Saraswatichandra 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud praying and others joining them. Saras prays to the Lord and says I always complaint that you take away everyone I love, this time prove me wrong, make me unite with my brother, I want my family to complete, please help me, Kumud prays that her love could not make Saras get over his mum, but he will be happy if he gets his brother. Badimaa prays to get them reach the truth. Danny prays I don’t know in which problem is Kumud and Saras, please help them. Ghuman is leaving the house with her bag. Danny comes home and says it looks like there is no one at home. He says I don’t understand anything. He comes in Menka’s room and her cupboard is empty. He checks the room but does not get anything.

He sees a passport and checks it. He says Maasi forgot her passport, she will come back to take this. Menka is in a lodge. She smiles and says I don’t want anything here, Kabir will take Ghuman on her last flight and I will go Dubai to make Ghuman;’s everything on my name. She checks her purse and bag and is shocked to see passport missing. She says where can it be. She thinks she dropped few things at home and maybe passport was left there. She says oh no, such a big mistake, I have to go to take the passport.

Menka calls Danny and says I have some work, go to my room and check whether my passport is there or not. Danny says yes, I went in your room to shut the lights and I got your passport, I have it, I tried calling you. Menka asks him to meet at the market and she will get the passport. Danny says no, I called my client at home for meeting, please come home. Menka says fine, I will come. Saras tries to find about Menka. Kumud shows him other hotels list. Danny calls Saras and says Menka is coming home to get her passport. Saras is happy. Danny says come here soon.

Saras tells Kumud to come fast as they got Menka. Menka comes home calling Danny. Saras and Kumud say we have sent Danny outside for some important work. Kumud says what you want is with Danny, its with us. Menka says ok, thanks, give it to me, I m getting late. Kumud asks why did you not take my call. Menka says I was very busy and forgot to call back, passport please. Saras does not give her the passport. She asks whats this joke. He says answer us first then take this passport. Menka thinks what will they ask me.

Menka says we can talk in Dubai too. I have to leave. Saras says no, it will be late for us. Menka thinks they got some doubt. She says I m getting late. Saras says we will call police, she can tell us infront of police. Menka says ask fast. Saras says 1993….. Menka gets tensed and says I did not understand. Saras says you understood well what I m saying. Kumud says Saras’s mum gave birth to a healthy baby and you know someone took that baby and did his upbringing. Menka says whats all this. Kumud says Sunanda told us this.

Kumud says Sunanda told that you saved Saras’s brother and Ghuman kept a dead baby and blames Saras’s mum to which Laxminandan turned away from her. She says you sisters have paid Sunanda every month to hide the secret. Menka says all this is a lie. Saras says stop this drama. He says if you don’t tell the truth, I will tell this to Ghuman. I have seen the love in between you sisters, if she knows you have cheated her, then think what she will do. Menka says I will not come in your plan, give my passport and let me go. Kumud says fine Saras, tell her.

Saras signs no. Kumud says I don’t know why you kept the baby with you, but he is Saras’s brother and his life is in risk. She says he can be killed. Menka gets worried. Kumud says you have to tell us else he will die. She says Kabir. Saras and Kumud are shocked. She cries and says save my Kabir. Kabir meets Ghuman. He asks are you afraid. Seh says no, oncce I decide anything, I m not scared of everything. He says are you going by my car or yours. She says mine. They leave in Ghuman’s car. She says thanks Kabir, I would have not dreamt if you were not here. She says my dream is fulfilled, whats your dream. She says i will tell when the time comes. She says I have such a surprise for you that you will be shocked.

Saras thinks about Kabir. Kumud says Kabir?? Kumud thinks she saw Kabir with Menka. Menka cries saying Kabir. Saras says I always felt we are connected in some way. He says he was infront of my eyes since so many days. Saras cries. Kumud thinks so he was helping us in this way, why did he do all this. Menka says yes, Kabir is your brother, save him. Kumud asks why did he come here. If he knew he is Saras’s brother, why did he not tell us. Kabir flirts with Ghuman on the way. Ghuman smiles. She stops the car and says I can’t come with you in this flight. He asks are you afraid. She says no, anyone can see us together. He says you said you will give me what I ask for, how can you move back now.

She smiles and says I will come, but on next flight. He asks why. She says it will be a bog problem is anyone sees us, Desai family trusts us and Danny trusts me, we can’t take big risk. She says I will join you there. He says fine, but come soon, I will wait for you. She says this will be your last wait, I promise.

Saras confronts Ghuman about his brother Kabir. Ghuman says your brother is alive. Saras and Kumud look on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. I knw he will b saras bro

  2. Apparently ‘kabir’ is jaywardhan
    Get nandan alive don’t just leave him in the hospital

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