Mahabharat 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna says that all people who will come in way to save kauravas we have to kill them, arjun says today bhishma could kill yudishtir but didn’t n tomorrow also we will reach duryodhan n will surely kill him this time. Guru dron n bhishma decide to discuss abt next days arrangement , bhishma says yudishtir is one who i wanted to be hastinapurs king n i bounded by hastinapur for that reason but now i have to make arrangements to attack him, guru dron says i can understand but we need to fight n tomorrow we shall make mala vyu bhishma says no its dangerous it can kill kauravas n in this war we shd take care that we don’t let any one die n for this we need to as soon as possible imprison yudishtir n end the war. Duryodhan gives a call n asks everyone together bhishma asks wat is the subject of the gathering duryodhan says its that from tomorrow karna will join us in war since bhishma is only by our side but supports pandavas , bhishma says if i wasn’t there u all would have died on the first day itself, duryodhan says u(bhishma) have betrayed us , today we had an opportunity to kill yudishtir but u didn’t n karna as the king of hastinapur i order u to join war, bhishma says if this the case the moment karna enters warfield i will leave , duryodhan says dosent matter anymore since i no more need u n u can leave. Guru dron opposes duryodhans decision, duryodhan says if bhishma leaves Warfield he will fail to fulfil the promise he had taken to save hastinapur n so in any condition u have to fight whether u like it or not so think deeply because its a very crucial decision whether to stay with me or not, karna asks duryodhan to stop n ask him not to insult bhishma , im always on ur side n i don’t think bhishma is betraying u, mamashri shakuni n guru dron says karna is right u shd trust bhishma , duryodhan says i will trust u but u need to give n assurance bhishma says i promise till im alive i shall not quite Warfield n will destroy the opponents.
Draupadi asks Krishna wat is he thinking , Krishna says im thinking abt the changes that will take place ,draupadi asks will tat harm us Krishna says no it wont it will give us pain at beginning but happiness in the end in its own way.
Guru dron asks bhishma wat are next day’s arrangements , bhishma says tomorrow its the day of bloodshed i will like a heartless animal will fight only for blood with my dhanusha n all of hastinapurs light will blow off n i will never take its guilt n kill all my emotions.

Bhishma says pandu sons be ready to fight n today u shall face only death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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