Saraswatichandra 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some women bargaining for vegetables in the society compound. Kumud comes and buys some too. The ladies ask her where is she living. Kumud says we took a flat here. Kumud walks away. The ladies gossip saying she is the one who lives in Prashant’s flat, how did he give her, it was shut for many days, the girl who lived there disappeared, she was so beautiful, don’t know what happened, and how did the owner give the flat to her. Kumud hears this and thinks.

Kabir wears a shirt and thinks is Anushka who has cut down a button. He removes it and complains this to Danny. Danny says why will she do this. Kabir says as she is half mad, and you all want me to stick to her, I know everything, first you all brought pics, and then directly her, so that I agree to marry her. Danny says what? You are just assuming, we did not do this, she came here to do her project and she will leave after she is done, I don’t know why you felt this, come soon. He leaves. Kabir says it means they did not do this, it means Anushka is not doing this to trap me. Anushka hears this conversation and leaves.

Kumud thinks of the ladies’ words. Prashant sees her lost in thoughts and comes to her. He asks what happened, you look worried. She says no, nothing, how are you. He says I m fine, but is everything fine. Kumud says if you don’t feel bad, can I ask you something. He says ask. She says some ladies were saying a girl was living in our flat and one day she went missing, and then you did not give the flat to anyone, then why did you give this to us. He says come with me. She says no, I m sorry to ask this. He says its good you asked me, come with me for 10mins, I will tell you everything. She goes with him.

He brings her to his flat. He says come, sit. He asks will you have anything. She says no, thanks. He says so you asked me why did I give this flat to you, if not anyone else. He says I gave this flat to a girl and she did not give me any rent, she used to cry and say she has to get a good job, I also lend her money, but same excuses. He says if you don’t believe me, you can check my bank statement. She says no, I believe you. He says I gave her an one month notice to pay the rent and she disappeared, she did not take my call and just went, all my rent and money gone with her, she has taken money from many people, so I had to pay all those people, she was a girl, so I did not complain to police, after this,. I lost trust in people, so I did not give my flat on rent, but when he saw her…. He thinks of her..

He says I mean I felt you people won’t do this with me, so I gave the flat on rent. Kumud says forgive me, I did not know this. He says its fine. Kumud says trust us, we will not let you complain, sorry for wasting your time. Kumud leaves. Prashant smiles. Kusum is busy in work. Danny comes to her and hugs her. He asks are you still annoyed. She says no. He says as I did not take your call yesterday, I said I was busy with client. She asks did I complain, no, I knew you were busy in work. He says that’s like my good wife. She asks how did you come soon. He says meeting ended very soon.

He says new samples are getting ready, I have to go and see. He goes to freshen up. She sees his phone getting a message. Danny asks whose message is it. Kusum sees Kiran’s message and tells it to Danny. Danny comes back and says I will go to talk to Kaka. He leaves taking his phone. Kusum says who is this Kiran and why is she saying darling to Danny.

Kumud looks at her phone and says he did not call me since morning, I will call him. Saras is too upset in his office. Kumud says why should I call, he should call me. It starts raining. Saras and Kumud smile seeing the rain. Saras says its our first rain here. Kumud says rain…… and runs to feel the coolness of the rain drops. She laughs and says its our first rain in Mumbai, are you seeing Saras. Saras smiles and thinks of Kumud dancing in the rain in Ratnagiri. Kumud calls him and says see the rain by the window, its our first rain here, I wish you were …… He says I wish I was there with you. She says I will end the call.

He says atleast try to end the fight, listen to me, I did not drink the party night, I was having headache and I asked Nikki to give a tablet. He says I went on bar counter to take water. Nikki gives him the tablet. He says I asked Nikki not to tell you as you may get worried, this is the truth. She says why did you not tell me before. He says did you give me chance to say. She says sorry, it was my mistake, forgive me. He says lets end this here, the weather has changed, maybe to change us. She smiles. He says I have a plan. She asks what. He says this rain ended our fight, lets celebrate it, I heard Mumbai’s rain is very romantic, so we will go out. She asks where. He says on a romantic date. She says I can’t say no today. He says get ready, I m coming.

Nikki comes and Saras says I m done for the day. She says meeting. He says please cancel it, and book a cab for me. She says ok boss. Saras is happy. Nikki says cab can’t come as there is much water outside office, so you can’t go till the water gets cleared. He says ok thanks, I had to go home. Kumud selects her dress. Saras calls her and says the road is blocked because of rain, it will take time to come. She says fine, we will go when yoi come. He says fine, will meet soon.

Nikki asks Saras will he have tea or coffee. Saras says green tea. Kumud gets ready and looks very happy. Mann ke dor………plays……………. Saras writes Kumud on the glass and kisses it. Kumud smiles. Saras sees hi s and Kumud’s pic and says this rain is not stopping. Nikki brings green tea for him. He thanks her and says is there not any other way to go from home. She says no, there is lots of water and traffic, its impossible to go. He says thanks. She says welcome and leaves. Kumud opens the door to see whether Saras came. She eagerly waits for him.

She sees his pic and hugs it smiling. O piya…………plays………… She says its late, he did not call, I will ask how is he and where. She calls Saras. He says yes, I m still here, the road is still blocked, I think I will be late. She says fine and ends the call. They both wait to see each other. Saras begins to work waiting for rain to stop. Kumud rests waiting and sleeps.

Saras asks Kumud to go home for few days. She asks why. He says everyone miss you there. She says I came here to support you, not enjoy a holiday. He says you will always be with me, even if you go, please go home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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