Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says what happened to kinjal we all remember it. People won’t listen until we don’t have a proof. Simar says they will and people will come to us. Simar says media is always outside juwala’s house. Simar says we will go and tell them that we are going to say something about her. Rajhinder says who will it be ? Simar says we have to find a good reporter. Mata ji asks how is khushi ? Mausi ji says she is okay now. Mata ji says that we can’t even cheer uma and pari becasue of this environment.

Scene 2
The competition has stared. Shalu and Satu are trying to cheer uma and Pari. The host starts counting the items.
It comes Bhagti’s turn. He host says 20 items wow you rocked. You have saved 1000 ruppess. Miss Bhagti is number one so far. Now move to our last participant Jhanvi. She gives him the payment envelop. bhagti thinks how will she beat me. He starts counting Jhanvi’s stuff. Everyone is shocked at the number of things. He says she has bought 25 items. Bhagti and bua ji are dazed.The host says lets look at the amount left. She has saved 1100 ruppes. He says this the highest score for now. Jhanvi is the winner for today. bhagti and bua ji are burnt. he asks Jahnvi how she did it? Bhagti says I was so scared at first and wasted all the time. Then I went for online shopping and got discount. A participant rina has lost the round so she is eliminated.
Uma and pari huga jhanvi and congratulate her. Bhagti comgratulate her too. Bhagti says this time internet saved you next time it won’
t. You can’t win this competition.

Birju comes and knocks the door. Juwala comes out and slaps him/. SHe says baba is sleeping. He says I had to come. Simar and Roli have called a press conference. Juwala says we have to reach bharadwaj house. Before people listen to them we should make people ours.
All the press is there. Juwala is running for there. the party head calls Juwala and asks is that conference for you ? Juwala says no its not like that. He says you are our member nothing should ruin our image. Your sons past has effected your name too. Not this time. Juwala says no such thind will happen I assure you. Media is with me.
Juwala reaches bharadwaj house. A journalist asks Simar what is this conference for ? Another says are you going to make some explaination. Birju asks Juwala to stay calm.
a journalist asks what this conference for. Roli says me and SImar have called this conference to apologize Juwala devi. We were warned by someone else and they were using her name. But all the misunderstandings washed away when she came and said that she will look for our house and all others in the town. She will save us from land mafia. She also said that she will open an orphanage at the patel’s house. Instead of her party office. Come and announce it juwala ji. juwala comes and says simar is right. we care about the poor kids so we planned to open an orphnage. A journalist asks for a photo of the three. Simar says yeah sure. They stand together. Roli says please smile juwala ji. Juwala says yeah time will tell who is gonna cry and who is gonna smile.

At night Mata ji says simar very good. You have won. Sujat says all our daughters have cleared the first round as well. Mausi ji says lets have something sweet like ice cream. Simar says yeah roli and sid have gone to get it.
Juwala comes and says people say that look at the thing closely which is about to go. Everyone is dazed to see her. She hops in. She says be happy. You think you have made a mark. I think you don’t know juwala. She sits on a sofa. She says I will open the office at a new place which is bharadwaj house.

Precap-Juwala says I will make your life hell. You will leave this house by yourself.
Bharadwaj house’s light is cut. The invereter is not working as well

Update Credit to: Atiba

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