Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st May 2014 Written Update

Mohanto asks Aditya about the Switzerland’s share market. Aditya says market goes up and down. Aarya comes and says she is still thinking about tonight’s party theme. She asks Samaira to give her idea. Samaira says it should be costume party. Madhu comes and says they are not in school to wear uniform and says it should have bollywood theme. Aarya likes her idea. Madhu asks Samaira if she liked her idea. Samaira says party matters with whom you spend time with. Madhu says tonight she will know. Samaira says she knows whom to spend time with in party, but she is not sure if Madhu will stay in party due to her arrogant nature.

Madhu thinks she should do something to stop Samaira from coming into party. She calls servant who comes with juice and informs it is for Samaira. Madhu takes juice from him and asks him to give another juice for Samaira. She thinks of something and smiles. She spills juice on floor, goes to kitchen and asks servant to go and clean the floor. Once he goes out, she adds some powde in Samaira’s juice. She think Samaira will remember this juice her whole life. Samaira is selecting dress for the party. Servant gives juice to Samaira. Samaira drinks juice. Madhu sees that and says Samaira will get stomach upset and not come to the party.

Aarya shows her party dress to Samaira. Madhu comes there and asks why did not she buy dress. She says she got busy and does not need it. Madhu says she should go with Aarya and buy dress. Samaira says okay and tries to get up, but starts getting stomach pain. She says she will go and rest till the party. Madhu gets happy that her plan is working.

Aditya and Madhu enter the party venue and meet their guests. Aditya goes to get his drink. Madhu says since Samaira is not here, it is okay for her to leave Aditya alone. Jai hears her and asks if Samaira is not coming for the party. Madhu says he did not say that. Guest greets him and asks why did not he still marry. Sunaina joins them and says even she asks him to marry, but he is not yet ready.

Guest asks about Samaira. Madhu says it is party in the hour of her father. Aarya indtroduces Amrith Seth to the guest and says this party is in his honour. Guest sees him alone and asks where is Samaira. Samaira comes out and comes with Amrith. Madhu gets angry seeing her.

Madhu comes down with Avinash/Amrith. Mohanto welcomes Amrith and introduces him to his guests. Madhu meets Samaira and asks him why is she tensed seeing her. She then goes and meets Aditya. She remembers how Aditya stopped her drinking the juice and she informs him about Madhu’s plan. She says Madhu wants to prove that Aditya belongs to only her. Aditya says what did she reply. Samaira says Aditya that if he dances with her tomorrow, Madhu will get her reply.

Aarya requests Samaira to sing and dance as well. Samaira says she cannot but agrees after her father’s insistence. Samaira says she will dance, but Madhu has to dance with her. She asks Madhu if she will dance with her. Madhu says she will not. Samaira says it is the best way to prove Aditya belong to her. Samaira then sings Ni mai Kamli Kamli… song from Dhoom 3 and dances. Madhu also starts her dance and they both start competing each other. Madhu then starts luring Aditya. Samaira gets angry seeing that and stops dancing. Guests clap after the dance gets over. Madhu says Samaira she will win always when they both compete.

Precap: Aarya announces whoever pick same chits will dance together tonight. Madhu tears Aditya’s chit and gives a new one.

Update Credit to: MA

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