Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar is shocked as Anjali hugs her, roli sees it and says who is she, she approaches simar, simar turns, roli sees her face and says didi, mantras plays as roli cries, roli recalls her moments with simar and how they thought simar died and how she had seen her earlier, roli feels dizzy and falls unconscious on floor, instructor says what happened to her, simar thinks that why I feel like I know this child, that I am attached to her, that I know her, roli is blabbering didi didi, all takes roli to camp, Anjali says to simar that I am Anjali where were you mom, simar recalls how she decided her daughter’s name Anjali, she says Anjali, sanju says she is my mom, they both fight that she is their mom, Anjali says maasi has come too, simar says roli, Anjali takes simar with her.

Scene 2
prem and sid are discussing business, sid is waiting for surbhi, surbhi comes there, sid says where were you suurbhi, prem ask what you mean, sid says I mean what you are doing here surbhi, surbhi says all were busy in home, I was getting bored so came here, can we lunch together, prem says I have many work, sid says leave work for today, prem agrees, sid says thanks surbhi for changing prem’s routine, take him to restaurant, sid says I will not go, you both go, prem says no, sid says she is our guest so you must take her out, actually I had heavy breakfast so I cant go for lunch, you both go, prem agrees and takes surbhi out, sid says oh work done.
in camp, doctor checks roli, simar is there too, doctor says she became unconscious due to stress, I have given her injection, she will be fine, Anjali ask roli to get up, simar is about to go to her but recalls vikranth saying to not break his trust, simar says I want to hug you talk to you but cant, she leaves from there. after sometime roli becomes conscious and calls for didi, she ask where did went, she says Anjali you were with mom where did she go, instructor ask her to take rest, instructor is informed that sanju and her mom are leaving camp, roli says I will not let you go now, she ask instructor to take her to simar’s camp, they come to her camp but simar has already left it, roli says this time I will not let her go, simar is putting things in car, sanju ask why are you crying mom, where are we going, simar hugs her and says we are going home, roil comes here but simar sit in car and leaves the summer camp, roli calls her.

Scene 3
in car, sanaju says to simar that you are my mom then why that girl was calling you mom, simar says her mom is lost and she thought I am her mother, suddenly driver puts the break on car, simar sees outside and it is roli standing infront of car. simar says to sanju that stay here, i will come, simar gets out of car, simar is approaching roli emotionally but roli says stop, we are burning from two years in your memories but you did not come, why did you not tell us that you are alive, you used to say that you cant live without your roli then why you left us, in family nobody smile after you went, and Anjali she lives seeing your photo, she is away from motherly love, tell me what was the need to leave your daughter, your husband, your sister, I had seen you in graveyard that day, I cant believe you were seeing us crying on your death even then you left us, I came behind you but you left, you used to say that even death cant separate us then why did you leave us, tell me, answer me, simar is tensed. you didn’t tell your roli even, tell me. sanju comes out of car, roli ask who is this child, why she calls you mother, answer me, sanju holds simar’s hand and ask her to come, simar recalls how vikranth ask her to not break his trust, she says sanju go in car, I will come, she goes. simar says to roli that the pain you all went through, I was going through same pain but the only difference was that you were crying on my death and I was crying on my life, living life without family is worst then death, I know bharadwaj family is incomplete without me, you, prem and all but atleast you all have support of each other but I am all alone, roli says leaving us was your decision, tell me the reason behind it, simar says I cant tell you much, I only can say that I did that for everone’s good, I am tied with a promise I gave to someone.

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