Ek Hasina Thi 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya talking to his friend Karan. He says Dev gpt my project. Karan says even he will get Durga one day. Shaurya gets angry on him and says Durga is only mine. The inspector calls Shaurya and tells him that Dev has taken Payal’s rape case file from court. Shaurya is shocked and says Dev Goenka, your dad was my dad’s brother, but you did a big mistake to be my enemy, now you will regret a lot. He tells Karan that Dev wants to trap us, he got the rape case file, and Sonali and Gawtham are helping him. Karan asks why. Shaurya says he believes in truth since childhood, but now he has to see. Karan asks will he open the case again. Shaurya says if I let him. Shaurya calls him and asks where is he.

Dev says going office, as I have a meeting with Dayal and Durga, but why. Shaurya says nothing, bye. He says I will tell you very soon. Karan says hurry up, else Durga will go from your hands. Rajnath asks Sakshi to be calm, and this time he won’t forgive Shaurya. Sakshi says yes, why will you, as only I love him. Rajnath says I don’t want to argue, I need your support to manage this project. Sakshi says I m helping you, but Thakurs have taken Dev, to tell us that they will order us, I can’t bear this.

She says you are behaving like there is no difference between your son Shaurya and Dev. Rajnath says we can earn 750 crores in this 5 year period, do you want me to lose this. She says Durga is doing a mistake taking Dev in this project. Rajnath says this project came back to us, because of Durga, else Dayal would have not done this. She says this started with Ganguly, and its Durga behind ruining him. Rajnath says whats connection between them. Sakshi says I don’t like her and not trust her. She says I can’t even trust Dev. So be careful. She leaves.

Dev comes for the meeting. He meets Akash and he welcomes him. Akash shows his temporary cabin of Shaurya and asks him to be comfortable. Dev says thanks. He gets a call that Dayal came. Shaurya thinks about Durga and Dev. Dev gives a presentation infront of Durga and Dayal. He says this project can’t end in one year, we need minimum two years. Sakshi comes and claps. Dev says if I knew you were coming, I would have waited. She says its ok, I got all the best parts. Shaurya comes to office and sees Dev in his cabin. He walks in angrily but stops seeing Thakurs.

He says I m sorry to disturb you all. Dev says no Shaurya. Dayal says no need to apologize, we were seeing Dev’s presentation and we liked it, its fun to work with professional. Dayal taunts Shaurya. Durga smiles. Dayal says even I felt this project can’t get completed in one year, I m happy that you did not lie to us, I like that. Dev says thanks. Sakshi says in short, my both sons are the best. Dayal says yes, I can see. Sakshi says but you need both of them, you can see me and Rajnath. Shaurya says Dev took my job, I would have felt bad it was someone else.

Dev says no, I feel some magic in your cabin. Shaurya says its yours now. Sakshi gets a call and says no, we decided, I have to go as its design team for the project. She leaves. Dayal says Durga we should go now. She says yes, Dev don’t worry to use Shaurya’s cabin, his heart is really big, I know him. How he has helped Babjee. Dev says yes, he is my brother, where did Babjee go then. Shaurya looks at him.

Dayal thanks Dev. Dev says my pleasure, I will mail all the details by saying Akash. Dayal says I have a meeting and asks Dev to drop Durga. Dev says don’t worry, I will drop her. Durga says no, I will go by taxi. Dayal says no arguments, show him our home and make him have tea or coffee, take care of him. He leaves. Shaurya gets angry. Dev goes out for some work. Durga looks at Shaurya and smiles. She says don’t see me like this, dad is angry so he reacted like this, he will be ok. Dev comes and says come Durga, lets go. Durga says yes and leaves with Dev. Shaurya ruins his desk in anger.

Dev and Durga are on the way in his car. Dev thinks Durga has Nitya’s diary, for which he can do anything, he took this project to be close to her and get that diary, where will she keep it, at home, or any safe, no, its not valuable to her, but for me, its more valuable than my life. She asks did you say something. He says no, nothing. He says you are fond of music? She nods yes. He plays a song which was Nitya’s fav. He thinks about Nitya and how she laughed when he sung for her.

She requested him nott o sing again. He says don’t laugh. Durga says what, am I laughing. Dev thinks and he holds her hand by mistake. She moves her hand back and says I will change the channel. He says fine. She thinks this song reminded me of old Dev, learn to be with this guilt, else you will hate yourself when I ruin you by my plan.

Durga shows Dayal’s library and her home to Dev. He likes it. He enters her room and she says this is my room, its very untidy, lets go out. Dev looks at the big book shelf which hides the Durga’s revengeful hidden room. He sees her books and thinks if she goes out, I can look for Nitya’s diary. He asks for water, she says come lets have coffee. She gets Akash’s call and goes out. She says yes, and is happy knowing about Shaurya’s anger, Dev is with me. She gets tensed thinking Dev can go to the hidden room. Dev looks for the diary and the shelf starts turning. Durga runs to stop Dev from knowing her big secret. She comes and sees the door opening of the secret room.

Dev slaps Shaurya and says you did a big mistake by saying the truth to me, now I will drag to to court. Shaurya thrashes his stomach with a knife. Dev is shocked and looks at Shaurya.

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  1. ohhhhh…. :o:o omg nw whatttttt?? dev will knw the truth of durga…. shaurya will stab dev…..:o:o oh no ;( waiting fr Monday epi… :(:(

  2. :'(
    End the midunderstanding between dev nd durga

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  4. superb once again. i can’t wait till monday yaar.

  5. I wish durga comes to know the truth of dev and saves him from shaurya …….dayal can help in it i hope shaurya does the stabbing work in plaxe where akash is present…….

  6. i love this show

    PLEASE stop the misunderstanding between dev and durga i think durga is really clever but how can you call yourself someone’s best friend if you don’t even trust them?!?

  7. Why did shaurya rape her in firstplace

  8. Its superb i love dev goenka..plz dont kill him…

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