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Madhubala 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking RK to sign the divorce papers and then they go their ways. She says I knew you won’t give me divorce easily, so I have signed it, to burn our relation, even if the world wants, they can’t unite us. She says I will sleep peaceful tonight, as I have ended all tied with you, it will be good if you sign it and be free. RK asks whats this. Madhu says I forgot, you are illiterate, this is divorce papers, if you can’t sign, give a thumb impression, sign it soon, so that we get free from each other. Dau ji and everyone come and asks him whats going on, this woman has killed Bau ji, go and see her ashes. Bhanu says see the papers, is he giving his property.

Day ji sees the papers and is shocked. He says so you are giving her divorce, knowing she is Bai ji’s culprit. How can you free her so easily as she is responsible for her death. Bhanu says she is a magician and RK can’t see anything. Agni asks RK to tear the papers. Dau ji says she is your wife, lift her and take home, I will decide about her. RK takes the papers from Dau ji’s hand and signs on it. Everyone is shocked. Madhu smiles. RK tells Madhu you wanted this, take it. I will see you in court where you will know everything. Madhu leaves. Dau ji says you did not listen to me, and have hit your own foot. Everyone leave.

Madhu comes to the police station to meet Bittu. Bittu is glad seeing her and asks did anything happen, my bail? Madhu says we will get it soon, Lord will help us, everyone knows you are innocent. Bittu says fine, but its tough for me to be here, in between bad people, criminals, bail me out soon, you know I did not do anything. Madhu cries and thinks he got punished because of me. She can’t see him like this, so she will do anything to free him.

Madhu gives hope to him saying about Kanha and Lord Ram. She says lie will always lose, trust me and see your truth will come infront of everyone. She leaves. Its morning, Madhu and Dida pray. Dida does her aarti and says go and get free from all ties. Madhu says RK and I will apply for divorce in family court, we won’t be related after divorce. Dida says life is strange, I was afraid of the word divorce but I m happy about your divorce. She says after this, I will free Bittu from jail, and then we will start a new life. Dida blesses her.

At the family court, Madhu thinks about RK and her marriage journey. A clerk asks her to hurry up and call RK, as magistrate has to go for meeting. RK comes. Madhu says why are you late, come. She says great to get rid of me so soon. He says you know me RK, that’s Raja Kuswa does not do anything easily, first get rid of me and then start thinking. He goes to the magistrate. Madhu tells her opinion about her relation, its dark with new hope for any light.

RK says he can’t bind Madhu, he has signed the papers on Madhu’s insistence and he will stay with her if she says. Madhu says no, I can’t be with him and wants divorce. Madhu tells her about the rape. RK says what rape, the judge said if I love my wife, tthen how is it a rape, whats wrong, did I say right. Madhu says you have forced me to take the case back, but not now.

She says I understood you are not like normal husband and wife, sign this form. Madhu signs it witout reading. She asks her to read it first. Madhu says no need, I just want divorce. The magistrate says you can be separated after for six months as you have to be together as law states this, you have to come again, if you change your decision, you can decide not to take divorce. Madhu is shocked and says I can’t be with him, he is an animal. She says you can inform us if he troubles you, we will take care of your safety. RK thanks her.

RK smiles looking at Madhu and says thanks to you too. Madhu leaves. RK says I will bring hell on earth in six months. RK asks her to come with home with him. He says I knew this six months program so I have signed it, I thought you are illiterate and know this, court wants us to be together and live happily, but court does not know that I can make your life hell, you will die every night and get life in morning wishing you die this night, no one can help you, come with me. Madhu says I won’t, what you are seeing is a dream, I won’t even spit in your house, court did not ask me to be at your home, I m going my home, away from you, no one can stop me, not even court. She leaves. RK says even your dad has to live with me.

Dida is quiet. Madhu comes home and tells Dida that court accepted their plea but have to wait for six months and explains her. Madhu says I told him I won’t go his home, and he can come here to live, but he won’t come here in such a small room, now everything will be fine. RK is already resting on her sofa and says but I will stay here. Madhu is shocked seeing him. RK smiles.

RK says Madhu that he will be a poison for her life which she can’t swallow and can’t spit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ena nadakumnu wait panni pakalam.

    1. Sariyaaga sonneer….

  2. correct’a pogira maathiri irukku… paarpom..

  3. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Hahhaha! Ithana tamil fans a? Nalladhu! 🙂 indha 6 masathula bhanu ku iruku kacheri…

  4. hi naanum tamil tha ,indha 6 months la bhanu ku kacheri iruko ilaiyo madhu ku kandipa iruku

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