Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is enjoying the sweets for their win. Sujata says our papers are with us because of you simar. Simar says now we have to get our money back frim juwalaa. Verma aunty comes in and says these papers are worthless. Everyone is shocked. Verma aunty says Mata ji juwala has taken everything from us. Kinjal says you are joking. Verma is crying. A lady says our houses were gone already and now our money has gone as well. One says we shouldn’t have trusted simar. Verma says its not simar’s fault. Simar and roli did everything they could. Oen says mata ji betrayed us. Simar says its is not Mata ji;s fault/. Please listen to me once. Mausi ji says please calm down. They risked their lives. Simar says stop it. Now Juwala will come here and she will return our money and property by herself. We will fight with her. Mausi ji says i am with you no matter what happens. Mata ji says a child always toddles when he starts walking. This first step is always the lost. You should never give up. Sujata says we won’t let you down. You are our strength. You have saved us everytime, I trust you. I know that you will take everything back from her.

Scene 2
jhanvi says to anurag i know you are soa ngry with me, I wanna win heart of bua ji by winning this competition. Anurag says your health is the most important thing. From now there will be no discussion regarding that competition. Jhanvi wonders what to do now.

Scene 3
Siamr tells her plan to sid and Prem. Roli and Khushi have found another person who could help them. They found a man Mr. Khanna who used to work with juwala. Simar says so we are ready for the first part of our plan.

Scene 4
Verma syas i think they have come to know that you made them fool. Juwala says keep quite. Don’t ever say that again. She asks birju that they are making some hotel around the city. Verma texts simar and tells her. SImar tells everyone.
A man comes in simar welcomes him. He is mr khanna. He says I came to know that juwala hasbeen so unfair too you. I am ready to help you all for your plan. People like juwala should taste their own medicine. There is a plot in bahardur ghar. The security gaurds will place your name’s board there. There is a dispute over it. Some people will be required to act like constructors. Siamr says we will reach that site tomorrow. He says okay see you all there.
Simar and roli and so happy and heave a sigh of relief.

Scene 5
Mr khana shows them the labour actors. Juwala comes there. They all hide. Juwala sees the work going on at the site. She says the site looks good and the work is on going. This all shows that Verma was right. they are making a 5 star hotel here. Birju asks a watch man whats going on ? He says they two sisters are making hotel here. Juwala says I made a mistake i guess. Call them. Sid gets the call. Birju says i am juwala.. Sid abuses him and says what you thought that we won’t know that you are a fraud. Tell me where are you? Juwla takes the phone and says please ask you your madam to meet me. Prem says Sara madam says leave these beggars. Juwala says i will make this deal no matter what. I won’t give up. I will not let this deal go. Roli says now will make her dance. . We have hit the nail on the head.

Juwala comes to her house in anger. Verma wonders whats going on in her mind. She slaps Birju and says you are so worthless. I have appointed you to give me good ideas. You could have stopped me. Birju syas i can still talk to them. Let me call them and ask to meet you. Juwla says invite them over lunch.

Scene 6
Bhagti is apologizing shanti that this all has happened because of her. She will have to leave the competition without playing. Please talk to anurag, and don’t tell him that i asked you to talk to him.

Scene 7
Juwla makes simar wear a garland. she says thank you for coming. Simar says i think work is worship. I ever disappoint the people i work with. Juwala says please have a seat. Juwala says can we work on the deal again. Simar says soory but once if a deal is over we don’tr work anymore.

Precap- Simar and Roli’s plan is working successfully. Everyone is satisfied.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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