room.

Hetal talk to Gopi that do not worry and don’t go anywhere. Koki came downstairs and saw the kids playing game (card?) She dragged Sahir and Vidya to the room and told them both to stop playing with Jigar (Samar). Samar is sad and hug Rashi and asked why his choti dadi become like this? Rashi pacified Samar and asked him to play with Meera didi at the meantime. Gopi suggested sending kids to Urmi’s house. Everyone agree. Baa talk to Koki to send kids to Prem Lata’s house. Koki agree. And said she even wanted to go somewhere.

Jigar called to Ahem that Koki disappeared. She is nowhere to be seen in the temple. (Seem like Koki asked Hashmukh to bring her to the temple)

Update Credit to: KALG_Bizarre

  1. today’s episode was sort of upto the mark….all are fed up koki’s madness…and good that koki disappeared..ihope they never find her…!!

  2. I agree wid that too

  3. I’m tired of watching kokila and her madness. ..fix this got damn show or u will lose all of ur viewers…

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